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Going in

Posted on Mon Apr 19th, 2021 @ 9:51pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Commander Tyroh Vantic & Major Kaden Ross & Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Lieutenant Freya Ross & Lieutenant Dean House & Lieutenant Thriss Kla'ren & Lieutenant Aurora Vali

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Bridge

Captain Kaylen Rhenora stood regarding the ancient Bajoran craft trapped within the wormhole. It defied logic that hundreds of ships went through the phenomenon every year and none had reported seeing it. Part of her wondered if this was the Prophets messing with her. It would be surprising.

"Helm, move us closer" she ordered, having a gut feeling that something wasn't right.

Kaden entered the bridge hand resting on his Marine phaser pistol he had been on edge since learning of the trip to the Gamma Quadrant. He kept silent standing guard out of the way of the bridge crew.

"Ops, try hailing them again"

“Yes, Captain” Freya ran her fingers over the Ops console sending out hails. “No response to hails Captain.”

No life signs therefore no answers to hails. Nothing untoward there.

"Tactical, can you ascertain if there are any energy signatures, anything that could give us an idea as to when they went dark?" Rhenora enquired

Thomas looked at his board, his fingers dancing across it as he ran various scans on the mystery ship. "According to the scans and the low power emanating from the ship. Main power was lost over ninety years ago, Captain."

"Can anyone entertain a theory as to beaming over?" The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them. It was more like an open brainstorming session.

Dean moved off of the Turbolift and headed over towards one of the two Tactical stations.

Even though she was officially off duty until after the birth of the child she was carrying, Aurora had arrived on the bridge. She was sitting quietly simply observing what was going on.

Rhenora sat next to Aurora, taking a moment in the hubbub to check-in. "If you're up to it, do you think you could reach out telepathically?"

Aurora nodded. “I can try” She offered a smile resting her hand on her bump which was growing bigger with every passing day. She slowly let down the walls around her mind and reached out letting her senses get a sense of what was out there, “There are ... people aboard that ship, but ...” She shook her head. “They feel ... static in some way if that makes sense?”

"I will be careful if you plan to send a team over, Captain, that thing could be booby-trapped. Might be Dominion, Pirates, or some sick bastard's attempt at humor." Kaden warned.

"Doubtful, although I won't discount the possibility" Rhenora mused, although the seed of doubt was definitely there. There were so many unknowns. Could they even use the transporter in a wormhole? So far they were holding a stationary position that had also not been documented, let alone pull off a possible rescue mission.

"If we do send a team over, Commander Savar will lead, but I want both marines and Starfleet security. I have a feeling this is more a temporal issue than deception" the Captain explained.

"I think that it would be easy to scan for temporal signatures first if that would be the case. Or can be ruled out and think of another thing if it's not temporal." Dean chimed in.

"Thomas, any temporal signatures?" The Captain turned back to the two stations at the rear of the bridge. She nodded towards Dean in recognition.

Thomas looked back at his board, after several seconds he straightened up and addressed Rhenora. "Scans show the ship and surrounding area free of any temporal signatures Captain."

"So none of that." Dean reached up to scratch his forehead. "Hmm...Well, what could be holding them here? Sisko and Dax's reports said their Runabout was stopped completely, but also it states it was the Prophets that did it."

Thriss was standing at one of the few engineering consoles on the bridge, taking in what the rest of the crew on the bridge was saying. "The ship has been in a low power state, which could mean that it has been in a state like this for a while. The question is, where was the ship for the past ninety years? Considering this ship hasn't really been discovered before." Kla'ren suggested. "Unless..."

“Unless what?” Aurora looked at Thriss curiously.

"Unless, the ship is temporally displaced, just without our temporal signatures. It does seem odd that the ship has not been spotted before our presence. So, what if we try scanning the quantum signatures of the ship?" Thriss responded.

"Good idea, Do it" Rhenora loved the brainstorming that the crew was throwing around the bridge - this was the main reason they were such a brilliant crew, the sharing of ideas towards a common goal.

"Conducting scans now Captain," said the Chief Engineer as he began to tap at his console. "Scans should be complete, right about... now." The Andorian looked at his console. "Curious. These readings are off like they are only part of our own quantum signatures. The readings also suggest as if they have different quantum signatures as well. In other words, the ship has quantum signatures from both our universe and another quantum reality."

“So they’re stuck between our reality and another?” Aurora fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat, more due to her condition than what was going on. “Exactly what does that mean? Are we in danger of crossing into their reality?”

"That is a good question" Answered the Andorian. "Since the ship hasn't been spotted before us, then there is a chance that it is going in and out of our two realities. If that is the case, then there would be some sort of danger beaming to the ship, in case the ship does go back to this other universe. However, I don't know how this would affect Liberty, and after all, it is just a theory. However, I believe that even if this ship is safe enough, for now, there is still the danger of beaming another ship, while stationary in the wormhole. After all, the wormhole is technically an anomaly."

Savar had been silent up to now. "Before any talk of transporting to the other ship. We must first analyze it and determine if there is a pattern to it phasing in and out of our reality and if so how long the phase lasts. We must also determine that if we were to transport over what that might do to the phase process."

The Captain mulled over all the theories being tossed around the bridge, each crew member working to their strengths and being stronger as a whole.

"Suggestions, if the ship is moving in and out of phase and or time, how the hell do we get it back to our time and our phase permanently? she mused aloud.

Bonnie had been monitoring the conversation from her terminal in the computer core, ever the one to be in the know. She had an idea to share despite not being sure how silly it would sound. She tapped her badge, "Lt. Durnell to the bridge. I, uh, may have an idea Captain. I mean it wasn't originally mine but we could use it here, I think."

" Come on up and share it with us, Lieutenant. We could use your expertise" Rhenora answered, inviting the young officer to join the team.

Bonnie's eyes rapidly blinked and moved about in confusion, "Come... up, there? You mean to the Bridge Captain?" Of course, she meant the bridge. Without thinking, Bonnie's body began moving for the door. "On, on my way Captain." She moved quickly through the hallways, into the lift, and up to the bridge. It took her all of 1.25 minutes to enter the bridge where now suddenly all eyes were on her.

"Um, I saw a report from the Enterprise, several years ago they encountered a D'deridex Warbird and together they became out of phase with space-time. Commander's Data and LaForge created a device to wear on their arm which acted as a transporter phase inhibitor. In effect, it created a bubble around the wearer which would negate the phasing effect. If we can get the proper frequency of the phase that ship is experiencing, we could do the same." She finished her long-worded spiel and crossed her fingers behind her back that the idea would be well received.

The Captain considered the information, casting her mind back to reading the mission report from that time. The armbands had worked in keeping the crew from being drawn out of phase, could they use the same principle?

" Bonnie - do you think you could recreate something like that? Are the specs in the computer database?" She questioned.

"They should be, and yes, I think so. Give me 30 minutes, oh, I would need to know exactly who is going. If I remember correctly, they have to be tightly tuned to the size and shape of the wearer"

Rhenora turned to Commander Savar. "Assemble your team Commander, take some of the new Marines with you in case you come up against anything untoward." She ordered, wishing she could go with them. Instead, a sneeze snuck up on her.

"Yes, Captain." Savar answered, "With the Captain's permission. Major Ross, Lt. Durnell, and Lt. House. You will accompany me to the derelict ship." He glanced at Kla'ren. "Mr. Kla'ren you will monitor the situation from here."

"Aye sir", responded the Andorian as he began to configure his console for what he needed to do.

Dean nodded and logged out of the console he was at. "Yes, sir."

Bonnie 'eeped' internally. Her eyes wide with worry, fear, and more. She now had to make four bands, no problem, but joining the away mission was not in her cards this morning.

"As soon as the armbands are ready Commander, report to the transporter room. We'll do our best to get some more intel before you depart" Rhenora advised.

Kaden nodded as he started for the turbolift. "right, I will armour up and get my weapon loadout ready." He said as the doors opened "See you, fellas, in the transporter room."

Aurora looked towards Savar, she didn’t want to say it aloud so she sent what she was thinking telepathically. << Be careful Imzadi >>

Savar gave a short nod to Aurora at her concern for his safety.

Together the four left the bridge.


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