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Eyes wide open.

Posted on Fri Nov 11th, 2022 @ 7:58am by Captain Kaylia Strenvale

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Haven Station Quarters
Timeline: Current

Kaylia stood looking out of the window to the quarters she was given for the moment. Looking over the PADD in one hand and sipping on the dark drink in the other. Her violet tail moving lightly back and forth behind her. Letting out a long breath. "I wish you were here to have seen how far I've come. You did always believe it though, and in me." On the PADD was a picture of her 'mother' Chloe Strenvale. Well, to her, and if looking at the situation, that literally was her Mother. Tossing the liquid in the glass back.

Refilling the glass, she stepped away from the window. Switching from the image over to the dossier of crew members. Going through all of the files for the third, fourth, even fifth time. She'd never really expected to get this far, much less live this long. This seemed like at the very least things would be interesting.

Flopping down on the couch to pull her legs up under her. While on paper she was happy with the choices she'd made, meeting them in person was definitely going to be a different thing. That being thought, it would be for them with her as well. "Interesting indeed," said out loud. Kaylia gave a glance at the chronometer, suppose to be more time than she thought.

'Than she thought..' given that she just got a notification that the USS Liberty was now in range and preparing to dock. Letting out another long breath as she shook both of her hands out, after relieving them of the objects in them. Standing up, deciding she should actually get into uniform. Heading to the bathroom after doing so she looked in the mirror. Eyeballing the fourth pip on her collar, even thumbing it as if it wasn't real a couple of time. "Time to go to work."


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