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Consultation & Discussion

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 9:32pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Anna S. Thesia M.D. & Lieutenant Aurora Vali

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Ready Room


Having returned from Vulcan Aurora and Savar made their way to speak with Rhenora. Now Aurora was bonded to Savar she needed to be a part of whatever was to come for her husband. His actions against their Cardassian enemy had partially resulted from the madness of Pon’farr, but whether Starfleet would take that into account was another matter entirely.

As they walked up to the ready room door she spoke telepathically, << I am concerned Savar, what if we do not get good news? >>

<< Whatever the news Aurora, we will face it together.>> Savar replied telepathically as they waited to speak with the Captain about his actions.

Aurora nodded and reached out her hand to press the chime, as they waited she found herself immersed in the calm that radiated from her husband. When Rhenora’s voice echoed from within Aurora was as serenely calm as Savar.

As they stood there, they were joined by a female in medical teal.

Aurora nodded and offered a polite smile to the woman, they had yet to be introduced.

Anna, already carrying her signature medkit that she took anywhere she went, at least while on duty, waved a hello and smiled. "Hi. I'm Anna, the new surgeon." That was all the introduction she felt was needed. She wasn't particularly good at talking about herself anyway.

Savar inclined his head towards her. "I am Savar. Executive Officer of the Liberty. welcome aboard Doctor." He turned to Aurora, "May I present Lt. Aurora Vali, she who is my wife."

"Ah, one of the people I've come up here to meet", Anna said. "And hello to you too, Aurora." She liked that name.

Aurora smiled politely. “It’s nice to meet you Anna, welcome aboard.”

Meanwhile the Captain was in her ready room, catching up on reports in between shore leave. She heard the door chime and looked forlornly at her empty coffee cup, wondering if she should refill it before the next meeting.

"Come in" She called, heading the replicator and ordering another mug worth.

Hearing the Captain bid them to enter, Savar looked at Anna and Aurora. "After you." He stated serenely.

Aurora moved inside and stepped aside for Anna to introduce herself to Rhenora first.

Anna wanted to wait for the other two to speak up, but apparently they had decided to let her go first, so she did, stepping in and smiling at her new CO. "Good morning, skipper", she said. "I'm Anna, your new surgeon." She extended her green hand to the Bajoran, something she had the sense not to do to Savar, and something she was uncertain about with his wife, not sure whether there would be any telepathic effects.

" Ahhhh your transfer papers are here" Rhenora rummaged through the padds on her desk to find the appropriate one. Dr Wilson had been doing an admiral job covering in the absence of a CMO so it was nice to have a permanent solution there.

"Welcome aboard...Anna is it?" she had a quick glance at the name on the padd and extended her hand. She nodded towards Savar and Aurora, acknowledging their presence and that she would attend to them next.

"Thank you", Anna smiled. "I trust you're not too busy so you can come to sickbay for your physical soon, set a good example for the rest of the crew?"

The Captain blanched at the comment, the thought of returning to sickbay not high on her list of things she wanted to do. But rules were rules were rules and it would be something she would just have to do.

"Ahhh sure, I'll see if I can squeeze that in sometime soon. Just don't let Doc Wilson embellish my medical file any more in the meantime" She took a sip of her coffee.

"Has there been a problem I should be aware of?" Anna wondered.

Rhenora was guarded, wondering if revealing her lengthy history was a good thing right now.

"Let's just say that when you read the file, you'll understand" She replied sagely.

Anna smirked. "Very well."

Whilst the Captain and Anna talked Aurora took a seat on the sofa, resting her head in her hands. She was still bothered by headaches from the bonding with Savar, and it weakened her defences against the emotions and thoughts of the crew.

Rhenora noticed Savar and Aurora sitting on the couch, one looking in a little better shape than the other. She had a pretty good feeling she knew what Savar wanted to discuss, but Aurora?

"Are you ok Lt Vali?" She asked out of concern, having a doctor present could be handy right about now.

Out of habit, Anna whipped out her tricorder and took some quick readings. "Elevated levels of paracortex activity", she said. "Have you had an unusual amount of telepathic contact lately?"

Aurora looked up and offered a brief smile. “Savar and I recently went through Pon’farr. I’m still adjusting to our bonding.” She offered Savar a warm smile before looking back at Anna. “I’m only half Vulcan so it changes the map some where the bonding is concerned.”

The Captain watching the interchange with a piqued interest, there was nothing like watching a new officer in action to get a good idea of their capabilities and to guage how they would fit with the crew. So far, she was impressed.

Aurora looked at Rhenora. “I’ll be fine Captain, I just need some time to fully adjust.”

Rhenora reserved judgement until the doctor had finished her scans, confident in the new doctors abilities.

Aurora looked to Anna, “These headaches are interfering with the way I control my abilities. It’s ... distracting to say the least.”

"Hm, I could give you something to dull the pain", Anna offered. "However, it will also dull your telepathy. This might make it easier to concentrate, but you'll be less sensitive." Those things were always trade-offs. "That said, two or three days of rest will likely work just as well, if we can arrange for that?" She looked at the Captain.

"By all means, we're all supposed to be on rostered shorelave at this time" the Captain encouraged, happy to tow the line with the doctor's advice.

"Thank you Doctor, you never know when your skills will be needed"

“Thank you Doctor” Aurora nodded. “I’ll happily settle for the rest while we’re on shoreleave.” She massaged her temples feeling a little better once again.

"I'd still like for you to come in for a complete physical later today", Anna said. "We'll have to get it out of the way anyway, and why not start right away?" More generally, she added, "I like to take my own readings on everybody, even if scans are on file that are less than a year old, if that's okay?"

The Captain cringed at the mention of physicals again, hoping the doctor hadn't noticed.

"Now can someone tell me why you're all here?" She asked inquisitively.

Aurora looked at Savar then back at Rhenora. “We ... need to know what’s going to happen with regards what happened on the surface Captain. I know it would normally just involve yourself and Savar but now we’re bonded it affects us both.”

"Uhm, shall I take my leave? This sounds like something personal..." Anna said.

"I need to speak with you Captain." Savar answered crisply, "Aurora is here out of support for me." He glanced at Anna. "You may stay Doctor. Your insight and opinion would be welcomed."

"Okay", Anna said, sitting down on the sofa and waiting. She had no idea where this was going, as she was unaware of anything that had happened to the crew on their latest adventure.

This confirmed her assumption as to why they were all here, the doc happened to just be a co-incidence. The new officer was about to learn some of the more unorthodox character traits of her crewmates.

"Thank you for coming to me first" Kaylen started, taking a sip of her coffee and settling into her chair for what would most likely be an intense discussion. " I have advised Command of our preliminary mission report, however they are most than edgy when awaiting our final. The Cardassian government are demanding answers."

“They’re not the only ones” Aurora looked at Rhenora. “I need to know what’s going to happen to my husband.” She looked towards Savar then back at Rhenora.

Rhenora took a deep breath. Confronting your own mortality at the same time as questioning the conduct of your most trusted XO was a headtrip to say the least.

"From my perspective, what you did Savar was in protection of your Captain. Gul Maccet would have no doubt finished me off had you not intervened. The level of force used however is questionable. Was your Pon'farr clouding your judgement at that point?" The question was direct and succinct.

"I was in the grips of the blood fever. I saw Maccet ready to kill you Captain. All I knew was that you needed protection and he needed to be stopped. I reacted accordingly." Savar answered equally direct.

Aurora sat listening to the exchange, she had been distracted herself at the time and hadn’t truly witnessed what had happened. She was almost glad or she could be called upon to give a statement to Starfleet.

Rhenora thought carefully about the situation, the preservation of her life was a point in their favour, the blood fever possibly not so much. It would be up for Command to decide but she would have to out forward her recommendation.

"I'll put all of this in the final report, the fact that Maccet was going rouge and we have evidence of this works in our favour. Hopefully it will be enough to prevent the Cardassian government persuing any further action. Doctor, can you please verify that Commander Savar and Lt Vali are no longer in Pon'Farr and have clear judgement - for the record of course"

"Excuse me Captain." Savar spoke up. "Maccet had gone rogue. Kidnapping and holding the away team hostage. Forcing you to come to the surface and trying to kill you. The Cardassian High Command needs to know that."

Again Rhenora paused, already composing the final report in her head. There would be a very fine line with the explanation of Maccet's actions in the lead up to final moments.

" Agreed, the details will be impartial and detailed. I will need statements from everyone in the away team, combined with communications and sensor details." She mused aloud, the bridge of her nose beginning to throb with a tension headache. The report was going to be one unlike she had ever had to write before. In her eyes Savar was acting in defence of his Captain, she just hoped Command would see if the same way.

"My recommendation will be that you acted my defence Commander Savar, and that no disciplinary action should be taken."

"Any action that was taken during the plak tow should not be considered in a disciplinary procedure by command anyway", Anna added her two slips of latinum. "I can attest that their pon farr is over during the scans for the routine physical. It will show up clearly, there won't be any room for interpretation."

"Thank you Doctor, combine that with the scans taken both before and immediately after the away mission should also verify that. I know you've just gotten here Doctor, but could you confer with Doctor Wilson and submit your report promptly?" He captain enquired, regarding the new officer.

Anna nodded. "I'll need about twenty minutes after both physicals are done, provided Doctor Wilson's results are already available." This was fairly straight-forward. "I am already familiar with the physiological background of the pon farr. It has been a side interest of mine during the war. Something to help keep me distracted."

“Thank you both so much” Aurora smiled a very relieved smile. “I know we’re not over all the Hurdles especially the Cardassians but that’s lifted a weight off my mind.” She looked at Savar and smiled.

"I hope so, I will do everything in my power to smooth things over with the Cardassians." Rhenora replied with a smile. She knew what is what like waiting for retribution or retaliation from another party. Knowing it and expecting it was the worst. She hoped to protect Savar from that is she could.

"I should have this report finished in a few hours, if everyone could submit their statements promptly then hopefully we can put this behind us"

"You shall have my report within the hour Captain." Savar answered crisply.

"Thank you Commander, I appreciate it. If there's nothing else, I need to bury myself in a report" The Captain smiled at the trio and mentally prepared herself for the task ahead.


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