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Brin & Faro - The Next Day

Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 10:04pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: Trapped in Time
Timeline: current with mission

Faro rose early, the colour of the sky just starting to transition from black to a mid blue as the Sun began to light and warm the region as the planet turned. The Wraiths demanded a simple but hard working existence, free from laziness and other worldly pleasures. Somewhere nearby a bird called its morning song, bringing in the new day and new possibilities. Beside her Brin also stirred.

He grimaced and let out a low grunt, not because it was time to rise, but because it was close to parting time. The morning signaled a new day and for him another departure. He rubbed his eyes as he sat up. Before allowing his feet to touch the earth, he slipped them immediately into the soft soled sandals kept by the bedside.

He saw Faro, already up for the morning. “I see you’ve risen before me once more. One day you must share how you’re able to perform such a feat.” Her visage was striking in the morning light, despite the nest that was her dark hair.

“ It took many many years of discipline and ‘early bird’ stories.” She snorted at him, pulling the window coverings back to reveal the brightening sky “ I love the sunrise, it’s almost a blessing every day that speaks of a new and better future”

“Sunrises are well and good, I just wish they came later in the day.” He stood and chuckled at the absurdity of wishing for something so silly. “It may come as no surprise to you, but the Marna and Fa have been reported to favor a sunset over a sunrise.”

“ Another reason they should not be the spiritual leaders of the New Bajor...wasting the morning is almost as bad as wasting food” Faro laughed as she prepared the morning meal for them both, setting the steaming bowl of hasperat in front of Brin at the simple wooden table in the centre of their dwelling.

The one thing he would not miss, her cooking. Never did he have the heart to say how bad it really was, though she had probably guessed. He would always say, “Mmmm, looks edible.” Which, it was that. “There are other things I could tell you about what I know of the Marna and Fa, but why ruin your beautiful morning?”

“Edible… you don’t love me for my cooking, I understand this” She retorted, swatting at him with a dish cloth that sprayed them both with dishwater. “Tell me what you know, we need to know what we’re up against” Her mood changed from playful to serious. She sat opposite and nailed him with a look.

“All in due time, though I will share that I once heard they would lounge around in bed until well past the rooster crow and well into the afternoon meal. You ever hear of such a blasphemous way of living?”

“ Such a waste of the time we have been given to make a difference in this place” Faro shook her head as though the mere thought of it was offensive - which it was. “And not to mention their… fondness of other activities in the bedroom” She wrinkled her nose.

Cough. He almost choked on his bite of Hasperat. “Some of which I don’t mind so much. I also am not sure of the value I would place on those particular rumors unless they are into inviting extra sets of eyes into the privacy of their space.”

“What of the rumour that the Marnah is with child? We cannot allow such a child to be born, it would undermine everything we hope to achieve” Faro challenged, knowing that Brin wouldn’t have all the answers but also knowing he was the brains of the outfit.

“No, don’t get me wrong. This child cannot be allowed to live. I am simply stating that I understand a married couple consummating their relationship for the sake of offspring. That is the natural course of life. However the fantasy of it goes way beyond what a normal imagination should perceive in a normal nurturing environment.” He was ready to preach Judge not lest ye be judged when he bit his tongue. She had heard this speech too many times.

Faro bit her tongue, slightly envious of the behaviour of those she would seek to eliminate. To have a life without the rules, to do what you wanted when you wanted would be somewhat liberating. But it was not the Bajoran way, and it was not the way of the Wraith. Their Gods demanded sacrifice in all aspects of life, including in the bedroom.

“How do we go about it?” She asked simply, referring to the elimination aspect.

“I think we’ve had our share of practice in the art.” He eyed her, his mind thinking she was referring to the acts one performs in the bedroom. They were not always on the same page, a fact he relished as a challenge.

“We have, but we also restrict our worldly pleasures. The Wraiths distaste a luxurious life, they say it confuses the soul as to what is important and draws the self inward to become selfish” Faro mused over her own hasperat, which had cooled somewhat disappointingly.

“And they are correct. You would do well to heed their teaching more closely. Frustration will only ensue for those who cannot slow themselves to a point where simplicity and listening walk together hand in hand.” He reached beneath the bed and pulled out his pack, then began placing alternate clothing and wares into the bag.

She hated it when he left but knew it was a necessary evil “How long will you be gone?” The tempest and bravado in her voice done with his imminent departure.

He continued to pack, “There are two villages within a day's walk. I plan to hit them both before doubling back. I’ll pick up some provisions, and maybe a ride if I find a believer along the way. Two, three days, maximum.” He swallowed his pride as he finished loading his bag, then slipped his walking cloak on and stood before Faro. “Well, how do I look?”

“Like a man who plans on taking over the world” Faro pecked him in the cheek “Actually.. More like completely non-descript” She smiled as she regarded his appearance. He looked like everyone and no-one at the same time

He tugged at his collar, then slung the satchel he carried the tome of the Wraiths in over his shoulder. “That’s the idea. Blend in unseen, disappear unnoticed.”

"And of that my dear, you are a master. Even the Marnah couldn't recognise you seeing you two days in a row" Faro laughed, stepping forward and cupping his face in her hands. " Promise me you'll be careful though"

He returned the gesture, cupping her face in his hands. “I will promise if you do.” He peered into her eyes, his large brow narrowed in seriousness.

“It’s a deal, and when you return, we shall feast with our new recruits over the best spring wine in the valley. A toast to our eminent success and the birth of a new Bajor” She raised her mug of tea in a mock salute for this early hour of the morning.

He raised his in solidarity, “Success for a New Bajor.” He mimicked without using the word birth. It was one thing to snuff out a mother, but murdering an innocent newborn still did not sit well with him. It was something he had never discussed with her. Always the one to do what was asked when the time was right, he knew when the Wraith instructed him to commit the deed, he may falter. But she would not, and that is why he put his faith in her.

He swigged the tea, bitter as usual, then sat the cup down, kissed her moist lips, turned and walked out of their abode. He hesitated only briefly at the gate, it’s hinges squeaky. Upon turning up the road he was gone in a gust of wind as it kicked up dust. His footfalls swift and silent, he was on his way to spread the message.

Faro let the door close behind him, feeling oddly alone in the cool morning air. She had an idea to befriend the local midwife, to draw herself closer to the Marnah and be allowed access on a more personal level. She would have much learning to do in the meantime, and the newest recruits would be awaiting her arrival at the predetermined location in just over an hour. There was much to do.


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