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Catching Up

Posted on Tue May 18th, 2021 @ 8:46pm by Lieutenant Freya Ross & Major Kaden Ross & Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Outside the Conference Room
Timeline: Current

The Captain had essentially shut down the rest of the discussion, leaving several things in a state of unresolved, at least to Bonnie. This strained her way of thinking and as everyone filtered out of the conference room she rushed to catch up with the Ross's. Once the Captain was out of earshot she called out, "Lt. Ross, Major Ross, hold up a moment."

Kaden feared this moment would come to guess people didn't have a sense of humor anymore. "Lieutenant, if this about what I said before we went to the ship I was only messing around. Trust me a little humor helps ease the tension at a time going into an unknown situation."

Caught slightly off guard as it took her a moment to remember the comment she had already forgotten about. She brushed it off, "No worries. I'll bring it up when I need leverage Major. For now, can I see that piece of armor you have?" Bonnie wondered about the creature and its role in the mess that the ship was in. She had more to offer and a piece of that puzzle lay in Major Ross's hands.

Freya looked at what Kaden was holding she had to admit she was just as curious as Bonnie.

Kaden handed her the armor. "I am surprised you didn't run into any of them during your trip."

She took the armor piece and turned it around in her hands. "If they were there I didn't see them in the cargo hold. That's where I found Nappie." She said absently before handing the piece back to him.

"Have you run a spectral analysis on it? I bet if there is any residual DNA, we can filter out any similar creatures before we attempt to transport the crew back." She was hopeful but also cautious.

“We haven’t yet but that’s something we can do right now” Freya offered a smile. “It could yield answers to a few questions.”

"Exactly my thinking. Nappie said the original creature was really one of the wormhole aliens manifested, you know, like what they call their Prophets. But over time more creatures from her stories turned real. It's conceivable this is one of those manifestations, or...." She trailed off while looking at the Major and thinking.

Freya looked towards Kaden her Counselling experience starting to come forth. “Wait, are you thinking that these manifested aliens could be a result of the belief that they exist? Created in response to their thoughts of them? Like nightmares come true?” Freya looked at Bonnie curiously.

"Wait..." Kaden began as he tried to process where Freya and Bonnie were getting at. "So...let me get this straight I was shot at and chased around by some kids' idea of a boogeyman from some book?'

“Maybe” Freya nodded. “We don’t know the full circumstances surrounding any of this yet, so I could be completely wrong.”

"I need a new job..." Kaden sighed shaking his head.

Amused Bonnie smiled, "It's entirely feasible. You geared up to fight, perhaps the creature responded by giving you exactly what you were expecting to receive. Do you know what you were thinking about when you went in?"

Kaden looked at Freya then Bonnie. " don't want to know what I am thinking." He said his face turning a bit red.

Slightly confused and naive, Bonnie shifted her stance awkwardly. "So, what do you guys think of the Captain?" Her feelers were out there. "I haven't been on the ship very long, and she's nice and all, if a bit impulsive." She added with a concerned tone to her voice.

Kaden trying to keep a professional demeanor placed his arms behind his back. "Well, I really hadn't had the opportunity to meet her one on one, Lieutenant, so I couldn't exactly give my own evaluation of her."

"I know, I know, maybe it's nothing. But, the way she shut down the meeting like we were done when clearly there were still questions to be answered and the way we were pulled back from the freighter. Knowing it was a temporal issue, pulling us back could have had dire implications," she rolled her eyes, "Like the fact that I now have a small shadow to take care of."

She cast a lifeline towards Freya, who she barely knew but felt was of a similar mind. "Freya, any thoughts on the matter? I'm just a little frustrated, you know and I tend to flub things up when I get frustrated." She pleaded for support.

Freya sighed. “Perhaps we should bring the unanswered questions to the Captain? See what she has to say?”

Kaden said nothing this was probably one of these moments that Freya was better suited for. So he kept quiet arms behind his back walking alongside the two of them.

Dejected, feeling as though she was alone in her matters of concern, Bonnie resolved to button her lips, set her eyes on the task at hand, keep her head down and move one. This action went in the face of everything her Papa had taught her about confronting what was bothering her. "All I'm saying is, if she's always impulsive, I understand. It helps me plan for that ideal as a contingency."

She stopped in the walkway, sighed, and turned towards the computer core. "I'll be in the core writing an algorithm for getting that crew back safely. Please make sure the data from my tricorder is available so I can match the data." She gave a half-hearted smile, then turned and walked off.

Kaden watched her leave before shaking his head. "I can sympathize with her concerns like I said the Captain and I have yet to really sit down and chat. But...I have to admit she did seem rather...quick ending the meeting. She acts like there is more going on just that ship out there and the fate of all of us here on her mind."

Freya nodded. “I think the Captain has more than a few things on her mind at present.” Her Betazoid senses had picked up the same thing as Aurora, that the Captain was most definitely Pregnant.

Kaden wasn't exactly sure what Freya meant but he thought best to not ask. "I think we all do, I am going to go round up a few grunts will you be okay?" He asked.

Freya nodded. “I’m Chief Ops, not to mention Second Officer of this ship, I’ll be fine!” She grinned. “Now go do what you have to do.”

Kaden looked around before whispering in her ear. "I ever tell you I like it when you get bossy?" He asked with a grin.

“No, but I’m glad” Freya grinned. “Now get going and I’ll see you later.”



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