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Checking in.

Posted on Fri Apr 22nd, 2022 @ 4:14pm by Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Chief Intelligence Officers office.
Timeline: Current.

Finchley entered his office and closed down all surveillance there. Sitting down at his desk he entered his security code and opened up a secure channel to Intelligence HQ.

"How can I help you Commander?" asked the Lieutenant at the other end of the link.

"Patch me through to Admiral Jenkinson please" Finchley replied.

"Putting you through now Sir" the Lieutenant replied.

A few moments later and a new face appeared on the screen.

"Bird you old muckety muck, what's up?" Jenkinson said.

"I'm on the Liberty as I found out you requested Sir" Finchley replied.

"Yes, I couldn't get word to you before you left your last duty, sorry about that" Jenkinson replied "you got your orders as to why though, didn't you?"

"Yes Admiral, I got them" Finchley replied.

"What's your assessment?" Jenkinson asked.

"Well, it's early days, but from what I've managed to gather so far by speaking to different crew members...different ranks as you asked...I'm inclined to believe that what you've suspected is a distinct possibility."

"How distinct?" Jenkinson asked.

"A probability of about eighty percent Sir" Finchley answered.

"Any particular person or persons?" Jenkinson asked.

"I have my eye on a few Admiral" Finchley answered.

"Playing your cards close to your chest eh Bird?" Jenkinson said.

"I learned that from the best Sir" Finchley replied.

"Get away with you Bird, you always had a sixth sense, that's why I chose you for this duty" Jenkinson said "Just keep me posted."

"Yes Admiral, Kerr out" Finchley said, closing the link.

Safely logging out of the computer using his code, he once again opened up the surveillance in his office. He sat back, thoughtfully planning what to do next. There was much needing done, much he had to discover still, but he'd made a good start. A fuller plan began to take shape, he would need help, and he knew who could give it to him.


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