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Dinner - food and conversation

Posted on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 @ 2:34am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: *CD*
Location: Savar's quarters

Rhenora looked up expectedly as the smells from the kitchen drew closer. "Smells divine" she commented.

Aurora nodded in agreement. “It certainly does! I’m absolutely starving!”

"Chief I could use your assistance. Will you take the salads out to the ladies and I will bring the shrimp." Savar requested.

"Certainly." He followed Savar back into the kitchen, and picked up the salad and anything else he could think to carry with his large hands, then made his way back out into the dining area.

Rhenora couldn't help her stomach rumbling as the salad appeared, shortly followed by some kind of shrimp dish. It smelt amazing and looked just as good. "I think we should banish you two to the kitchen more often" she laughed in good nature.

Remal eyed his wife knowingly, "I know my place. Did the two of you have a nice chat out here?"

"We did actually, bit of baby talk, but of burning down talk.." she replied with a smile as they all settled around the table.

“That looks and smells delicious Savar” Aurora smiled warmly at her husband. “I can’t wait to eat, I’m famished!”

"Thank you Aurora. I do hope you all enjoy and find the meal to your satisfaction. These are jumbo shrimp from Vulcan. I purchased some when we were last there. They are found in the Voroth Sea. As you can see, they are more the size of a Terran lobster. Though they retain the taste of shrimp." Savar explained.

“Let’s eat” Aurora grinned as she politely put some food out on her plate, she waited politely for everyone else to put their food out as well.

Rhenora loaded up her plate, and grasped her glass, raising it to eye level.

"Let me propose a toast, - to friendship, and to new beginnings" She smiled at her friends.

Aurora picked up her glass “to friendship, and to new beginnings” She politely sipped her drink.

Savar raised his glass, I too would like to propose a toast." As he raised his glass and looked at each of them in turn.

"There are good ships,
and there are wood ships,
The ships that sail the sea.
and sail the stars,
But the best ships, are friendships,
And may they always be."

Remal Raised his glass in solidarity, "Here, here."

"Savar that's beautiful, I never knew you were a poet," Rhenora said with a surprised expression following a sip from her glass.

"Thank you, Captain. I am pleased you like the toast. I feel it is quite truthful."

" It is" Rhenora smiled as she took a mouthful of food and was pleasantly surprised with the flavors the gentlemen had managed to infuse into the dish. "This is remarkable"

Thank you, Captain. We endeavor to please." Savar replied.

"And you both succeeded, perhaps you can share a few secrets with the mess hall cooks when you have time" Rhenora laughed at the comparison. Whilst the cooks were adept at their task, they seemed to lack the flair of both Savar and Remal.

"If you feel that will help their food preparation, then we can speak with them," Savar answered as he took a bite of the shrimp. It was indeed most flavorful.

Aurora was enjoying every bit of her food, she wasn’t rushing it in the slightest but she was certainly getting through what was on her plate faster than everyone else. She paused eating as she realized how she must be looking. “I’m sorry, I think my nutritional intake has taken a leap in the last few hours.” She offered an embarrassed smile.

"It is quite alright Aurora, you must keep your strength up," Savar replied diplomatically.

Aurora smiled. “Would anyone mind if I added seconds?”

"Please help yourself Aurora but save some room for dessert," Savar told her.

“Oh, I plan on saving room” Aurora smiled warmly as she went back to her food.

"Did someone say dessert?" Rhenora's interest piqued. She'd never been a big waiter, a hangover from the occupation days, yet the thought of dessert was very appealing.

"Yes, Captain. You heard correctly. There will be dessert after the main course." Savar replied.

Remal eyed Savar, "Do I dare spoil your surprise or would you rather show and tell the ladies?" He smiled as he placed a bite of shrimp-lobster in his mouth and moved it around to savor the taste a bit.

Savar glanced at Remal, "You may tell the ladies but not yet, let their imagination roam."

" Awww come on" Rhenora retorted in good nature, giving both of them a mock glare.

"She is your wife Chief. You may tell her and Aurora." Savar stated calmly.

"Never keep food from a hungry woman" Rhenora snorted as she cleaned up the food on her plate.

"Chief, tell your wife before the suspense gets to her." Savar suggested.

The Captain turned her mock glare to her husband and waited, knowing if there was one person who could give as good as he took it would be him.

He couldn't help but chuckle, as he looked to Savar. "I find it illogical to spoil a surprise." He mocked slightly, knowing the women would get the joke.

" Not faiiiiirrrrrr" The tone was more a whiney child than a Starfleet Captain. " I could order you to tell me... does that count as an abuse of power?" She giggled.

Aurora grinned as she watched the exchange between Rhenora and Remal. “It’s so nice to see the two of you in a personal way instead of in a working way.”

" In what way? This is how we normally are" Rhenora replied "Most people just don't get to see it" She sat back in her chair and patted her belly "Much better"

Smiling broadly he chimed in, "Her more than I though. just to be clear." If her eyes were weapons, his soul would have felt the strike.

" Now behave you" She smirked in reply, knowing that two could play that game " You promised dessert"

Surrendering, he stood up placing his napkin upon the table. He disappeared into the kitchen then reappeared a moment later, a tray of dessert bread in his hands. As he sat it upon the table he asked Savar, "What did you call this again?"

Savar looked at Remal, "It is called Saffir coated with Rhombolian butter. I hope you all find it to your liking."

Rhenora wrinkled her nose as the aroma threatened to make her sneeze again. It did smell amazing.

“Mmmm that smells absolutely Devine!” Aurora smiled. “You are a wonderful cook Imzadi. Compliments to you, and to our assistant chef today.” She nodded politely to Remal.

"Thank you, Aurora." Savar answered, "However I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the help of the Chief. He was invaluable."

"You're welcome, though all I did was assist." He helped himself to a large portion of the dessert, the best part depending on who you ask. He took a sample bite and remembered where he had experienced the butter before. It was that small restaurant on Vulcan, what seemed like forever ago. "Nothing like certain flavors to bring out the memories." He commented.

"It reminds me of the last time we were on Vulcan, seems forever ago now" Rhenora added, savoring the dessert and the conversation that flowed effortlessly around the table.

The conversation continued for the better part of the evening, a comfortable banter between close friends.

"We really should do this more often. Thank you for your company and the fine cuisine" Rhenora smiled as she and Remal rose.

Following suit, he wiped his mouth, and politely thanked Savar for cooking, and allowing him to assist. Then thanked Aurora for the invitation before moving for the door.

"You are most welcome. I am honored that you enjoyed the meal. I know I am gratified by your and the Captain's company and conversation." Savar replied.

" Likewise" Rhenora replied warmly as she and Remal left hand in hand. A lingering sneeze could be heard in the corridor as they left.


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