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Coffee or Tea?

Posted on Mon Jan 4th, 2021 @ 4:45am by Crewman Ronson Mitchell & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: XO's Office

Crewman Ronson Mitchell balanced a teetering pile of padds in one hand and two thermo's in the other.

"Computer, location of Commander Savar?" He asked the ships computer, knowing that said commander would either be in the Captains Ready Room - or his office.

"Commander Savar is located in the First Officer's Office" The ships computer intoned. Thankfully said office was located nearby, thus the risk of dropping everything was greatly reduced.

"Computer, signal entry" he said again as he approached the single door, his hands full and unable to press the chime.

Seated at his desk, Savar heard the chime sound. "Enter." He called out as the door opened and Mitchell came in with a stack of padds and two thermos. "Mr. Mitchell, to what do I owe this surprise?"

" Oh, just making sure you're ready for the day Sir." Ronson smiled in his ever pleasant way. " Here's a stack of things awaiting authorisations. You have a meeting with the Chielf Engineer scheduled for 1100 hours, then one with the CMO at 1500 hours. The Bajoran Ship Guidance Department has requested we leave orbit at 1400 hours as previously arranged.. oh and would you prefer coffee or tea? I brought both just in case" He set the padds down in a predetermined order on Savar's desk, the most important on top as he had always done with Rhenora.

Savar's eyes went from the padds to the two thermos to Mitchell. "I see why Captain Kaylen speaks so highly of you Mr. Mitchell, you are decidedly organized. A favorable trait to have. "I prefer tea, if you please Mr. Mitchell."

" Right, tea it is." The two thermos were placed on the corner of the table and he darted to the replicator, producing a teacup with thermo-efficient qualities to keep the tea hot but not scalding. Returning he placed the teacup on the desk and carefully poured the tea, pausing as the dark liquid neared the top. " Now... milk, cream, sugar?" He could have rattled off half a dozen different additives that some people liked in their tea - but this was getting to know what Savar liked - and how he liked his tea was of utmost importance to Ronson.

Savar watched as Ronson went about his duties with extreme diligence and an attention to detail unsurpassed. "Mr. Mitchell, you are a model of efficiency. I am impressed." Savar told the Yeoman honestly. His eyes glancing at the tea cup. "Honey, if you please Mr. Mitchell." He replied before asking, "How did you come to be a yeoman Mr. Mitchell?"

Ronson scurried to replicate some honey - tomorrow he would bring fresh honey from the arboretum but this would suffice for now.

"I ah..... I sort of fell into it to be honest. My parents served in space, my mother was a Captain - I noticed how she always had to get her own coffee, and file her own paperwork so I started helping her when I was younger. I enjoyed it so I kinda just kept on doing it" He admitted with a shrug, never really having the right situation to tell his story. " And you Commander Savar? Aspirations of Command or it just kind of happened?" He raised an eyebrow at the Vulcan.

"I see. A countryman of mine once said, we each rise to our talents. I believe you are ideally suited to be a captain's yeoman. Your attention to detail along with your organizational skills are most impressive. As for me, I do not pursue command but neither to I shy away from it. I merely accept it as a fact of being a Starfleet Officer."

" Captain Kaylen spoke very highly of you, she considers you more than up to the challenge." Ronson said with a friendly smile, feeling as though he were going to enjoy working with Commander Savar. He had no idea how long Captain Kaylen was going to be away for and knew he had to make this work for both of them.

" So, just between you and me Commander.. or do you prefer Acting Captain... or just Captain? Forgive me... there are rumours circulating this morning that I have overheard. So far nothing outragous - just confusion that Captain Kaylen left rather abruptly. There are rumours of everything from covert missions for Section 31 to immediate retirement." He hoped that broaching the subject was the right thing to do.

"I consider Captain Kaylen to be an outstanding starship commander. I hope I prove myself worthy of her praise. As for the rumors, you should know better to put any stock in them Mr. Mitchell. While I am not at liberty to go into details of Captain Kaylen's departure. I will say it was for a personal reason and I expect her back here where she belongs."

" That's all I needed to hear Commander, I set right anyone who says otherwise so the rumours don't continue. Although I must say the section 31 one was most creative - I should consider setting them up with a holo-novel contract...." His voice trailed off as he got distracted. "Oh sorry, yes she'll be back soon, in the meantime is there anything else I can get you? Do you prefer your meals delivered? Would you like me to schedule your downtime so you don't work too long?"

"Indeed she will and I trust you to stop the spread of the rumors." Savar answered as he looked at the padds laid out neatly along with the teacup and the thermos full of tea. "I do not believe so Mr. Mitchell. "You may remind me of lunch time. A bowl of plomeek soup will do nicely."

" Of course, I'll bring that in around noon-ish. Now.. extra spicy or just regular spicy? It's all in the details you know." Ronson whipped out how ever handy notepad and stood poised for more information.

"That will be most appropriate Mr. Mitchell. Yes, I know. I prefer my soup to be regular spicy if you please or if easier for you bland is fine as well. I do not wish you to trouble yourself."

" Oh no trouble at all Commander, my job is to make sure you have everything you need before you know you need it. Most people work better with regular meals, I swear Captain Kaylen wouldn't have ever eaten had I not brought her meals at regular intervals. A Captain has to always be at the top of their game" Ronson replied promptly, making the appropriate notations on his notepad. "Now I've sent your appointments to your schedule - you'll get a 15 minute warning for each one."

"Thank you Mr. Mitchell. I look forward to our working together. I believe it will be quite beneficial for both of us. I appreciate you taking care of me." Savar replied.

"I have found that Captain's are generally very selfless people. They don't look after themselves, therefore it's my job to do so." Ronson replied with a smile and a bow " It is my honour and duty to serve. I'll see you at midday with your soup"

" You are most insightful Mr. Mitchell. I look forward to your next visit. Be assured you serve very well and with distinction." Savar told the younger man.

" Aww thanks Commander" Ronson blushed a little at the compliment and turned to leave - content that he had made a good impression on the new Commanding Officer. Now to find out about that Section 31 rumour and talk about holo novels.

"You are welcome. Mr. Mitchell." Savar replied and turned to the task at hand by picking up the first of the padds and dealing with it.


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