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Getting an MOT

Posted on Sat Apr 16th, 2022 @ 12:00am by Lieutenant Niali Korial & Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current.

Having arrived back onboard the Liberty, Finchley thought he ought to get himself sorted out with his physical to get it out the way.

Making his way to Sickbay, he walked inside and saw the place was empty.

"Shop!" he called out, slapping his hand on top of a biobed,

Niali had been watching him enter from inside the office. ‘Just the sort of insolence one could expect’ she thought as she walked out. “I wouldn’t hit the biobed too much, you might need one sooner than you think Commander!” She said tartly. “What can I do for you, have you injured your hand?” She asked sarcastically.

Finchley looked round when he heard the sarcastic reply. Before him stood the Chief Medical Officer. She was a Trill, and a stunning one at that.

"Are they that badly made they'll fall apart at the slightest tap, Dr...?" he replied questioningly.

“Korial and I would rather not test that theory Commander Kerr. I believe you are here for your physical. Please climb aboard the aforesaid biobed.” She waited for him to comply.

Finchley nodded and got onto the biobed "So, are there any particular torture methods you like to use during these procedures?" he asked.

“You,” she smiled “are my first victim. I try to leave the torturing for my off duty enjoyment. Hold still please,” she touched his hand and felt….something, a possible physical connection. She pulled her hand back and opened her tricorder running it up and down his body. Have you had any major illnesses Commander?” She asked.

"Well, I did have my head cut off last week, but I found it slightly inconvenient because my hat didn't fit my shoulders, so I had it sewn back on" Finchley replied thoughtfully "and I'm intrigued as to what kind of torturing you do off duty. Do you have a secret dungeon I don't know about?" he added, aware she had pulled her hand back before asking him about any illnesses.

She couldn’t keep her laugh inside and it came out in a reverse gasp. She harrumphed and turned away for a minute. Turning back she raised an eyebrow and said sotto voice, “and would you be interested in a diverting evening of torture Mr Kerr?” She continued her scans.

Finchley looked at Niali, unsure of her of her meaning, but finding it thought provoking.

"I would indeed, did you have anything particular in mind?" he asked.

She smiled, she had him, not many got the best of her. “Maybe you would like to spend an evening or two with me. I can promise you exquisite torture mentally and physically?”

"It sounds an interesting proposition Doctor" Finchley replied "When would you like to begin this...tête-à-tête?”
She snapped her sensor shut. “You see to be fine physically, I will need to check your records over though. You can go.”

Finchley jumped down from the biobed "That's fine Doctor, it's interesting that you didn't say when you wanted to begin this tête-à-tête though, cold feet already eh?"

She turned and realised she was very attracted to him. “Very well Commander, My quarters tomorrow evening, oh and bring your lederhosen please.”

"Lederwhat?" Finchley asked "I don't even know what that is, should I be afraid to ask?"

She was already back in the office and peered back around the door smiling wickedly. “Just ask your clothing replicator Commander, oh and make sure they don’t chafe, or maybe if you really enjoy torture you might like it” she said and disappeared again.

Finchley looked at Niali agog, he didn't even begin to know what she was asking him to do, but, being as it seemed to be something of interest to her, he would go with the suggestion.

"Ok, Doctor, tomorrow evening it is with this...lederhosen it is. till then" he answered, taking his leave of sickbay.


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