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All Those Bags...

Posted on Thu Nov 10th, 2022 @ 6:03am by Thomas Mathews
Edited on on Thu Nov 10th, 2022 @ 6:04am

Mission: New Horizons


After leaving the Starbase bar area, Thomas made his way onto the Liberty. As he arrived with many bags, an NE Ensign saw him.

"Can I help you sir?"

With all the bags blocking most of his body, he tried to reply...

"Yes, I a....... t.......d...."

Sorry sir, I can't hear you," came the reply.

After trying about two more times, Thomas dropped all sixteen of his bags on the deck and said:

"Hello, I am Dr. Thomas Matthews with the Starfleet Civilian Corps. I am supposed to start tomorrow. Can you help me find my quarters?"

The Ensign answered, "Of course, sir."

After a few minutes of looking at a pad he was holding, a reply came:

"Mr. Matthews, I now know where your quarters are..."

Thomas stood there for a minute or two and waited for the young Ensign to continue....but he just stood there.

Finally, Thomas replied, "Can you show me where I am supposed to be and maybe help me with my bags?" The Young Ensign then dropped the smile and saw all the bags again. It suddenly dawned on him that it was three decks up; even with the turbo-lift, it would take some doing.

About thirty minutes later, Thomas and the NE Ensign arrived at his new quarters. Putting the bags down, the young Ensign left...mumbling something about never answering another question again.....

As hard as it was, Thomas finally was in his quarters.... for better or for worse, he would arrive for his first day in sickbay the next morning, at 0900ish.... I mean...he was not always on time.... it depended on....the day.....


Dr. Thomas Mathews
Starfleet Civilian Corps.


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