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Rhinestone Cowboy

Posted on Fri Sep 11th, 2020 @ 10:31pm by Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: Orion Ship
Timeline: Current

**Warning** Post contains assless chaps ***

Bonnie tossed a cloak over her head, it smelled of lavender and petrulli oils mixed with sweat, but it had to serve. Her tricorder in hand she hid near the entrance ramp of the ship. Remal took position in the dark of the room opposite her. She hadn't been able to get a good read on the interior other than the interior of the shuttle bay due to the dampening field in place, but as soon as the hatch opened she registered approximately 15 life signs spread throughout the ship.

"There are two in the bay, five in engineering, five on the bridge and three others moving about. I should be able to get in and out without trouble." She whispered to Remal. He had shown as much concern for the plan and her safety as Cody had.

Cody walked up to the ramp. "I feel ridiculous. Are we sure this is our best option?" He had found some clothes with sparkles, tassels and rhinestones and what was clearly an assless pair of chaps. He sported dimples on each one of his round and firm butt cheeks. Bonnie both giggled and blushed. He eyed her, “For the record this is without a shadow of a doubt, tails.” Then he marched down the ramp.

Bonnie watched as his cheeks bounced freely knowing he didn't actually have to wear the chaps. She couldn’t help but think this was her ‘Heads’ but she instead licked her lips and mouthed quietly, “At least two of them.”

Cody was met by two armed guards pointing their pistols at his chest. The timing of their arrival was probably foremost on their mind. Cody began his sales pitch, “Gentlemen, gentlemen. May I introduce to you my passion, my love, my queen, Queen Lucy!.” He clapped and bowed. They looked at each other then back to Cody with puzzled looks on their faces.

“Really gentlemen, you’ve never heard of Queen Lucy? She has heard of you and she only wishes to reward you for your exploits.” He got closer and turned on the charm. Bonnie had to admire how brave he was at the barrel end of two guns. “Queen Lucy sees your spoils, the fine capture of a great Federation ship, and she wants to personally reward you for your hard work and perseverance.”

They began to lower their weapons as he made his way between them. “Now gentlemen, if you’ll scan the ship you’ll see there are no weapons, and only three two humble servants, three if you include myself and our Queen on board. And if you will come with me you can receive what is coming to you.” One of the guards activated a wrist scanner, then nodded to the other guard.

Cody, taking the sign as a sigh of relief, placed a hand at each of their backs and guided them towards the ship. They moved forward with surprising gusto, and up the ramp. At the top, Bonnie in her robe bowed to show she was no threat. The guards paid her no mind as they were both large, armed and in search of satisfaction. One of them paused, “Where is the other servant?”

“Oh him, no worries about him. He is in the galley prepping a feast in your honour.” He recovered nicely, Bonnie thought. “Just ahead there on your right is my pleasure queen and may I just say gentlemen, welcome to Queen Lucy’s domain, the Lustravager.” He was enjoying himself.

They moved forward into the ship until they came to the room Lucy was in, then one after another they entered. Lucy began squealing and squirming in her straps which for some reason urged them forward. Cody shouted as soon as they were through the door and eyeing Lucy, “Bow before the queen you pigs.” Then two disruptor blasts rang out, followed by two thuds as the guards dropped to the deck.

Remal emerged from the shadows, disruptor in hand. “That was easier than I expected.”

Cody sat down, “Easy for you to say, your ass wasn’t exposed for all to see.” Then he turned to Bonnie who was intently focused on her tricorder, “Now what?”

“I’m attempting to perform reverse echolocation in order to pinpoint the source of the signal.”

“Is that like one of those things bats do?” He asked while showing his fangs and flapping his hands like they were little wings.

Still focused she replied, “No, more like the Beluga whale does. The jammer is operating across multiple frequency waves. What I’m doing is sending out a ping that rides those waves back to the source and attempting to map… There it is. I can get within 5 meters.” She eyed Cody, “It’s in deflector control, two decks down. There are no guards there so I should be fine.”

“Then go, but hurry back. We’ll keep the engine purring until you make contact.”

Bonnie looked at Remal to see if he held any objections. He just nodded, “Be safe.”

She pulled the hood over her bushy hair, and with a swish of her flower smelling cape, she was gone.



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