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The Sole Survior

Posted on Sun Feb 27th, 2022 @ 9:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Damon Griffith

Mission: The Chase Into Danger
Location: DS9
Timeline: Current


Three Hundred Jem’Hadar. That's how many of them there were compared to the 30 Starfleet Marines left on the planet after the initial invasion of Outpost Saratoga. Marine Captain Griffith had assumed command of the Marines after his Marine Commanding Officer had been killed. The enemy was swiftly approaching the Marines, who were hunkered down in the ruins of the Starfleet building on the planet, which had been destroyed just the other day. However, most of Starfleet’s main fleets were occupied elsewhere with the war.

Energy weapon fire flew over their heads. The Jem’Hadar had made it to the building and they were by far relentless with their firepower. They had destroyed everything and everyone in their path so far. There was no sign of stopping either. Damon looked to his side and thirteen of his troops were gone. There were now fifteen of them left. But all of the Jem’Hadar in the current waves were still attacking them. Then there was a break in the fire. Griffith ordered his troops to open fire. All fifteen of them combined managed to down fifty of the enemy soldiers. But nearly seventeen percent of the Jem’Hadar was not enough. Not even close. The “remaining” troops down more of the Marines, leaving now seven of them. But seven Marines became four. Then two. Now it was just Damon and a young enlisted Marine.

However, to make matters worse, one of the enemy soldiers threw an energy grenade straight into where the Private and Damon were taking cover. The Private threw himself on the explosive to protect Damon. The explosion threw both of them back. The Private against the floor. Damon against the wall. He looked at the other Marine. He sacrificed himself for a superior he barely knew. Damon accepted that he himself might die.

But then his badge chirped. =^=This is the USS Horizon, the lead ship of Task Force 66, we are here to help=^=. He looked at the Jem’Hadar coming at him. Before they could do anything more, an orbital strike from the Horizon wiped them all out. There were no more landing ships from the Jem’Hadar. But instead, he heard Starfleet shuttles descending upon his location. Was this really a victory?

“Mister” a voice came from the back of his mind.

“MISTER!” screamed a Ferengi bartender who was standing behind the bar at Quarks.

“What?” Griffith questioned in a deep, intimidating tone.

“Oh uh, I just need your payment for your drink” said Quark, who was now intimidated by Damon.

Without saying a word, Damon looked the Ferengi dead in the eye and slammed the latinum on the bar.

“I’ll just leave now” he laughed nervously.

After Quark left, Damon reflected on the memory. He had been the only Marine to survive the Invasion of Outpost Saratoga. After the shuttles came down to the planet, he had been taken back to the Horizon and transported back to Earth, where he began his recovery. That was three years ago. Three years later, he still felt he hadn’t completely recovered. The image of that Private had remained in his mind for all of these years. But even so, he couldn’t afford to dwell right now. As he was back in normal Starfleet ranks, and about to transfer to the USS Liberty as her Executive Officer.


Lieutenant Commander Damon Griffith
Executive Officer
USS Liberty NCC-4003-A


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