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Change of Command

Posted on Mon Nov 21st, 2022 @ 10:34pm by Captain Kaylia Strenvale & Commander Rosa Coy & Commander Jennifer Westlake & Major Damon Griffith & Lieutenant Leo Da'Cinci & Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr & Ensign Theo Cauthon & Ensign Alexandra "Alex" Fontana Tosto & Thomas Mathews
Edited on on Tue Nov 22nd, 2022 @ 10:07pm

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Forward Lounge/Officers Mess
Timeline: Current

After the third day of everyone getting time to settle in on the ship, do any reporting in to their respective heads. It was time for the formality to get done with. Kaylia had already set up a little reception in the Officers Mess. Being as there wasn't going to be any huge ceremony for this. It was more comfortable for her, and probably the rest of them, to have it a smaller gathering. There was no need for anything flashy, at least she didn't require it.

She was sitting waiting at that point at the bar counter, leaning against it. Giving out the call for the appropriate officers to report in there in no later than thirty minutes.

Outside the Officer's Mess, Kell consulted her PADD to confirm her location, and stepped inside. She'd only been here once before, and was a bit distracted at the time. She looked around at the lack of a crowd and was pleasantly surprised she wasn't in the later arrivals.

No one could miss the new Captain so she wandered in that direction since it would be a few moments before everyone would arrive and make ready.

"Greetings Captain, I'm Dr Asaa, your CMO. Glad to finally see you on board."

"Doctor Asaa was it? Thank you, I'm glad to be on board," Kaylia nodded. "Are you happy to have some semblance of a break?"

Kell laughed lightly. "There's always something to do in the medical bays, not to mention the continuing education and onboarding exams. Always more to learn, more to discover, crew to meet... but yes, good mental health is important as well so I make sure my staff uses its downtime whenever possible."

"That's good to know. We'll be starting in a few minutes, if you'll excuse me, Doctor," Kaylia nodded and moved away.

Kell wondered how the new Captain would prefer to stack the seating so she just picked a spot halfway along and grabbed a seat so it wasn't so awkward later.

Alex looked at her surroundings with interest. There were a lot of people present, and she felt a bit lost, not knowing where to start. It was quite overwhelming.

Ensign Theo Cauthon had been in his quarters getting things settled for the most part, a headache and arm that was about seize up was all that welcomed him when he put the final box of books on his rather small book case, Theo was a man of culture first and foremost, his quarters on the Starbase were far smaller than these so everything he owned would fit nicely in his space.

When the call came in on his comm badge he tapped It "On my way" he spoke as he grabbed his on boarding PADD, he had a solid two days of work not only getting his room sorted, but getting to know all of the systems onboard the liberty.

He walked out of his quarters and into the corridors. He walked into the mess hall a small smile on his face "Nice to see you aboard Captain. Sorry if I'm a little late the qualms of a man with to many books unfortunately" he said with a quirk of his eyebrow and holding his hand out for her to shake "Ensign Theo Cauthon Your new Harry Kim" he said with giggle that turn even the saddest folks red with laughter.

"Oh lordy, you've run into a Ferengi haven't you, Ensign." Kaylia shook her head with a little giggle. "Welcome aboard, Harry."

The doors parted and Leo sauntered in. He immediately spotted the bar with a potential for drink and snacks. He rubbed his hands together, "A'lrigh now we' a talkin'. Ain't nothin' finer than free grub for ma' belly." His spirits were high that he was not responsible this night as he climbed onto a nearby barstool and just listened into the conversations.

For Leo, change of ship, change of crew mattered little. He was there for the work. It was the engines that drove him, literally. People were annoying and often just in the way. His favorite pastime was butting into conversations he hadn't been invited to, just to irritate them. Some took it well, others did not. The latter were the ones he liked.

The notification was sent to all and so she couldn't ignore the idea of it. Coy had given her inner voice a stern pep talk, little good it would do. She injected herself with her hypospray, donned her finest casual look and headed out.

Minutes later Coy entered the Officer's mess hall, looked around for a minute to take in the people, and the seating. Spotting Dr. Asaa, and the Captain, whom she had already met and familiarized herself with, she walked up to the bar near them and ordered a "whiskey, neat."

Kell gave Coy a nod and a smile as she crossed.

Coy caught the smile and returned a respectful nod. It was good seeing the good doctor whom she hoped would maintain her secret. Trust was a commodity the Ferengi would never fully understand. Worth having, but the moment you attempt to barter, it breaks.

Kaylia was mentally keeping track of who came in and in what manner, how they held themselves, what they did after doing so. Particularly looking at the two thus far that immediately went for the bar instead of over to her. Why was this important? Only she knew.

Alex looked at the people as more and more arrived. Not knowing where to start, she stayed by the nearby wall, leaning against it as she did her best to figure out who was who.

Commander Jennifer Westlake jogged towards the Forward Lounge, know that most of those who would be there would have arrived already. Quietly she slipped in the back and hoped no-one had noticed.

The whiskey was served. Coy picked up the glass, eyed it for a moment as she contemplated the fact that before joining she rarely had a drink, then she downed the glass in one gulp. She wiped her lip and tapped the counter to effectively request another.

Leo watched, and counted himself impressed. "Nice lassy. S'been awhile since I've see' somin' down thar drink like tha'."

Coy eyed him with instant disdain. She didn't come here for male company, but quite often that was the type she attracted. The only difference now was this was a gathering of the command crew. She grinned and sat down next to him. "I've been known to toss one back now and again." She sort of lied and then extended her hand. "Commander Coy."

He shook her hand with a mighty grip, "Lieutentant Da Cinci. Chief Engineer. But you lass, you can call me Leo." He then called over the bar. "Scotch, double shot." He had chosen his target for a battle of the gut.

Alex looked at the man and woman by the bar. She decided that she wouldn't join them. She had never enjoyed alcohol and had no desire to learn to do so now. Besides, it wasn't the time to drink alcohol. She was here to meet the members of the ship. Alex sighed.

Alex had been noticed not engaging at the moment, which was a little odd being she was their new Counselor. Passing her on purpose pretty close for the moment, continuing on. Over to where there was the group of three gathering. Kaylia let her tail stay a little more locked close to her body. Just a little curve at the tip for now. No saying anything as of yet however, once she got near.

The room was filling with people from every department. Seeing many do the same Jen headed for the bar and grabbed herself a drink, an iced tea with a hint of lemon. She cast her eyes over the crowd, recognizing some of them from the dossiers she was current entrenched in reading. Spying the Captain she headed over.

A light smile was given to Jen once she came over to her. Kaylia simply held up a finger to her lips. Indicating to not saying anything yet. Motioning with her head to the group going about it. "Listen," said quietly.

Jen paused with her drink and listening to the general hubbub of the gathered officers with a confused expression on her face. She tried to pinpoint what it was the Captain had heard "What am I listening for exactly?" She asked quietly.

To be Continued


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