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"Why The Sudden Return Home?"

Posted on Sat Feb 26th, 2022 @ 12:41am by Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon

Mission: The Chase Into Danger
Location: Conference Room on Liberty
Timeline: Current


Sandy had just finished her breakfast in the conference room of the Liberty. She gave her crew liberty and she chose to remain onboard. It was not like her to dwell on things but the sudden order made her wonder. With the recall of her XO to Starfleet, she wondered what was going to happen now. Thomo was her good friend and a good officer and now she needed a new XO. Had they found her one this fast? Staring out the window, the sleek design of some of the ships that were parked in orbit with the station was a sight to behold. So many different cultures came and went through DS9's area, it seemed like the melting pot of the quadrant.

The conference room silence was broken by the sound of the doors swishing open. Admiral Sanji was standing in the door way. "Captain, am I interrupting something?" he asked.

"No Admiral you are not," Sandy said, motioning for hin to enter and sit. This was not a social call and she knew it. Something was not right.

"Captain we have reason to believe that there is a Cardassian rebel faction operating within the confines of Cardassian boarder. There was a bombing here on the station which killed another Admiral and now they have run. I need you to go and pursue and capture them and destroy their base of operations once and for all. The only ship available is the Liberty, so the job is yours. Oh and by the way, your new XO is on the station. Also you have new crew coming aboard so gear up and get ready to hunt them down," Admiral Sanji said in a steel tone. Obviously the Admiral that was murdered meant something to him personally or he wouldn't have given the order to destroy the baseg and capture them for trial.

"Very good Admiral. I will recall my crew at once and get underway as soon as humanly possible," Sandy said.

"No captain, give your crew 72 hours leave while you are here," Admiral Sanji said smiling. "They earned it and so did you," he added as he left.

Sandy hit her combadge, "To all Liberty personal, there will be a 72 hour layover here. Enjoy it and relax. There will be a meeting at 0900 of all departmental heads in my ready room tomorrow.," and she closed her combadge. Now to meet her new executive officer.


Captain Sandy "Ghost"Shannon
USS Liberty


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