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Posted on Wed Apr 13th, 2022 @ 4:08am by Lieutenant Commander Rick Gibbs & Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon

Mission: The Chase Into Danger
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

While he looked human, he wasn't. That's neither here nor there. What was important that he got off the station, onto the ship and immediately to the Bridge. Given his transfer was already approved, Rick's security codes worked just fine.

Moving to his station and logging into it. Already doing checks of the defensive and offensive systems. Running diagnostics on them.

Sandy had finished her work and walked onto an almost empty bridge save for technicians that were working on the science stations. There was also a crew member at the security station and she walked over to him. "Commander.......? Would you be my new security chief?" she quires, smiling.

Ricks head turned to look to her, not really expecting the Captain to be on there. Didn't matter that much though. "I really wish people would stop saying that. My primary function is Tactical. Even if my other duties involve Security."

Slightly taken aback by the abruptness of the commanders statement, " I beg your pardon Commander but I was told that I was getting a Security officer whose primary duty was security and his secondary duty was tactical, so why the mixup. Did Starfleet screw up again?" Sandy said a bit irritated with his lack of knowledge of who was addressing him.

"Evidently. Because it completely the opposite, ma'am." As usually he did not salute. Considering you don't do that 'indoors' or without a cover. Which you also don't wear indoors. He did however go to attention. "Lieutenant Commander Rick Gibbs, Captain. Your new Tactical Officer."

"At ease Commander," she said smiling. "I don't bite, only when I have to. So you are my tactical officer, which would also include security. That is fine by me however we have 3 days leave so I suggest you make good use of it. Our up coming mission will require your expertise," Sandy said said warmly.

"I don't typically bother with leave, ma'am." Giving a little shrug.

"So what do you do when you are on leave?" Sandy inquired.

He made a bit of a face, "Duty stuff. Workout, practice. Study, read, cook."

"Cook? must invite me to sample your cooking some day. Workout? Battle excercises I assume. Also what books do you read? I like a good classic to keep me interested, Sandy said grinning.

"Yes, cooking, and no, not always battle exercises. Just general working out. I do mysteries, sci-fi, horror. Holonovels, write some sometimes."

"Very interesting. I would like to see one of your holon

ovels when time permits," she said trying to be a good captain and learn all she could about her senior staff.

He nodded a little bit, "We can do that."

"Good! Just as soon as we get underway I would love to", Sandy said smiling.

"I would like to do that as well, actually." Giving Sandy a bit of a smile.

"Great then it's a date!" Sandy said as she turned and headed for her ready room. She still had personnel files to read and that was important to interview the new crew.

Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon
USS Liberty NCC 4003-A


Lieutenant Commander Rick Gibbs
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Liberty NCC-4003-A


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