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Meeting the Bosses

Posted on Mon Nov 21st, 2022 @ 10:30pm by Captain Kaylia Strenvale & Commander Rosa Coy & Commander Jennifer Westlake & Major Damon Griffith

Mission: New Horizons
Location: USS Liberty -
Timeline: Current-ish

Coy left sickbay with the knowledge she had just left a piece of herself on the mind of another. She felt she had been doing that a lot lately. Experience told her it was best to let it out instead of holding it in. A lot of good that had done so far. She pressed the control panel on the wall, located her quarters, and headed straight there.

When the doors parted admitting her entry, she gawked at the spacious nature of her quarters. It was truly good to be a commanding officer. She dropped her duffle on the floor, noted her luggage had already been delivered and then fell face-first into the bed with a giddy giggle. It was short-lived, however, Nice. Could fit three or for ladies on this thing. Her inner voice offered. "Well, maybe we'll downgrade to a double, or even a twin, then." She commented out loud.

She took a deep breath before asking the computer, "Computer, which commanding officers are currently serving on board the Liberty and where can I find them?"

"Commander Jennifer Westlake, First Officer is in her quarters" the computer intoned in it's lifeless infectionless voice. And she was, Westlake had only very recently come on board and was currently unpacking, trying to add what few personal possessions she carried with her to places of most effect.

"Captain Kaylia Strenvale is in the Ready Room." Came the same lifeless voice as well to answer the question. Which she was. She'd probably been there all of 10 minutes at the moment. Getting thing ready for the official call of Change of Command that would be happening later that day. Codes and the like had already been changed over before hand. That went as well as for the Department heads and the rest of the Command staff. So at least that was out of the way.

"Major Damon Griffith is currently located in the officer's lounge" the computer added with it's monotone voice. Damon was off duty and after the events that had occurred earlier in the day. He was primarily in the lounge because he hadn't had any sort of meal since breakfast. Plus his coffee earlier became a casualty of his truly, who always payed attention to where he was stepping.

Protocol dictated she check-in. The First Officer was often the one tasked with duty assignments and such, but not every ship followed that structure. Since Commander Westlake was still in her personal quarters, prudence suggested she go and see the Captain first. Picking herself up off the bed, she straightened her tunic and boldly marched out the door.

A short turbo lift later, the doors parted to reveal a crafted, military-style bridge, a far cry from her previous assignments. She quickly spotted the Ready Room door, but her eyes kept falling on the pilot station as she walked. That would be her preferred assignment. Finally, she reached the doors and pressed the chime to enter, and held her breath, arms firmly planted together behind her back. She was the model for rigid perfection.

"Come," was called out at the sound of the chime. Once the doors were open, the Ready Room was particularly bare. Stock even, like the ship had just been finished being built. Kaylia hadn't had time to put anything personal in there as of yet. The fluffy top-eared woman looked up at the pair of doors now open.

Coy stepped inside where she got the first look at her new commanding officer. Oh my, she has the cutest cat ears, I want to touch them! Cried her inner voice and she couldn't tell if it was her or the symbiote. She stood at attention. "Commander Coy Prilen reporting for duty, Sir." She announced on the nose. Do you think she has a tail too? We've never been with a feline before.

Kaylia hadn't stood up yet, though Coy would find out at some point or another. That would be interesting to hear the conversation in Coy's head now, and then when the tail was seen. "At ease, Commander Prilen." Giving a light smile to her. If there was nothing else at least the woman was showing the proper form. Hopefully, Coy wasn't this uptight all the time. "It's a pleasure to meet you," now she stood up. Stepping around the desk to stop in front of the officer. Offering her hand.

Coy pulled her feet together and shook the Captains outstretched hand. Oh my Gods, she has a tail! Out new goal in life is to touch it. Smiling, through gritting teeth Coy responded, "Pleasure to meet you." Her grip was tight, something her previous hosts claimed was a good way to solidify a dominance position. As she released, she continued, "This is my first time as a Commander, but I carry with me pleanty of knowledge and experience through my symbiote. But I noticed there were two other Commanders on board which begs the question of, what will my specific roll be Captain?"

Once more she had skipped right past pleasantries and jumped straight into her work ethic. She was here to do a job and make an impression and she was going to do her best to do those things to the best of her ability. Oh we're going to be 'doing' a lot from what we've seen. Images of a tail wrapping around her own naked body flitted through her mind causing her nethers to jitter and her teeth to clench as she fought against the feelings.

The grip wasn't at all going to bug her, in fact if Coy took notice there was something naturally firm or resistant with Kaylia's hand. She knew that some people like to show that as a sign of confidence. Not expecting it to be a show of defiance, as it wasn't here. Or better not be. Shifting on her feet a moment, motioning to one of the two chairs, should Coy wish to sit down. Turning, tail moving with her hips slightly, Kaylia sat back down. "I've decided that given your records and marks from your previous postings I'd like you as my Third Officer. As far as your primary position it would be what you've been assigned to, Chief Flight Control Officer."

Coy bit her lip as she watched the Captain turn away from her. That rear is purrfect. So round. the voice said and Coy gave a small nod in agreement before returning to her normal poise as Kaylia faced her once more. She was about to respond when the door chimed.

It was at that moment that the door chime to the Captain's Ready Room sounded again, the ships new XO having no idea the Captain already was meeting the crew.

Kaylia stood up again, "Come in." Waiting to see who it was now. Well this worked in a manner.

Seeing the Captain already engaged, Jen paused for a moment. "My apologies Captain, I was unaware you were occupied" she started, hands easily clasped behind her back in a relaxed 'at ease' stance. "I can return later...."

A wave of her hand beckoning Westlake to go ahead and come in the rest of the way. "Come on in Commander. Might as well just get it done with at the same time. Now all we need is the Major here." Kaylia's ears turned just a little for a moment inward and then back straight again.

Coy watched another Commander enter the room and struggled not to judge her the same way. She wasn't competition and she wasn't some piece of meat. Yes she is. A tasty one at that. Nodding respectfully, Coy stepped to the right slightly to allow the newcomer a place to perch. "Commander." She said simply.

"Captain, Commander" Westlake nodding in deference to both the officers, having not met either of them before she was determined to do things by the book. "My orders Captain" she extended her hand with her transfer papers and fell back into a 'at ease' stance.

Where were our papers, oh that's right we didn't receive any, just a fine move along, your new ship will be here eventually. Rosa had never heard the Coy symbiont jealous before. It apparently did not like the idea of a woman upstaging it in front of the boss. Was it so truly a sexist pig that it couldn't handle even the most simplistic of things? She wondered to herself. She instinctively bit her tongue to keep from commenting.

To Be Continued


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