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Home at last

Posted on Wed May 26th, 2021 @ 2:32am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: DS9

The pinprick that was the space station Deep Space Nine grew slowly larger on the viewscreen, the Liberty moving slowly to avoid damaging the relic it towed behind with a tractor beam. The freighter had withstood the exit from the wormhole and now hung like a tired dog behind its owner, exhausted and wanting nothing more than a rest.

"Alright everyone, make preparations for our arrival at DS9, we've been allocated one of the top docking pylons, the freighter will use a tertiary docking port until the Provisional Government decides what they want to do with it" the Captain announced from the centre chair on the bridge.

Around her the bridge crew worked with a quiet and practiced ease, making the necessary adjustments as they neared the space station.

"DS9 signals we're cleared to dock" ops announced.

"Very good, helm reduce to 1/4 impulse and begin docking maneauvered when ready." Rhenora ordered. It felt good to be home even after such a short time away. Their mission to the Gamma Quadrant turned out to be a rescue of the freighter. The mission was still outstanding, perhaps the Sunfire would join them?

"Docking procedures underway, thrusters to station keeping, annnnnd we're docked" he announced with a smile.

"Alright everyone, you have your leave and repair rotations, don't spent too much at Quarks" the Captain laughed as she rose and headed to her ready room to tidy up a few things. She was meeting with Captain Shannon later and looked forward to hearing about the new Sunfire.


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