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Onboarding Examination

Posted on Sun Nov 13th, 2022 @ 7:24pm by Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr & Commander Rosa Coy
Edited on on Tue Nov 15th, 2022 @ 1:33am

Mission: New Horizons
Location: USS Liberty Medical Bay
Timeline: Current-ish

[USS Liberty, Main Sickbay]

Kell leaned back in her chair, enjoying the quiet of her office when the door was closed into sickbay. She checked the new crew manifest, reviewing who was leaving and who was coming aboard. It always amazed her at the rapid turnover, but with this many crew, she guessed the numbers weren't so bad.

"Hmmm, oooo, a cat.. nice... a new Chief of Operations... Cauthon... name sounds familiar. I wonder if he has family in the medical field... new counselor? I barely got to know the other one... and Betazoid, best keep stock on those suppressors... a Trill, and joined too. That's always an interesting conversation. Multiple hosts over the commander's life... redacted redacted redacted" she said, reading quietly to herself.

'Well, I'll just have to get to know them as they come aboard,' she told herself, wondering who would come by first... That always livened up her days in the sickbay while the rest of the team kept up with the routine.

Having made it through the connecting docking port, Coy walked to the first turbolift. Along the way, she received no less than three salutes, two stands of attention and one stumbling, bumbling nod. To each, she properly acknowledged them with a nod or a statement of their rank and carried on. She would review the manifest later as time and duty allowed. She stepped into the lift, and commanded, "Medical bay."

Moments later she stepped out, familiarized herself quickly with the layout and made a left turn down the corridor, then a right into the med bay. As they had just docked, the regular hustle and bustle of sickbay seemed light, perfect for her onboarding physical and what she hoped could be a one-on-one with the CMO. Looking about, she spotted what she felt was someone behind the glass in the CMO's office. So, Coy stepped up to the door, pressed the chime, then placed her hands behind her back in a sign of professionalism.

Kell smiled, which was still in place when the door opened. She rarely kept it shut anyway but it was so much easier to just let it shush open when someone needed to come in, unless she locked it for privacy if she was with someone already... or just needed a break.

A commander was standing there, very prim and proper. While Kell wasn't generally so stolid, she could appreciate the discipline. Given the markings she observed around her face and neck, this must be the Trill 3XO and Flight Control Officer she'd just read about.

"Pardon my pause Commander, it isn't often I get to meet a Joined Trill." Kell rose from her chair to meet the new crewmate, coming around her desk with her hand out. "Commander Coy Prilen I presume?"

"I had a friend on my last starbase assignment that was Trill but not yet Joined. She was excited but trepidatious, so I don't know if she will come to understand that symbiosis or not, but in your case, I have seen some Joined Trill in my practice so rest assured you are in good hands. You may also wish to touch base with the ship's counselor but I saw this is not your first time so you may be quite well-adjusted to the lifestyle by now, each entity being its own experience of course."

Kell jerked to a stop. "I'm so sorry, I am blathering on and on, and you came here for your medical onboarding, not to hear me chatter. Changeover in the crew is a bit exciting for me, I'm not sure why."

Kell rolls her forearm towards her view, tapping on a military-style PADD. "And, I'm assuming, you're on flying status so there will be more strenuous standards of course."

Upon her acknowledgment, Kell steps aside and extends a hand to the side of her office to an exam bed that's now extending from the wall. "If you would be so kind, I prefer to do the initial with some privacy. Feel free to ask me anything you wish, it won't affect the exam."

Kell smiled, realizing the new commander just got an earful by being the first of the new crew exchange. She taps her PADD again, securing the door from its normal mode so they won't be interrupted.

Experience told her, sometimes you just have to let those who like to talk, talk. Clearly this young, looking, lady enjoyed the art of conversation and there was no shame in that. Coy, could be a good listener, at times, though more often than not it was a silver-tongued devil in disguise.

Coy did as she was instructed by moving to the biobed. Along the way she noted a number of things such as the CMOs rank which matched her supposed age but instantly made Coy wonder how she had come to be in such a high-ranking position yet have such a low service rank.

As the doctor prodded, Coy asked, "Could I have the pleasure of your name, please? I've not yet read up on anyone's files as I like to get to know them personally first." Oh yeah, on a deep level. Her inner voice spoke. She ignored the voice and bit her lip to help control the sensations, "and just Coy if you please. Prilen is my family name and Coy is the symbiote." She smiled politely.

Kell's demeanor had changed once she began the exam but now she paused as if just realizing she hadn't introduced herself.

"Ah," she said glancing slightly at her shirt. "I guess I'm still used to having a name tag from my first military posting. Or from the regular crew knowing who's who." She stopped typing into the PADD and stood straighter.

"Dr. Kell Asaa, at your service." She bowed her head slightly. "Glad to meet you both. I'm assuming it's Commander Prilen on the bridge but casually it's Coy then? The Joined Trill I've met don't seem to have a standard format, it seems to be on a case-by-case basis?" Her hand seemed to absently return to the PADD as she subtly resumed the exam routine.

As she was still trying to establish herself as a Commanding officer first, friend second, and because she was still coming to terms with who she was now, she replied, "I'd prefer just Commander Coy for now. As you said, each Trill is unique in how they deal with their joining, and personally I've struggled. I'm not certain if you've had a chance to look at the details of my situation, but if you'd like I can fill you in a bit. I trust the doctor-patient privilege is in effect?"

"Absolutely commander. Nothing goes beyond this office unless you're a danger, to this crew or to yourself, and that only goes to the captain, and assuming I can't handle it up front to begin with. You can feel free to come by anytime, this will be safe place for you both. And no, I haven't delved into your details just yet, I would've done that when I reviewed your exam scans and followed up with you with any questions on my end."

Kell reached back to grab her chair and rolled it over to have a seat, looking slightly upward at the 3XO. "I can place a note on your record so it comes up to show you should be addressed as Cdr Coy. That might smooth that part out down the road." She leaned back in her chair and went into listening mode. Her fingers are rest from tapping her PADD.

"Thank you." She sat forward using her arms and shoulders to prop herself up and forward. When she spoke, her eyes kept darting to the floor as if she were filled with a certain level of shame. "I won't bore you with too many details. Most of that I'll reserve for the counselor. I've seen a number of them in the past couple of years to know not much has worked so far." She rolled her eyes and continued on.

"So, I'm sixth generation host, but, not by choice. More importantly, the previous five hosts were all men and specifically my previous Say my name. Go on, say it. host who was diagnosed with..." She paused to clear her throat. "Um, nymphomania." She looked the doctor in the eyes, "So, now I have to deal with his thought patterns, like all the time." She left that thought hang out there for a moment.

"Sooooo, it's sort of like a phantom limb thing for me, or at least that's how I've described it to counselor after counselor and between the meditation and medication I've been able to suppress the thoughts when necessary." Bullshit.

Kell nodded sagely. "I understand. There are certainly ways to suppress some thoughts, to reduce the feelings, the chemical signals and reactions, although it's a bit difficult to think clearly at time with some of those. I can look at your history and see what's been used and the results, then make any recommendations should it become necessary."

Kell sighed. "You've already spoken of counselors, and undoubtedly you'll be talking to ours, if for no other purpose but to apprise them of the situation. I believe I saw she's Betazoid, perhaps she might provide some ideas on routines or something to deal with it... him... I'm guessing you've have no end to suggestions from all sides."

The doctor in her wanted to heal all wounds, but some were much more persnickety than others, and this was an area she had rarely trod.

"You are always welcome here, or wherever you want to meet, even if it's just to vent. Sometimes that's a simple balm to the soul..." She pauses, then shrugs slightly, "or to keep you from bitch-slapping someone who's on your last nerve!"

Kell almost smiles, not sure if the frustrated commander will become a good friend, or just a trusted compatriot on the command staff. . .

Coy nodded, and then slid off the edge of the biobed. "I appreciate your candor Doctor. It's been three years and I still feel as though I'm fighting for control." And losing. "You should find the daily injection I take, in my records. And again, thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you."

"I will, it was a pleasure to meet you a well. I, or my second, will have your medication ready at your convenience. Perhaps... I can call you sometime for a late nighter?"

Coy, assuming the doctor was through examining her, walked over and picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. She then paused at the door, and allowed a moment of silence to fill the room before adding, "Your friend you spoke about, I hope they get their chance at joining. While my situation may not be ideal, the act is an experience worth living for." She sounded now like her father, wisdom of a deeper sage within.

Kell nods and watches the commander leave, keying the door to remain open to the bay. She adds her own notes and secures the file, noting the med she's currently on and setting a followup to research it and other options.

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