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Away Team

Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 4:22pm by Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Major Kaden Ross & Lieutenant Dean House

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Current

The Captain watched as the away team headed towards the turbo-lift doors, each with a completely different expression on their face. Bonnie seemed almost terrified, but Rhenora was sure she would prove herself when the crunch time came.

Stepped in behind the rest of them. Dean would gather what he needed once they were in the Transporter room. There was an idea he had also but he'd have to get with Engineering probably about it later. Should have before but it had no consequence for the mission. Since he'd gotten to know Bonnie a little better, he noticed the look also. Whispering to her, "I've got you."

It was a sweet gesture, and she nodded her thanks, but she wasn't so much afraid of something hurting her as she was messing something up. Her anxiety went into overdrive at the thought of making the bands wrong in some way. She had to fine-tune them to each person and get the conditions as precise as possible. That was a lot of pressure for her first real away mission. When the lift stopped at Engineering, she practically flew out, heading for the control console in the center.

Kaden arrived shortly after dressed in his black MARSOC armor he had a duffle case in one hand his helmet in the other. "Sorry I am late wasn't sure what to bring." He held up his duffle.

Savar raised an eyebrow at Kaden's comment. "Indeed Major. You seem to have come quite well prepared."

"Kaylen to Away Team, how are your preparations coming?" The Captain asked through the comm, eager to get some boots on the ground over on the Bajoran ship. She wanted answers.

Bonnie worked quickly to replicate the armbands, the set to work tweaking her own to match her measurements. She then carted the rest with her to the transporter room. As she entered she heard the call from the Captain. "Um, I, I still need the phase frequency of that ship, Captain." She replied as she placed the first Armband on Commander Savar and began tweaking his measurements.

"I'll get Ops to send that through presently" Rhenora replied from the bridge, nodding towards Freya to send the data through. "We've determined there are no residual biosignatures or energy signatures so you should be right in that regard" She continued.

Kaden set his duffle down and opened it he removed his Marine phaser pistol checked the power cell then put it in his holster on his hip. Next, he pulled out a bandolier of photon grenades strapping it across his chest.

Finally his phaser SMG, it was a new toy recently issued last year Kaden hadn't used his much. But he chose it for combat in tighter areas and the ability to fire around corners easier. Lastly, he pulled out a black sphere and set it down on the ground.

Kaden pressed a few buttons on his wrist tricorder. "Wake up buddy." The Sphere chirped as its 'eye' blinked on. It floated off the ground chirping as Kaden was inputting commands.

Distracted, Bonnie eyed the Sphere, "Is that the new model?" she whispered to Kaden. "I'm jealous." She admitted. "Though I'm not sure I can make a phase inhibiting band that will work with him... her... um, it?" She fumbled for the right word as she pulled out an armband and placed it around Kaden's arm and began tweaking the dimensions. He was a bit bulkier considering his armor, rifle, and extras. So she gave his bubble a little more breathing room.

"New model? No S.I.D. is unique." Kaden replied as he watched Durnell work. "Little fella, is the only one of his kind."

Dean kept watching as Kaden put out all the gadgets and this that and more of this and that, just making a face. "You think you have enough toys?"

"Just well prepared is all." Kaden replied be looking at Dean. "Not jealous are you?"

"Not particularly..or maybe a little? You can decide." Dean grinned a little bit, "One of my favorite quotes. 'Where does he get those wonderful toys.' " Giving a motion, "Which, actually I have an idea for something I'd like to see if we can work on with Engineering. You know, after."

"Sounds good, once we figure out why there is a piece of Bajoran junk floating out there nobody saw all these years," Kaden replied.

"Major, Lieutenant. The answer is obvious. The reason no one has seen the Bajoran junk as you so eloquently described the ship is because it has not been here all the time." Savar replied.

"Sorry, Commander, science was never my strong suit I leave that to the professionals. I am just here in case things go south." Kaden patted his weapon.

"Indeed Major. However, if things do go south. You are sufficiently prepared to reverse the process." Savar commented.

Moving to Dean last, and with a smile, Bonnie wrapped the band around his arm and commented, "Speaking of going South. It was noted that prolonged exposure or damage to the armband could cause a form of temporal narcosis. I don't recommend we stay longer than one hour. Any longer and we risk being trapped in the same state of phase as that ship."

The smile was returned lightly, giving a look at the band. " no turning into a phase-shifting ghost," Dean said.

She sized up Dean, then made some last-minute adjustments to his induction field. Once she was sure his settings were good, she pocketed her tools and her tricorder, then waited for the Commander to take the lead onto the transport pads, and the call to come from the bridge with the phase frequency. After that, adventure was a matter of transport away. She swallowed hard at the thought.

Kaden pressed his comm button on his armor. "Ross, to bridge, Captain, I am giving you a frequency to use to patch into the drone's optical and audio that I am bringing along. You all will be able to see and hear everything we see."

" Good thinking Major, we are standing by ready to transport as soon as you're ready" The Captain responded from the bridge. Soon they would have some answers.

Savar stepped onto the pad. "Major, Lieutenants if you will please join me, we can transport over to the Bajoran ship and proceed to solve the mystery."

Kaden locked and loaded his weapon S.I.D. floating near him over his shoulder. "More concerned about this not being a setup." He said joining Savar.

" And that's why you're going over Major" The Captain mentioned through the comm system, still coordinating things from the bridge. "Secure the vessel and make it safe for our teams."

Bonnie followed Dean and as he stepped up onto the platform, she missed the step and stumbled face-first into his backside. Her Hair fluffed forward enveloping her head. She could feel eyes looking at her as she picked herself up, cursing to herself, "Why the hell is there even a step there?"

Kaden could hear several snickers over comms probably some of folks on the bridge watching the feed found her mishap amusing. "It's Durnell, right? You okay there?" He looked at Dean then her. "Don't have the hots for him do you?" He whispered softly casually putting his helmet on.

A look from the Captain silenced any further reactions to the mishap - innocent as it was.

"Standby Away Team - We're sending you to the bridge" Kaylen announced.

Bonnie eyed Kaden with disdain but kept her mouth closed. She turned and looked front as the blue light from the transporter beam enveloped them. Normally the feeling is one of instantaneous but this time was different. There was definitely more time between blinks and her stomach turned as though she had not eaten in days. And then she was there, surrounded by large containers and various pallets of goods and equipment.

Her first reaction was to pull out her tricorder and comment, "this is not the bridge."



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