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Intelligent Intelligence?

Posted on Fri Sep 10th, 2021 @ 5:09am by Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon & Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: Into the Gamma Quadrant With the Sunfire
Location: Captains Ready Room.
Timeline: Current.

Thomo studied the report for the third time, he still wasn't sure it made much sense. Then he caught himself, when did anything of this nature ever 'make sense'?

He knew the Captain had to be informed of this right away, so as he'd said to her just before leaving the briefing after Karadis had called him, he'd let her know. Making his way to the CO's Ready Room, he pressed the chime and waited on a reply.

"Enter" Ghost said, raising an eyebrow.

"Thank you Sir, I've got the Intelligence report" Thomo said, approaching Ghost's desk.

"I'm not sure you're going to like it, but first impressions from this report are that the Dominion are re-grouping and the Gamma for yourself" he said as he handed the report over.

"Sweet Mary.......! Are......has it been verified by SFI? Cause if it has, we have our work cut out for us. Now I'm glad I got those fighters and upgrades to the weapon systems. Ok now let's get a plan of action going on here" Ghost said not to sure how she should go about it. Headlong or around the long way, or take a leap of faith.

"We have sketchy Intel Sir" Thomo said "As you can see, the pictures are rather blurred but you can make out that at least two of the ships Galor Class and Keldon Class. There's also other troop transporters and you wouldn't have those unless you're planning to move those troops around. My guess is they have more than one base on the go, but as to how many and to what end...I don't know. We also have to consider 'how' they're managing to build more ships. Do they have allies, if so, who, and how are they getting the materials to build them, but more to the point, 'where' are they being built?" We need to get out there Captain, this is our worst nightmare coming true."

"Ok so this is what we are up against. Sheesh you would think they would send a few more ships with us. Ok let's get the Liberty out of here and out there ASAP. Thomo, get us ready to leave. Recall our people and go get the missing information as to who and where," Ghost said knowing Thomo would do just that.

Thomo nodded his head and replied "Yes Captain, I'll get right onto it."

Turning around, he left Ghost to her work and headed to the bridge. Once there, he sent a coded message to Starfleet Intelligence requesting any additional information they'd gained and awaited a reply...hopefully a swift one.

Once that was done, he sent e recall message to the Liberty crew who were on DS9 and waited for them to get back. As he waited he went to the Captain's chair, opened the ship wide intercom and said "All hands, this is Commander Thomson, make ready for departure from DS9, Thomson out."

It wouldn't take long for them to be ready, and as he turned he got a message to say Starfleet Intelligence had sent a reply to his request. Going back to the console he'd been at, he opened the coded message and began reading. Once he'd gone through it a couple of times, he understood the immensity of the mission the Liberty and her crew had ahead of themselves "Gods preserve us..." he muttered under his breath.

Tapping his COMM badge, he said "Commander Thomson to the Captain, can you make your way to the bridge immediately please, there's more information."

"On my way Thomo," Ghost said and quickly exited her RR and stepped on the bridge. Looking at Thomo, " Ok what more news do you have?" she said.

"I just got information from an Intelligence friend of mine that his ship, the Patterson, was attacked by three Cardassian Hideki Class vessels at these co-ordinates" he said, pointing at the screen, "now, call me sceptical, but you wouldn't attack someone in that kind of force unless you were hiding or protecting something. Now, it's not the fact that the Patterson got attacked, it's that warp capable Cardassian ships like Hideki Class attacked them. Sir, we need to find out what's there, what are they hiding or protecting?"

"Yes and fast," Ghost said quickly.

Tapping her combadge, "Helm set course for the wormhole and take us into the Gamma Quadrent," Ghost said.

"Aye Sir, course set" Lieutenant Conrad at Helm replied back over the COMM badge.

Thomo nodded his head to Ghost and made his way out of the Ready Room and to the XO's chair.

"Helm, steady as she goes, warp two to the wormhole" he said to Conrad.

"Aye Sir, warp two" Conrad replied.


Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon
USS Liberty

Commander Sandy Thomson
Executive Officer
USS Liberty


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