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Ummm a Word Commander?

Posted on Mon May 17th, 2021 @ 2:49am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Ready Room

Captain Kaylen Rhenora sat on the bridge of the USS Liberty, her mind a chaotic mess of emotion vs logic. The bridge was fairly quiet at this point in time, the crew quietly going about their tasks.

She had a gnawing sensation that she needed to address her...sensitive situation with Commander Savar before he found out on the ships gossip mill.

Savar sat in the XO's chair. He was aware of the Captain studying him closely. He looked to her. "Something Captain?" He inquired in his usual dispassionate manner.

Her gut clenched, an instinctual reaction to keeping her secret contained. Logic and proceedure demanded that she inform him despite the rawness of the topic.

"Have you got a moment Commander?" She asked, nodding towards the closed door of the ready room.

"I currently have no pressing tasks Captain. So I do indeed have a moment." Savar replied. arching an eyebrow as he did.

Damnit he was going to make her work for this in his unique Vulcan way. "Please accompany me to the Ready Room" She replied calmly, shoving her rampaging emotions to the back of her mind.

"Certainly Captain." Savar answered as he gracefully from his seat. Completely nonplussed by her request though he did wonder just what Rhenora wanted to talk about. He knew of nothing pressing in regards to their mission.

She strode towards the ready room, hearing Savar's measured footsteps behind her. Once the doors hissed closed she stopped via the replicator and ordered two hot drinks before slipping behind her desk, thankful to have something in her hands.

Savar followed Rhenora into her Ready Room and slipping into the chair in front of her desk. He saw her with two hot drinks in her hands but remained silent even as she sat behind her desk. He would let Rhenora begin the conversation as it was she who wanted to speak to him.

She seemed hesitant, running her finger around the top of the steaming mug as she contemplated how to approach this discussion.

"Commander, Starfleet regulations state that I inform the ships
first officer should the Captain become... compromised" She started, hating the choice of words as soon as they came out of her mouth.

"I am aware of the regulation Captain. May I inquire as to what it has to do with this particular conversation?" Savar answered as his eyes locked an held hers.

She paused, holding his eyes and holding her breath at the same time. Why was this so difficult? A sneeze escaped unbidden, shattering her mindset.

"I'm pregnant, Dr Wilson confirmed it a few days ago" she blurted before another round of sneezed threatened to erupt.

Savar said nothing for a moment, two before replying, "Congratulations Captain to both you and Chief Remal. That is most pleasant news indeed." He paused for a beat, his eyes still holding hers before continuing. "Is this the reason for the conversation on you being compromised?"

" It is, there are only a few people who are aware at the moment, yourself, Remal, Aurora and Dr Wilson. I would prefer to keep it that way for the next few weeks if possible" the Captain explained, meeting her most trusted officer's eyes. "This means you will need to step up in a few months"

Savar maintained his eye contact with Rhenora. "I of course will keep your secret Captain. In addition I will do whatever is necessary to ensure the smooth operation and performance of both ship and crew. However...." He continued, "I do feel that being pregnant does not constitute as being compromised."

" It does to a degree - my objectivity may be clouded, and I will be unable to perform some physical tasks down the line. I will rely upon your clarity and judgement more as the months progress" She continued, raising the steaming cup to her lips and taking a sip.

"I respectfully disagree Captain. While you may be unable physically to preform some tasks I do not believe sitting in a chair is one of them. Furthermore being pregnant does not hinder you from knowing right from wrong or change your moral compass. "Savar replied evenly as his gaze dropped to the cup in her hands.

" I will endeavour to make sure it doesn't happen, but I want you to be prepared if it does" Rhenora amended, blushing slightly. " Lets just say that there is a documented phenomena known as 'baby brain'"

"Which I am confident you will not succumb to Captain." Savar answered confidently.

" We shall see in that regards. Plus I'm pretty sure you're going to have your own hands very full shortly. I hear Aurora will be due soon" Rhenora changed tack, hating to have to talk about herself.

"Yes we shall see Captain. You are also correct in stating that Aurora will deliver shortly." Savar replied. A situation he was not pleased with.

" You seem... nonplussed with the situation Savar. Would you like to talk about it? I can't assume that talking to your wife will provide a space to air your feelings in this regard" She offered, taking another sip of the coffee in front of her.

"Your observation is quite correct Captain." Savar replied. "I am not happy with the situation. I support Aurora but I do not like the knowledge that some aliens decided to use my wife as a depository to have their child."

" Is it the lack of certainty around her condition, the lack of permission, or the lack of control?" Rhenora gently prodded, knowing this was a very sensitive subject.

"I confess I am not sure Captain though definitely the lack of permission is a major part in my feeling. Aurora had no say, no voice. She was simply used."

" In a way yes, however she had expressed her desire to carry a child in the past, perhaps these beings identified that fact and thought she would a suitable host?" The Captain offered a different perspective "I'm not saying it's right but we have little information to go on"

"A child of her own Captain." Savar replied. "Not of an alien, an unknown species we know nothing about. How do we know what the pregnancy is doing to Aurora physically?" He challenged.

" We don't know, all we can go on is that if this species needs a surrogate to procreate it would be in their best interest to not harm that surrogate in the process" Rhenora replied sagely, she could sense the frustration rolling off the Vulcan despite his calm demeanor.

"What they may see has not harmful may very well be the exact opposite." Savar commented. " I find hard to accept that if the situation was reversed that Chief Remal would be as calm and understanding as you wish me to be."

" I can guarentee you that he will not be. Nor do I expect you to be. I can however attempt to empathise with your situation and provide different perspectives " Rhenora challenged, scraping up every bit of logic she could find.

"Have I thrown a temper tantrum Captain? Has my performance suffered? I feel I have handled myself quite well." He looked at her, "May I speak frankly Captain?"

" You may always speak frankly. And no your performance has not suffered in the slightest - I speak mainly out of concern and friendship" she replied, raising the cup again.

"Thank you Captain. I value our friendship as well and your concern is most appreciated." Savar answered with a hint of emotion. "However both you and Aurora have made illogical and potentially dangerous decisions. Aurora from the desire to have a child, it blinds her to everything else including her own safety and well being. And you for supporting such a decision. with nothing to support such a decision and potentially putting the entire crew at risk."

Ouch - his words his a nerve that she hadn't realised. The truth stung like a slap to the face - he had called her on her own short sightedness and the fact the crew may be in danger before her of emotional attachment. She took a steadying breath before replying.

" You are correct, but I can't force someone to terminate a pregnancy if she chose to continue it." She said quietly.

"Which is precisely why we find ourselves in the predicament we now face." Savar pointed out.

"Indeed" Rhenora echoed the Vulcan's logic, " All we can do it try and preprare ourselves for whatever eventuality transpires. Sooner or later these beings will return, whilst I don't want to appear hostile, we don't also want to be complacent"

"Quite correct Captain. Nor do we want to come to regret the decision that was regarding this situation." Savar remarked.

" We can only prepare for a situation with the scant information we have. What happens when Aurora gives and the creatures want the child?" She half knew the answer already but felt compelled to ask.

"Aurora will return the child. Before any emotional attachment can develop." Savar firmly. "It is not ours. Aurora was an incubator for it if you will."

" I fear it will not be as simple as that" Rhenora admitted, but admired Savar's conviction. When it all boiled down they had so little to go on, what would actually happen was anyone's guess.

Savar arched an eyebrow at her statement. "Indeed and why not. may I ask? Aurora is a highly intelligent woman. She knows the baby is not hers and what she was used for."

"Because logic and hormones sometimes don't see eye to eye. I'm not saying it will happen, I'm just not saying it won't either. The bond between a mother and her child is incredibly strong and complex" The Captain explained as best she could.

"I see." Savar replied but didn't as he looked at Rhenora. "Most illogical." He said with a shake of his head.

"Indeed, however I'm sure that you and Aurora will make any necessary decisions with empathy and integrity. And you have my full support" Rhenora empathized.

"Indeed we will Captain." Savar assured her. "Thank you for your support in this matter as well. If Aurora were here she would thank you as well."

"I have some reports that need finalising, thank you for your words, and your support Commander" Rhenora finished up, smiling at her friend and first officer.

Savar stood up, nodding at the captain. "It is I who thank you Captain for not only your words but your friendship. I am indebted to you."

She resisted the urge to walk around the table and give him a hug, settling for extending her hand in the traditional gesture of friendship. "It's what friends do"

"Indeed and the path of friendship runs both ways Captain. I am always here for you should you need me." Savar replied as he clasped her hand in a firm handshake.

" And I for you" She smiled, wondering just how lucky she was to have such a dedicated and loyal officer as her XO and friend.

"A comfort indeed. I shall leave you to finish your reports Captain. Thank you for a most informative and pleasing conversation." Savar noted.

" Thank you Commander" Rhenora released his hand and sat back down behind her desk, feeling the urge to replicate another coffee as the present one had gone cold. She sighed, knowing she would have to curb such habits at least in the short term.

"Captain." Savar replied as he moved to the door, then turning back he spoke. "Do try to limit the coffee you have Captain. It would be a shame to have to remove it." He said with a trace of a emotion. Then he was out the door.


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