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Posted on Fri May 28th, 2021 @ 11:07am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: In the wormhole

The freighter crew were ushered gently into sickbay, bewildered at this new and unworldly place they had turned up in. Last thing they remembered was their freighter entering the celestial temple, then this place.

Captain Kaylen strode briskly through the corridors towards sickbay, paging for her husband Remal to meet her. She had a feeling there would be a good deal of explaining to do.

Called, he walked up to Sickbay from the opposite side and waited patiently for her to arrive. Her boat, her guests, he would wait for her to lead the way. Though he was stoked to be able to meet and talk with this group of individuals who were now clearly the first Bajorans to have ever ventured into the Celestial Temple.

She saw him waiting patiently and stole a kiss as she walked by him, waiting for him to fall in beside her so they could enter sickbay as a team.

She saw Dr Wilson running tests and offering food to the refugees who sat looking very out of place.

"Welcome to the USS Liberty, I'm sure you have a few questions" she started.

Half of the party goers immediately turned their heads in her direction and began launching into overlapping questions ranging from who are you to what are we doing here to what's going on? The only ones that hung back were Bernoff, the Commander, Doge and a little girl who was busy humming a tune while looking through a children's poetry book.

The loudest and most heard voice came from a woman in the front who held an attitude of a familiar spitfire woman, Remal knew all too well. Salaya was standing, arms crossed, making direct eye contact with Rhenora, her attitude on full display.

Rhenora thought about matching her posture but decided a more passive approach was called for. She stood before the angry woman with her palms open and posture relaxed and in control.

"My name is Rhenora, and this is Remal. We are from Bajor just like you but call this ship our home. We found your freighter trapped in the Wormhole, the Celestial Temple as you would call it. We rescued you and brought you here in order to treat your injuries and return you to your Homeworld." The Captain explained.

"We know who you are, Captain. Him, not so much. Those, those Prophets, ugh, they told us all about you, made promises too." She was frustrated and highly animated with her hands flailing about. "They tested us, told us they needed to understand us and then kept us there for what felt like a century and what is a Federation? Do I have to bow and kiss someone's ass or something?"

At this point the more level headed Doge stepped up. "I'm sorry for my sister, she's a tad cranky. While the Prophets kept us locked in their time loop we maintained the images of everything around us. Utter torture. Almost felt like the fire caves instead of a Celestial Temple." He held out his hand, "By the way, I'm Doge and I do love a woman in uniform." He winked at her before having his arm smacked by his sister.

From the rear arose a new set of voices. "Captain, my wife and I only sought the counsel of the Prophets, we didn't mean any harm to this crew." He gestured at Salaya and Doge while also giving a nod to the Major and the Commander.

"It's true Captain. We meant no harm and are ready to accept whatever punishment awaits us at home. I trust the council of Elders is still the ruling body over Bajor and not some military power? We were always a peaceful people."

Rhenora took a deep breath, here came the kicker. "You've been in the Celestial Temple for over a century. Much has changed in our homeland, we are a battered but not broken people seeking to rebuild after our home was occupied by the Cardassians." She explained. "The religious order still exists, but the planet is now ruled by the Provisional Government"

Silence collected them all, save one, who sat quietly humming her little familiar tune. The Major, a very stoic man, had been in quiet contemplation. He removed his hand from the beard he was lightly stroking and spoke with an air of authority. “It would seem we have much to catch up on. Step back everyone and allow the woman to welcome us home with respect.”

Salaya took this as a personal attack. She turned and gave the Major a daggered eye, but said nothing. Doge stepped back as well, “Sorry Captain. A century you say. No wonder I feel tired.”

Remal stepped up, “Look, I will help everyone find quarters and will be glad to answer all of your questions, in due time. I know much has changed, and the people you love most may be gone, so I can only offer you my deepest sympathies and my two open ears.”

"Much has changed, but I can assure you that we will do everything we can to ease the transition for you. We will be returning to Bajor shortly, the decedent's of your families have been informed and will be waiting for you all" Rhenora explained, realising this was a lot to take in for these poor people.

They murmured amongst themselves for it was a lot to take in. Meanwhile Remal gravitated closer to the little girl, her humming attracted his attention. “Hello. Naprem is it? That’s a nice tune you’re humming there, seems familiar.”

She shrugged and continued reading.

“Can you tell me the words to that hymn? Or where you heard it?” He asked cordially.

“I don’t know. The nice lady with the curly hair sung it to me, I think. She was sad and didn’t want me to take her sunshine away. So I’m making her a wainbow.” Little Naprem said innocently.

Remal looked at Salaya and then Doge, each shrugging in turn. Where time and temporal anomalies were concerned, questions were better left to the imagination. “Okay, if everyone is cleared to leave Doc., I’ll show you to the forward lounge where you can see Terrok Nor and Bajor.”

Sarah nodded that they were somewhat healthy enough, enough to not be kept in sickbay at least. "A good meal and a decent night's sleep wouldn't go astray, and a friendly ear" Sarah agreed.

He clasped his mighty hands together before rubbing them together, "Alright, unless you have any objections Captain, everyone follow me." He stepped off on his right foot and was already moving for the door. He stopped momentarily at the doorway to check if everyone was following suit, which they were.


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