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Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 6:51am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Diplomatic Masquerade
Location: Cardassia Prime
Timeline: 2 weeks ago

Gul Maccet sat in the darkened chambers of the Cardassian Central Command, listening to the current situation on one of the planets of the Cardassian Union being debated. Orias III had been annexed by the union some time ago as uninhabited. The Obsiddian Order has been utilizing the southern continent for one of their bases over the last few years and they had uncovered a slight problem, archaeological remains of a fairly recent civilisation. The problem was Orias III was ear-marked for intensive mining operations to help rebuild Cardassia Prime, and that an indigenous population had now been found in pockets of the Northern hemisphere. Ordinarily the situation would have been straight forward - extinguish the local population quietly, the alternative was to rehome them somewhere else.
The second problem was the Federation had gotten wind of this minor population problem and were sending a ship to investigate and to offer ‘mediation’.

The Orders of Central Command were fairly evenly split as to what to do about this problem. Do they cover it up and hope the Federation finds nothing and leaves them to carry on alone? Or do they allow this Federation ship to ‘mediate’ and hopefully take the problem off their hands?

Maccet watched with mundane boredom as each leader of 12 respective Orders said their piece and offered suggestions. The discussion was dry and boring, and he slipped more than the occasional sip of Kunnar to stop falling asleep.

“ The Federation are sending the USS Liberty to mediate, we have yet to respond to this latest action” Someone said from across the large table. “ They were supposed to send the Sunfire but their Captain was apparently killed”

Maccet sat up a little straighter. “ Good, finally that Bajoran slug got the justice she deserved” He growled, his day suddenly much better with this news.

Gul Ternok looked at him with disdain “ Captain Devroe was on the Sunfire, I do not believe he was Bajoran” The look was incredulous for not keeping up with Federation news.

“ I apologize, I was mistaken” Maccet knew when to push a point and when not to - this one went to the keeper. He pulled up the small data terminal embedded into the conference table and set the privacy to the highest setting. He ran a few searches then paused when he found what he was looking for.

“Interesting… very interesting” He whispered before closing the terminal and trying to get back on track with the current debate. Thankfully his words drew no curiosity.

“ Let the Federation send this ‘Liberty’, they will feel sorry for the poor soles and find them a new home” Maccet said strongly, hoping to entice more action towards this particular outcome. “Furthermore the 6th Order will assist in establishing secure operations once these inhabitants are gone” He knew the side of his order carried great clout in Central Command. With the second largest division of troops and ships he was used to getting his own way.

“ Are you taking responsibility for a favourable outcome from this?” There was a booming voice from the head of the table. All faces turned towards Maccet.

“ I will ensure nothing less” He nodded and rose from the table. If things were played correctly not only would the Cardassian Union be able to mine ore from Orias III, but an old grudge would be settled in the process.


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