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Brin and Faro of Bajor

Posted on Wed Apr 21st, 2021 @ 1:19am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Bajor

Brin and Faro returned to their compound after meeting with the promised Emissaries, Faro convinced she had delivered a chilling message just as she had intended. “ She knows the power of the Pah Wraiths and the uprising of the children of Bajor” Faro announced as the door closed behind them, shutting out the cool evening breeze and leaving them outside of the ears of others.

“Good. Now the real fun can begin. We need to gather the sheep. We start small. We move from village to village, city to city until the message gets around and begins to spread like the wildfire that devastated Drakkar a few years back. We will make them question their own lot in this life. When we are done they will not know the Prophets like they used to. Instead they will come to know the Wraiths who are truly Of Bajor.” He struggled to contain his excitement.

The next day Brin stood on the edge of a water fountain, elevating him slightly above the rest of the local village people. Confidence blossomed within him as his voice carried over the people going about their business.

“ I ask you a question - what have the Prophet’s done for you?” He challenged, pausing for a moment as people took notice of what he was doing “Where were the Prophets during the Occupation when millions of our people died? Where were the Prophets during the Dominion War?” Murmurs began to ripple through the crowd as they began to assemble before him, some out of curiosity, some out of contempt.

“What if I told you the time of the Prophet is ending, and the time of a New Bajor, the time of the Pah Wraith is beginning?” His voice rang clear as the murmuring subsided. “They have promised a NEW Bajor, a Bajor free of war and oppression, a Bajor that once again becomes a jewel in the galaxy!”

A similar rousing could be seen in half a dozen nearby villagers, each inciting a decision to change the way things had been for thousands of years. The wormhole blossomed into its magnificent spectre as Brin spoke, perfectly emphasising his next words and timed to perfection. “There is your beloved Prophet’s next Emissary, flying off into the Gamma Quadrant and deserting her people. She has left you all, to return when?” The murmuring of the crowd rumbled with discontent. Brin knew his time was limited, it would only be a mere matter of minutes before the civil authorities or the local Vedeks called for order and calm and he would have to vanish back into the mountainside again. He needed to remain a mystery, to be untouchable, uncontactable. To arrive unseen, plant the seeds and leave the same way. Mystery was more powerful than most people realised.

He could see the Vedeks being called from their local temple, and took this as his cue, he jumped from the water fountain and into the throng of people, blending effortlessly amongst them and making his way out of the village. Within an hour he was back in the compound hidden in the hills nearby, completely indiscernible to the naked eye from its surroundings. Nestled under the trees the Cult of the Pah Wraith lived in secrecy, this served their purpose and their method of operation. If no-one knew where they were, no-one could take action against them. They however could take action against others - as the Brotherhood recently discovered. The Recovery of the New Texts of Bajor, hand written notes by the new Emissary had been instrumental in their resurgence of power. With the Brotherhood out of the way there was little hope of the Emissary gaining more of a following than she already had.

He walked through the heavy wooden door of the house he shared with his lover Faro, having also returned from planting the seeds for the rebellion in a nearby village. She sat at the simple timber kitchen table, mulling over the pages they had taken from the Brotherhood.

She looked up at the sound of the door, always a little on the defensive. Still she had a respect for the woman who wrote these pages, they were the words of an insightful, blessed individual. Too bad that individual was working for the opposition.

He sat the large book on the opposite end of the table with a large thud, then began removing his shoulder satchel. “Discern anything new from those writings? You’ve been staring at them for days now.”

“ Nothing we don’t already know” She mused aloud, turning the hand written pages that had been bound into a tome “ She is strong, but conflicted. She doesn’t want the life the Prophets have forced upon her. Her willfulness and stubbornness are things we can use to our favour. She refuses to give up a life in the stars as that is what she wants to do, despite what the Prophets have implied is to be her future.”

He shook his head, “First the Sisko and now her. Why do these Prophets continue to lead our people into a path of destruction via space travel. There is nothing out there that can’t be had here except hurt and death. The Cardassians showed us that and the Dominion sealed the deal.” His breath hot, his words burned as he spoke. “This is our home. We should have a say in who leads our people.”

“ And that is why we do what we do. To balance out the Prophets and ensure they do not rule Bajor. The Pah Wraiths have chosen up to rise in their glory, to take this planet to a time of peace and prosperity that we only knew centuries ago” Faro replied, closing the tome with a soft thud.



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