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The Hall of Ancient Thought

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 6:12am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Vulcan

The climb was brutal, even for someone who had been making a decent effort to keeping fit. The fire in her lungs competed with the burning in her legs, each step feeling a little harder than the last. She was most of the way up the steep flight of stairs and was almost dizzy with heat and exertion.

"Just... keep.... climbing" She puffed to herself, making a mental note to train a little harder next time Savar put her through the cardio wringer. The sun beat down, heating the air around her and making things decidedly uncomfortable. Perspiring heavily she wanted nothing more than a cool drink, preferably with some electrolytes, and a cold shower with fresh clothes afterwards. That wasn't asking much was it?

She dared to raise her eyes, focusing for an instant on her goal at the top of the stairs. She was close, so close! Head down again she doggedly took one step at a time, uncaring for who saw her struggle. If this is what it took to clear the mind and cleanse the body before experiencing the Hall of Ancient Thought then she was damned well going to get there on her own.

Step, step, step.

A Vulcan appeared at the top of the stairs, a tall glass of an opaque liquid on a silver platter. Thermally efficient of course the glasswear did not lose its coldness despite the longer than normal wait time.

No words were exchanged as the exhausted Bajoran all but fell up the last steps - her legs well and truly done and her breathing coming in great gasps. The beverage was offered, along with a cooling towel and both were gratefully received. The Vulcan waited patiently for the Captain to recover herself, standing as still as a statue in infinite patience.

When the Captain finally climbed to her feet and regained some level of composure a simple gesture towards the vast entrance allowed her entry - via a warm cleansing shower and dressing in a Vulcan tunic. Strangely she felt revitalised, accomplished even and looked forward to the experience ahead.

As she emerged the patient Vulcan indicated towards a huge darkened chamber. It was time.


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