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"Getting to Know Her First Officer"

Posted on Sat May 7th, 2022 @ 8:11pm by Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon & Lieutenant Commander Damon Griffith

Mission: The Chase Into Danger
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current


At this point, Damon had been waiting for the Liberty for about a weeks. Typically it would have been a shorter wait depending on the ship, but he was also transferring from the Marine Corps. Not to mention the Liberty was away from Deep Space Nine.

But finally, he boarded the Liberty. He had already checked in to the ship and set everything down in his quarters. He would unpack later. But now, he found himself in front of the Captain's Ready Room, pressing the door chime.

Sandy was going over the new crew listing when her her thought pattern was interrupted by her door.

"Enter" she said calmly. She was also eating her brunch and was sipping a glass of red wine. Sandy looked at the young man as he entered her Ready Room. "Hello Lt. Commander......" and left the sentence hang.

"Lieutenant Commander Damon Griffith reporting as order Captain" he stood at attention. "I'm your new Executive Officer."

"Wow! Starfleet moves fast! Welcome aboard" Sandy said getting up offer her hand to him.

He took her hand and shook it before they released again. "Thank you ma'am. I've actually been waiting about a week aboard Deep Space Nine. Partially because I was waiting for the Liberty, and partially because I needed time to transfer back from the Marine Corps."

"Marine Corps? So you were in the Corps. That is a value asset to have in a first officer. Please have a seat and do you want anything to drink or eat or both? I must not forget my manners as sometimes I can get ahead of my discussions. So tell me about yourself Cmdr . Griffith," Sandy said smiling warmly.

"It's quite alright Captain. As for the drink, I am alright for now, but thank you" he waited for a moment to begin. "As for myself, I was born and raised in Hawaii on Oahu, but my folks were from the Midwest Region of North America. I actually lived near Pearl Harbor. Even though it is a historic site now, it was my inspiration for joining Starfleet. At least part of it" he began.

"Isn't that where the Arizona has her final resting place and a monument built over her sunken remains?" Sandy asked. Sandy was a history buff as her CAG officer was also a history buff and both spend time together when they can.

The Ex-Marine smiled. "It sure is. I actually remember one time where when I was in grade school, my third grade history teacher wouldn't let us use transporters to get over to the monument. She actually requested boats for us to get over there, like we used to do before the transporter even existed."

"Needless to say, many of us at the time weren't exited for that. But as I am much older now, It was one of the best experiences of my life" he added.

"I bet! Someday I wouldn't mind going there myself to visit the memorial," Sandy said. "Riding in a boat to get to the memorial must have been experience. Something I would want to experience myself someday. Maybe it is possible when next we are near Earth," she added.

"It was. I would like to experience that again one day" he sighed. "It's been a while since I've been back home."

"Well then we will make it a date to be done when back on Earth," Sandy said. She liked this new XO of her's and knew he would fit in nicely. "I know I can count on you to watch my backside when I get headstrong in deciding to go into dangerous situations. I guess I have a little of Picard's stubbornness when I say that. I have a tendency to put myself into situations like that. See I used to be a CAG before I got the center chair and I still fly my fighter, "Shadow 1" when I can with our current CAG, Brianna, my best friend and wingman. Then as CO, I like to go on away missions where I feel I can help, dangerous or not. I guess what I am saying is think Riker when I get like that," she said chuckling.

"I'll try to Captain, but as Picard always says, it is also the Captains prerogative" Griffith chuckled.

"Yes very true he did say that in fact. Anyhow is there anything else we did not cover?," Sandy asked.

"Actually Captain there is a lot. But since we would be here for a very long time if i explained it in depth, I will skim over the rest of my record if that's alright?"

"Fine by me Number One," Sandy said, as she settled back into her chair ready to listen.

So he began. "In 2358 I joined SFMCA. My time at the academy was rather uneventful. After graduation I was transferred to the New Phoenix Colony as part of the detachment there. After the Phoenix Colony I transferred to Starfleet security at the rank of Full Lieutenant. It would have been likely that I had remained in normal Starfleet for the rest of my career."

He continued. "I requested a transfer back to the Corps and a position relatively near the front lines. At that point, I became the Marine XO at Outpost Saratoga. We had a few major battles here and there, but other than those, it was decently quiet. Until our bloodiest battle" he started but stopped himself. "That battle comes with a lot of baggage for me. Given I was the sole survivor of that battle and all."

"After an assignment as a Marine CO aboard the Andromeda, I requested yet another transfer to the normal ranks. After that I transferred here."

"Well I am very happy to have you by my side as my number one," Sandy said standing to shake his hand. "I will see you on the bridge when we leave," she added.

Griffith stood up and accepted the handshake. "Very well Captain. I'm glad to be here. Is there anything else you have for me before I am dismissed?"

"No Number One, I think that about covers everything. Oh no, wait, I was going to invite you to the ships lounge for a drink later if that would be acceptable to you?" Sandy said smiling.

"I would like that very much Captain" Damon started towards the door. He looked back at Sandy and stopped. "Is 1900 hours alright with you ma'am?" Damon asked.

"Great! See you then," Sandy aaid and followed him out of her office.


Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon
USS Liberty


Lieutenant Commander Damon Griffith
First Officer
USS Liberty


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