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The Staff Meeting

Posted on Sat Apr 23rd, 2022 @ 10:40pm by Captain Finchley Kerr & Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon & Lieutenant Commander Damon Griffith & Lieutenant Commander Rick Gibbs & Lieutenant Commander Brianna "Raven" Davies & Lieutenant Leo Da'Cinci & Lieutenant Anna S. Thesia M.D. & Lieutenant Freya Ross & Lieutenant Matthew Brown & Lieutenant T'Strella Drake & Lieutenant Niali Korial & Lieutenant Cale Llewellyn DSci

Mission: The Chase Into Danger
Location: Conference Room, USS Liberty
Timeline: MD 01


Sandy finally had her new orders and she wondered how these rebels managed to circumvent all the security programs that were in place to protect Starfleet's staff when on the station. Apparently this group had found a way and murdered Admiral Hastings who was on the station for a critical meeting with the Cardassian government. The fact that the Liberty was the only ship available for the job to be done gave her reason to be careful not to hurt the conference that was supposed to take place.

Tapping her combadge, "All senior officers please come to the conference room at once. Staff briefing will commence at 0900," Sandy announced closing the combadge. Now she waited for her senior officers to arrive.

Freya was in her office when the call came through. Finishing off what she was doing she made her way to the conference room. It didn’t take that long to reach her destination as she stepped through the conference room doors she offered a polite smile. “Good Morning Captain” She took a seat to one side of Sandy.

Rick was of course, yet again, still on the Bridge. Maybe he should just put a sleeping pad down under his console. Turning to head from there over to the conference room.

Damon had just finished a sparring session in the holodeck with a holographic Klingon when the call came through. Then he quickly rushed over to his quarters to change into a fresh uniform. After that, he left and made his trek over to the conference room.

After a few moments, he entered the room and sat across from Freya and took the other seat next to the Captain. "Morning Captain, Lieutenant" he acknowledged to the both of them.

Brianna walked into the conference room with her coffee. "Morning Captain, Lieutenant, Commanders, glad to see you here," she said, sitting down near her friend.

"Glad to see you all here. I think we will wait a few more minutes to see if anymore show up. If not we will get started. Agreed?," Sandy said, looking at all that had assembled.

Freya nodded. "Agreed Captain, anyone whose late can always catch up on what they've missed."

T'Strella Drake, had taken the USS Vintage Lace to the USS Liberty 's coordinates... it had been a long journey, good leave and hard work involved. Now, time for mission.

As she made her way to the Staff Meeting, she sipped iced peach tea and waited quietly.... She in her dress uniform still from a late Diplomatic function on the Vintage Lace... she nodded politely to the others gathered...

As he raised the spanner above his head his badge chirruped to to signal an incoming message. Grumbling under his breath, as he so often did, Leo tapped his hand on the badge but kept working with the other. It was a summons to the conference room for their new orders. One the message ended he tabbed his badge agin, causing him to fumble the spanner down onto his snout. From each end of the JTube all you could hear were explitives the like most virgin ears were not accustomed to.

Ten or so minutes later, a clean but grumpy looking Tellerite man, short and stocky even for a Tellerite, entered the conference room and made his way to his assigned seat. After he sat down and pulled himself up closer to the table he nodded respectfully to the Captain and first officer without a word about why he may or may not have been late. Now was not the time to poke the small bear.

"I do believe that we're missing a few people, Captain," Rick mentioned.

"Then I think we will wait just a few minutes more then," Sandy said.

Finchley entered the Conference room, coffee cup in one hand, a PADD in the other. He was deep into the information he was reading and didn't realise how close he was to the table. Taking another step, he banged into it, spilling some of his coffee causing him to swear under his breath. Looking down at the table he rhetorically asked "Has someone changed the furniture in here, I don't remember the table being that long?"

Shrugging his shoulders, he made his way round the table, up past Sandy and stood leaning with his back against the wall. As he continued reading from the PADD, he slid down the wall till he hit the floor and stretched out his legs.

Niali walked in and helped herself to an empty chair. “Hello everyone, I am Niali Korlai your new CMO pleased to meet you all.” She was surprised to find someone sitting on the floor when there were chairs available.

"Ok here we go.....we have an intelligence report that the has led Starfleet to believe that the Dominion, along with rogue Cardassians are building up forces and ships in Cardassian territory.. We are ordered to find, arrest the leaders and destroy the base and ships. We will head into Cardassian territory and I need not emphasize that if we are attacked I am depending on all of you to do your jobs. Now with that said, are there any questions?" Sandy asked, knowing she was going to get asked some.

Freya looked towards Sandy. “Do we know just how many enemy ships we can expect to encounter? Do we have other Fleet ships to back us up?”

"They are not sure but I would assume that maybe one or two are space worthy, but as for the rest, we go in prepared for a fight if there are more. As for backup? No. We are alone in this as for the moment we are the only ones capable of carrying out the mission. Starfleet will send three other ships if needed later on," Sandy said.

"Eek, looks li' I'mma have ta put a bit of ov'r time in the budget." Leo grumbled. He had also wondered when and why Starfleet had become the police force of the galaxy, but he kept his mouth shut about such things in respectful company.

"Well any more questions? Engineering will need to keep us flying and ready for any emergencies should the arise," Sandy added looking at Leo.

"Not at the moment Captain. At least from me" Damon replied.

"Well then I hope Cmdr. Finchley has a much needed intelligence update," Sandy said.

"Well..." Finchley began from over Sandy's shoulder and down on the floor "there's been reports from some mining operations on the outer edges of the quadrant saying they had" and he laughed a little "and this is an expression I've not seen or heard in a while...some hit and run activity from 'large ships' and lots of 'ugly looking fuc..that is, some unpleasant looking people. Given that it's not the best description to go on, we could be looking at Jem Hadar soldiers Captain. May I suggest we look into this?"

T'Strella Drake sat quietly making notes, as an Ambassador she made notes, not much Use in missions unless a diplomat was required.. She, sipped her beverage, made notes on the Jem Hadar . And sent report for transcribing and coded to send through Diplomat channels regarding the Ambassadorial meet up , of which she might be able to attend.... Feeling utterly useless, in this briefing she shrugged slightly and made more notes.. Her thoughts going back to Admiral Ross and his offer....

Niali spoke, “I will make sure sickbay is ready for casualties but I am not sure we are set up for Jem Hadar !” She said that with a laugh in mind but then began to really think about it.

"Awwwww, do the bogey men frighten you?" Finchley asked Niali.

Niali looked at him her eyebrow raised. “To be honest, yes they do. I would be wary of anyone who did not treat the Jem Hadar with respect, although I would love to get my hands on one.”

"Who, someone who doesn't treat the Jem Hadar with respect, or the Jem Hadar themselves?" Finchley asked sarcastically.

She looked straight at him defiance and annoyance in her eyes and tone. “Have I done something to offend you Commander?” She asked. “And in answer to your question you can choose for me, it will give you something to do.”

", I'm just like this with you for the fun of it" Finchley replied, "and on choosing for you...well, wary is as wary does. We can't have the CMO being frightened of the bogey man, so we'll see if we can find you a nice friendly Jem Hadar soldier with table manners to boot. Will that suit you Doc?"

“Your idea of fun seems a little twisted Mr Kerr,” she smiled to herself as she was the same, but she would not let anybody know about it. It would not be the done thing for crew morale to know their CMO had a twisted sense of humour.

“That would suit me very well however I would have to update my table manners and I am not sure I will have the time!”

"Oh come, come Doc, I'm sure you can find the time, it's not as though you have anything to distract you you?" Finchley asked.

“Oh no Mr Kerr, I was thinking of taking a long sea voyage on the holodeck, dancing and drinking cocktails for the next month. I mean who in their right mind would want to be responsible for the entire medical health of the ships compliment.”

"Let's see if you're as adept at doctoring as you are at sarcasm then shall we" Finchley replied "I'm due my physical now that I'm back onboard, shall we say one hour in Sickbay after this meeting finishes for it?"

“I am afraid that will not be possible I have a staff meeting after this one. Let us say in two hours after this one finishes Mr Kerr.”

"Two hours it is then Doc" Finchley finished.

"Alright people let's get a hold of the tempers and words here ok? We are trying to figure out how to get thru this mission without losing lives or this ship. So far we are being sent back to Chintoka but we have no knowledge of what we will find. I need each department ready for battle. That means science is going to be helping medical in finding a way of generally knocking out the Jem Hadar on their ships along with the rebels. Engineering has got to keep this ship functioning at 100%. Security will be posted in vital areas on the ship. The minute we are boarded engineering, sickbay, security, and the bridge are to be locked down. This ship will be in a standing yellow alert status while in Cardassian space. Is that understood?" Sandy said looking around the room.

Niali nodded. “Yes Captain, medical will be ready.” She looked at Finchley as though daring him to open his mouth.

"Seeing is believing..." Finchley said under his breath.

Niali turned, “Mr Kerr Trill have exceptional hearing. May I ask you a question? Have you ever seen a Jem Hadar soldier?”

Finchley's head snapped up "More than just seen Doctor. Let me try to describe what it's like when you're up against them. Imagine your worst nightmare, multiply that by unbelievable strength and never ending dogged endurance, add in a willingness to fight to the death and you 'may' just get a glimpse of their nature."

“Oh I have had glimpse of their nature Mr Kerr,” she said bitterly. “I saw my parents bodies after they were killed by them.” She walked away tears in her eyes and anger boiling inside her.

Finchley finally stood up again and called back "and I watched them murder in cold blood an entire democratic conference, my father included Doctor. They dismembered the bodies of those still living after the initial attack, just for the hell of it. You see, hatred of anyone not of their forces is bred into them. I watched them shoot my father and then batter him senseless, finally decapitating him, so don't think you're the only one with scars. Not only that but I've fought in close quarters against them, their merciless, they have no soul, they have no morality, they only want to kill, and kill and kill again. Even when you put them down, they keep getting back up and continue coming at you. THAT is how I know what the Jem Hadar are like because Yes, I have seen them, up close and personal...have you?"

Freya was watching the exchange between the two with interest. It seemed her skills as Chief Counsellor were needed here, now wasn’t the time to be pulling Niali aside but she made a mental note to talk to her afterwards.

Niali rounded the corner back ramrod straight and collapsed onto her knees trying to breathe. What had she done to him to he would harry and chivy her throughout the meeting with his inane comments and then…..all she wanted to do was hide herself away but she couldn’t do that. She had a department to get ready. But, for the moment she remained on her knees.

Freya nodded to Shannon before getting up from the table and following Niali, she needed to check that she was alright.
“Lieutenant ... Niali, are you alright?”

Niali stood and smoothed her uniform. “Counsellor …Ross isn't it?” She asked. “Yes, I am fine thank you for asking, I tripped over my feet,” she laughed ruefully.

Freya offered a smile. “Please call me Freya, I would like to talk to you further regarding what just happened in there, but right now this isn’t the time or place. Please come and see me when you’re free. Right now do you feel up to going back into the meeting?”

“By all means…Freya.” She hesitated. “What in the galaxy did I do to him do you think?” She walked back into the meeting and sat down.

Commander Griffith considered speaking to Kerr, but he too, decided to wait to later. Damon also knew what it was like seeing Jem'Hadar that close. Especially since he was a sole survivor. He too understood the pain and suffering that the war, Jem'Hadar, and Dominion caused.

Returning to her seat Freya made a mental note to speak with Kerr as well.

Niali sat listening to others talk and as much as she should have been listening she thought about Kerr. She could not help but see something about him she liked despite the verbal sparring that had turned into something else….what though she did not know. She made up her mind to contact him and meet him somewhere away from everyone else, and talk, or even fight this out. She felt better making this decision and opened her mind again to the meeting.

T'Strella Drake, watched the action, leaning over she ask the replicator for popcorn and a cola.... The staff meeting was turning into Peyton Place, Dallas, and East Enders all in one.... She ate the pop corn sipped the cola and watched....

She, picked up her PADD, it beeped.... Seeing a message from the Adjutant General, she placed her popcorn on the table and tapped her PADD, she was needed to TEACH, a diplomatic class via Comms, and diplomatic academy channels. "Hummm. She whispered, this is a great opportunity for me, teach vis distance learning. " She replied and closed the communique.....

Sipped her cola and watched the Jeopardy match game set...

"I'm not formally part of this crew, I'm on secondment from Starfleet Intelligence, so this meeting's over for me" Finchley said, and turning to Sandy he said "I'll be in my office if you need me Ghost" he finished, walking out of the Conference room.

T'Strella Drake, set her cola and popcorn down... looking at the Captain she said quietly, "I have a long distance Ambassadorial Conference to attend, it would seem the Counsellor's skills are needed for some. Also, is this circus circus going to continue? If so, I will be putting in a formal request to be reassigned, its one thing to deal with erratic, aliens Ambassadorial duties, it is another to live Wild West on ship." And with that she quietly made for the double doors....

Rick just shook his head a little bit, "Would anyone care to explain to me just what all that mess was?" Referring to the conversations and outbursts that just happened.

Chuckling, and slapping Rick on the arm, Da'Cinci bolstered, "Tha' me lad, loo' like a walkin' mess ta me. No' sure if I shoul' laugh, cry or venture a drink." He stood and nodded his head. "Yeah, definitely a drink."

Knowing that this staff meeting just went south, she stood, "Ok this meeting is done report to your departments and be ready to depart in two days hence. I want everything ready for when we get underway," Sandy said.


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