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Rumour Mill

Posted on Tue Jan 5th, 2021 @ 3:04am by Lieutenant Anna S. Thesia M.D. & Lieutenant JG Sarah Wilson

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Sickbay

Dr Sarah Wilson walked into sickbay early - as she normally did, plonking her coffee in its stayhot travel mug on the shared desk that the medical officers used. She smiled in good morning as the rest of the staff began to arrive for their shift, then waited until everyone was there before starting the routine handover from the nightshift staff. As she approached the group she heard whispered and rumours regarding the Captain and her husband. Having not checked the ships communication logs that morning Sarah was behind the 8 ball.

"Who say what?" She asked as the group continued their animated discussion.

"Perhaps we should not speculate on the private affairs of the skipper and her husband", Anna suggested. "Maybe this is not appropriate behaviour for medical staff, where people are supposed to come for help and trust that their secrets and privacy are kept intact?" She formulated it as a question, but she felt she had made her point clear.

One of the junior nurses couldn't help herself "But I heard she's on a secret mission for Starfleet Intelligence - just look what happened to Captain Picard! We have to be ready to render assistance or launch a recovery mission at the drop of a hat" she said excitedly, as though the Captain leaving the ship for a short period of time had never actually be achieved successfully before.

"Oh, yes, you could be right", Anna said, looking thoughtful. "Yes, a secret mission, so we must go to extreme lengths to make sure everybody knows about this, right? Let's spread the rumours far and wide, then."

The look was an excited one... then the reality of the words sank in. " Oh... yeah.. sorry" She mumbled, blushing a little at the error of her ways.

"It's ok Francine - the memo was a little ambiguous. The Captain is probably just taking a vacation on her homeworld for a while" Sarah interjected, trying to smooth the situation over. "Now shall we get the day started without any further speculation?" She threw Anna a look to check the situation was progressing as desired.

"Well, you start your day", Anna said. "I'm going off duty. I want to go down to Bajor and meet some friends. Have to remember to replicate a bottle of silicone before I go down."

"Enjoy your day off.. wait.. silicone??" Sarah looked at her boss with a questioning eye.

"You didn't listen to my comedy routine?" Anna asked. "You'd know if you had."

"I'm sorry I was distracted" Sarah admitted sadly, hoping that her boss would forgive her.

"Watch the feed sometime, it's funny", Anna said. "At least I hope it is. I like to think it is. Maybe."

"I'm sure it was...will be... " Sarah stammered as she tried to recover her composure. "I'll make sure to watch it after my shift today."

"Good, I'll be down on Bajor then and won't hear you boo-ing me", Anna smirked.

"There'll be no boo-ing, although I'd be happy to submit a written summery for your review upon your return" Sarah retorted as her boss turned to head out the door. "Enjoy your time on Bajor!"

"Thank you!" Anna waved, wondering whether Sarah was serious about that written report.


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