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Outta Time - Away Team III

Posted on Thu May 6th, 2021 @ 4:23pm by Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Major Kaden Ross & Lieutenant Freya Ross & Lieutenant Dean House & Lieutenant Thriss Kla'ren

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Alla
Timeline: Current-ish

House looked around from where he was a moment. Switching the rifle light on. Also looking at a multitude of bodies all over. This had to have been Engineering from the look of it. Noe one else around from the team. Lovely. Tapping his comm badge. "Anyone around? Or here? I somehow ended up in Engineering."

"Lieutenant House? Is that you? I can hear you but getting lots of static could have sworn I heard from the Commander as well. Where you at?" Kaden replied.

"Yes, it's me. I'm going to give a look around here in Engineering. See what I can find and leave the bodies alone for the moment. Check the status of things down here. See if I can maybe get at least auxiliary power-up or the batteries." House moved over to what looked like the main console.

Kaden had found an access hatch and was already climbing up the ladder to the bridge as he was about to open the hatch something large and heavy could be heard stomping overhead. He paused waiting few moments to pass before opening it a crack.

It appeared the coast was clear or so he thought before one of the three-eyed aliens alive and well grabbed him and slammed him against the wall. It knocked his SMG out of his hands he teeth bared it was not happy it appeared.

Back over on the Liberty Captain Kaylen was working with the bridge crew to ascertain exactly what time of temporal issues were occurring over on the small ship. Comm signals bounced in and out, transporter locks did the same, there one minute and gone the next. It seemed that whatever was going on was in flux.

Freya looked at the readouts she was getting from the computer. “Captain it looks like we’re getting a tricorder signal from Lieutenant Durnell. It’s repeating over, and over again.”

"A tricorder signal? What does the message say?" Rhenora asked, curious as to how Bonnie seemed to be traversing time itself.

“It’s hard to say from here Captain, the signal is pretty weak.”

"See if you can get a lock on the tricorder and beam it back here" the Captain instructed, thinking that small data recording device may hold the answers to many questions, particularly the temporal side of things.

“Yes ma’am” Freya moved back round to her station, the tricorder was going in and out of flux the same as everything else. “Just have to wait for it to come out of flux again.” As the signal became clearer she quickly locked on the signal. “Transporter Room, lock onto the signal and energise ... now.”

Bonnie's tricorder appeared in the centre of the bridge, looking as though it were centuries old even though it had been issued only a few months ago. It was scuffed, worn, and had all manner of wear marks on it.

Carefully the Captain approached it, it was blinking as though on low power, but also indicated its memory was full.

"Freya, I think we're gonna need your expertise, team up with Lt Kla'ren from Engineering and see what you can uncover"

On the Alla, Bonnie remained close to where she had seen the old man, sitting at his terminal. From within her bubble she could see time shifting around her like a visible whoosh of air carrying with it the leaves of time. The shift was so fast however in between blinks it felt like a loop. She longed to witness the actual events and so stood by with her hand upon the arm band, ready to deactivate it.

She took a deep breath as the loop ended. Blink. She pressed her band turning off her phase inhibitor. Everything old was like new, though there was a distinct impression that the ship had been around the block a few times. In front of her a man in his late stages of life, a claw mark upon his face, slumped over her terminal.

Bonnie's heart slumped. She reached into his cold neck and felt for a pulse. None. From behind her though there was a shuffle of feet near the open foodstuffs she had found earlier. And heavy breathing. She was not alone. "Hello?" She called out into the cargo area.

Back on the Liberty the team of Thriss, Freya and the Captain began downloading a huge amount of data from Bonnie's tricorder. With ever quad of data they pulled from the aged device Rhenora's concern for her away team grew. Where they all stuck in temporal flux?

Freya’s heart and soul were going into her work, her husband was out there and she wasn’t going to lose him. “It looks like Bonnie did one hell of a job with her readings, there’s so much data here it’s a job to know where to start!”

" See if you can work out how many temporal periods there are, and if we can work out how to tap into each time period" Rhenora knew it was a tall order but she was hoping Freya and Thriss would be able to come through with the goods. They had to be able to communicate and beam their people out. Both of which were sketchy at best at the moment.

Freya looked to Thriss, it could be a tall order getting finer details from the old tricorder. “We’ll do our best Captain”

Thriss nodded in agreement. He looked at the tricorder. How could it have survived for that long? Either way, they would find out soon. Then he thought of something. "What if we look through the data, and conduct scans for quantum signatures, or temporal signatures? That way we can determine how to tap into that period of time. Similar to how we did when we first came across the ship" the Chief Engineer replied.

Freya nodded. “Sounds like an excellent idea, let’s get to it.”

The team made progress, pulling some of the temporal data from the tricorder and coming up with a plan. Although the Captain had a remarkably simple idea. "Transporter room, continually scan for any lifesigns aboard that ship, as soon as you have one, beam them back and continue" She turned back to her small team "I have a theory that though there is a temporal flux, periodically they return to our time period as we have had some comms...if we have coms we should be able to transport"

" Aye Ma'am" The transporter room acknowledged.

On the bridge, Savar was experiencing the shifting of time as the bridge went from old to new back to old. "Fascinating." He muttered and spoke into his tricorder. "The ship is caught in a temporal loop. We are unaffected due to our arm bands. Though beaming us off would prove most difficult."

Savar continued to look around the bridge, taking scans when suddenly the phase began and he was standing in the middle of the bridge and everything was old again. He was also aware of a faint sound as the bridge faded from view..... and he was back in the Liberty's transporter room.

"Transporter room to bridge! We have Commander Savar!"

" Fabulous, continue scanning and beam the others back as soon as they come back into phase" Rhenora instructed "Commander Savar, please report to the bridge".

On Kaden's end he was running for his life energy bolts zipping past him. He had managed to get free of the giant alien grab his weapon again along with S.I.D. and rip off a piece from aliens gear. Now the thing was pissed as hell wanting to flatten him then drink him.

Kaden fired back as he rounded a corner but the mammoth was hot on his trail when he phased back into a portion of the corridor where everything was old again but him and S.I.D. the alien chasing him turning into a pile of bones.

The familiar hum of a transporter engulfed him as Kaden found himself on the bridge of the Liberty seconds later. Landing face first on the floor at the Captain's feet. "Ouch..."

Freya swiftly moved around to her husband just about managing to keep a professional air about her. “Welcome back Major.”

Savar made his way to the bridge, "Captain." He greeted Rhenora."



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