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Posted on Thu Jan 7th, 2021 @ 5:52am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Bajor

Kaylen Rhenora was beginning to feel wary of people approaching her, every time someone came up to her it was another ‘lesson’, or another ‘session’ designed to school her mind and body back to being one with the Prophets. She was struggling, both mentally and physically with the onslaught. The sparring session had left her tired and hungry, yet the evening meal wasn’t until sunset after yet another round of prayers. If she was on the Liberty she would take a break, have something to eat or have a chat with Remal about how she was feeling. Here she didn’t have that luxury. Despite being surrounded by the Brotherhood she felt as alone as the day her parents had been murdered during the occupation. She struggled to hold back the emotion that threatened to overwhelm her, thankful she was alone in the communal hall. Oh how she wished she could just see Remal!

The birds could be heard chirping in the distance, merrily going about their business as though someone’s life was dissolving completely in front of them. She was a Starfleet Captain! She had done amazing things over the last 30 years! She was confident and capable, proud of her history and where she was going. Now all that was being taken away from her, forcing a re-elavuation as to where her life was heading. She had had a small number of Orb Experiences and other visions over the years, all whilst confusing hadn’t eluded to a personal crisis such as this. They showed a happy family, a confident leader and a capable woman. All but the last one that was. The Orb of the Elements had foretold a great challenge and a confusion in the path. Before that it was all love and roses - more or less.

“The Prophets will speak with you now” A voice echoed from the timber doorway - startling her and making her jump. How long had he been there watching her inner torment and her emotions bubble to the surface uncontrollably? A right mess she was.

Taking a moment Rhenora rose, straightening her tunic and brushing the stray hair that was glued to her face with her tears. She turned and nodded towards the newcomer, indicating she was ready to proceed once again into whatever lesson or journey they decided to throw her into.

The journey to the nearby temple was only a short walk, filled once again with silence. Her feet were tender and raw by the time they arrived, as was her mind. What were the Prophets going to show her this time?

“Come” The cleric said simply as they arrived, leaving her escort at the door and beckoning her inside. It was dark, light only by the flickering of lit sconces set within the walls. Filtered sunlight peeked through stained glass windows and provided a modicum of natural light. Why did temples always have to be dark and gloomy? She was instructed to wash her face, hands and feet before entering the most sacred part of the temple - the room where the Ark and Orb were located.

The cleric entered before her, standing beside the arc until she was ready. He left silently, allowing her the space she needed for what was to come. Rhenora took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment and focusing her mind before reaching forward, fingertips just grazing the bottom lip of the Ark doors. Applying the barest of pressure she opened the doors, and looked into the spinning blue Orb inside.


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