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Posted on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 @ 7:35am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: DS9 - Wormhole

******One hundred years earlier******

The small ship had departed the Bajoran Homeworld, it's primitive engines struggling to clear the atmosphere. They were heading to the neighbouring system for trade, their cargo hold heaving with spring wine and other local delights. The journey would take several days up to a week or two, depending on the conditions they encountered on route. As they veered away from the spinning blue and green orb adjusting their vector to compensate for some random gravametric disturbances.

"We're picking up some strange gravametic readings, off the scale and still increasing. We need to alter course!" The pilot shouted in a way that caught the captain's attention like no other.

" Change course, steer us away from it" the Captain ordered. The blue yaw of a huge wormhole opened up before them, dragged them inside and erasing them from history.

****Present day*****

The USS Liberty slid effortlessly towards Deep Space Nine, connecting silently to the ornate structure. She would be docking for several days to exchange crew, restock and effect stationbound repairs. For a blessed two days they would be at their Captain's home world, and could have some time on a planet that wasn't trying to kill them.

"All stations secured Captain" Ops reported as the mighty ship stilled, tethered to its station as an animal is tethered to keep it still.

"Well done, the shore leave rotation had been posted, enjoy yourselves for a few days" "

*Several Days Later*

The repairs and upgrades were progressing according to schedule. The crew were due to return to the ship later that day and ship out to the Gamma Quadrant via the Bajoran Wormhole for a period of shakedown then exploration and documentation of several systems.

Captain Kaylen Rhenora arrived back on the Liberty an hour before the majority of the crew, eager to finalise some reports before the crew could add any more to the pile. Her new Yeoman kept her coffee cup full as she churned her way through the paperwork, finding the desk underneath after a few hours. Retreating to the lounge set under the viewport she curled her legs underneath and gazed at the region of space where the wormhole sat hidden from view. It would open for ships travelling through, bursting into its spectacular vortex and dazzling all that looked upon it. To most it was a scientific wonder, a documented fold in space-time that provided a convenient method of travel between the far reaches of the galaxy. For most Bajoran's it was the home of their Gods, the Prophets, and was a most sacred space. She was lost in contemplation as the door chimed.

Savar waited on the other side of the door. He had the current readiness report to give to Rhenora and he wanted to check on her after her last ordeal.

" Come in" Rhenora called absently she the wormhole closed in a myriad of colours as the doors parted.

Hearing the Captain call out, Savar entered and saw her seating beneath the viewport, looking into space. "Captain." He said stopping in front of her, "I apologize for the interruption. "Repairs are done. Stores have been replenished and the crew is returning from their shore leave."

"Please, don't apologise, I was daydreaming" She turned her attention to him fully, accepting the padd he carried and flicking through the data. " How's Aurora doing?" She asked as she signed off the report and rose to the replicator.

"Her back hurts, her ankles are swollen and she tired a great deal of the time. Her tastes in food is most unusual. She wanted pickles and rocky road ice cream. Otherwise she is wonderful?" Savar replied serenely.

"It suits her" Rhenora replied with a smile, feeling like the doting aunt. She cradled the coffee she had replicated and handed a cup of tea to Savar. " Now, are we ready for our trip to the Gamma Quadrant? I believe we need to drop some supplies off at New Bajor on the other side then it's off for some mapping of some of the nearby systems."

"It does." Savar replied. "One thing Captain. Aurora and I have discussed this and when we have a child that is ours, we would like you and Remal to be I believe the term is it's god parents."

"Godparents?" Rhenora's jaw dropped a little "Savar we would be delighted" The smile was completely honest and natural " I would love to help raise your children, I fear that that ship has long since sailed for Remal and I."

"Thank you. I speak for Aurora when I say we are most grateful. Aurora and I believe that you and Remal will be excellent role models that are children can learn from." Savar replied.

" I can assure you we will do our best" The Captain replied truthfully, unsure of how to exactly accomplish said feat but was willing to give it a red hot go anyways.

"I know that and so does Aurora." Savar assured his captain and friend. "We are not concerned." He continued.

"I'm flattered, I think" Rhenora couldn't help but laugh at the thought of it. It was a most positive thing.

"I hope that you are blessed with a child of your own soon Savar" she said honestly.

"It is a hope Aurora and I share as well Captain." Savar answered with conviction.

Rhenora sipped her coffee before turning her attention back to the matter at hand. "You say the stores are ready? We should be ready to ship out at 0700 hours tomorrow"

"My thought exactly Captain. I see no reason we cannot accomplish that feat." Savar answered.

"Indeed, I'm also reassured our new marine detachment had boarded, although I've not worked with marines before." Rhenora admitted as the wormhole flares into life once more.

"Nor have I. However from other reports I have read, marines while an effective fighting group are often disdainful of outside authority. Preferring their own commanders to anyone else." Savar added.

"We shall see, I hope there will be enough for them to do, supplemental fighting forces will never go astray in this day and age. I mean when was the last time we had a quiet mission that ran by the book?" She tossed out lightheartedly.

"I share your hope Captain and time will indeed tell as to whether or not the marines are beneficial. As to the last mission we had that ran by the book. It has been several moths. I can give you the exact time span if you desire it." Savar replied serenely.

"Indeed" Rhenora replied as a yawn threatened to overtake her. "I should turn in, we have an early start in the morning" she commented.

"Sleep well Captain." Savar replied evenly.

The next morning brought a sense of readiness and a tinge of excitement. As the Captain strode onto the bridge she could feel the energy emanating from the alpha shift as they took their stations and prepares to ship out.

"DS9 reports we are cleared for departure and wish us well" Ops reported.

"Very good, take us out, ahead 1/3 and bring us to bearing 134 mark 5. Line up with the wormhole" Rhenora ordered, struggling with calling it a 'wormhole' rather than the celestial temple.

Savar took his place at the XO's seat and studied the readings. "All systems well with the acceptable range Captain."

" excellent, Helm - take us in" Rhenora ordered as the Liberty started to turn on its axis and line up with the wormhole. It blossomed into life as the ship approached, causing Rhenora to smile like a young schoolgirl. It was so close she felt she could reach out and touch it.

The Liberty cruised comfortably into the maw of the wormhole, the brilliant blue colours so bright they almost hurt Rhenora's eyes.

For a few minutes there was nothing but slightly bumpy but overall smooth sailing, until something appeared on the sensors.

"Captain, sensors are picking up an object of our port bow." The CONN officer informed Rhenora.

" Enhance sensors in that area and put it on the main viewscreen" Rhenora ordered, not sure what they could be detecting in the wormhole. She wasn't even sure they could stop and look at whatever it was.

"Sensors are detecting something that appears to be a small vessel, they don't appear to be moving" tactical reported.

"All stop" Rhenora rose, as though standing would draw them closer to the stranded ship.

"Savar, do you have any detail on the ship?" She asked the XO who had moved up to the tactical station.

Savar didn't rush an answer. He studied the sensor readings and after a few seconds he straightened up and answered Rhenora. "Scans reveal the ship to be Bajoran in design of at least one hundred years ago. A freighter by classification Captain. A crew consisting of no more than seven or eight."

That caught her attention. A one hundred year old ship appearing stuck in the wormhole. " How is that possible?" She whispered to herself, approaching the viewscreen.

"I am unable to provide a reason Captain however I can put forth a theory." Savar answered from the tactical station.

" Please" The Captain regarded the ship on the viewscreen as it increased in size as the Liberty's sensors magnified it. Her imagination ran wild with the possibilities.

"The engines on that ship are by our standards primitive. The gravimetric forces here inside the wormhole are quite powerful. The ship may have suffered engine failure and became trapped like a fly in flypaper."

" For a hundred years?" She left the proximity of the viewscreen to join Savar at the Tactical station. "Can you tell how long its been trapped here?"

"Not precisely no Captain. However I can come up with a reasonable approximation. If you observe the weathering along the nacelles.. They are are consistent with those of a ship subjected to severe gravimetric pressures." Savar replied.

"You're suggesting they've been stuck here for a century? Lifesigns?" Was there anyone left alive on board to save? Or had they all died of old age.

"I am." Savar replied. "No life signs detected." He answered.

There we so many questions that remained to be answered regarding this little ship. How had they got stuck in the wormhole, how long had they been there, and just how were the Liberty going to get them out?


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