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Damn Bugs

Posted on Thu Jan 7th, 2021 @ 1:31am by Lieutenant JG Sarah Wilson & Crewman Ronson Mitchell & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Anna S. Thesia M.D. & Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Lieutenant Jessica Holland

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Entire Ship
Timeline: Current

~ Bridge ~

Savar sat in the center seat, reports were coming from all over the ship with reports of crew coming down with various random illnesses.

He was waiting for a report from the medical department to give further clarification on the outbreak even as the crew struggled to keep stations manned and readied.

Aurora was doing her best to help man stations, she was qualified for Ops and was trying to help out there even though she wasn’t feeling well herself. The room had spun on more than one occasion making her feel pretty faint, nonetheless she wanted to do what she could to help.

~ Sickbay ~

Meanwhile in sickbay the number of patients seemed to be increasing by the minute. Something was most definitely afflicting the crew - most were minor symptoms including dizziness, lethargy, respiratory and digestive upsets. However the volume was disturbing.

Savar swiveled in his seat, he looked at Aurora, she was pale. "Aurora, report to Sickbay." He said softly. "See to yourself." He added. "The ship is stable, there are no threats. Go."

Meanwhile Yeoman Ronson was curled up on one of the biobeds, sickbag in one hand looking greener than most. He had never suffered from space sickness before and never wanted to again.

Lt. Jessica Holland wobbled into sickbay, she was pale and sweating. She looked around for Anna but with the amount of crew members already in Sickbay, it was impossible to spot her, so Jessica just propped herself against a wall and prayed she would see Anna before she died.

With Anna busy with the most urgent cases - Sarah was on door duty, setting up a triage system of prioritising care as new patients walked in the door. Tricorder at the ready she sent the urgent ones into the main sickbay ward and the rest into the overflow ward where another medical team were doing their best to work through everyone. She approached Jessica, tricorder at the ready.

"Hey, tell me what's worse" She said calmly.

Jessica had closed her eyes but opened them as Sarah spoke, ""Hiya Doc. The worst? Can't keep anything down and vomiting." She paused to consider what she said then nodded, "Yeah, that's the worst."

"There seems to be something going around, we haven't quite worked out what it is yet though" Sarah replied sagely, reaching into her pocket for a hypospray. Dialling up the right medication she held it up in front of Jessica " This should help with the vomiting and the stomach spasms."

Anna walked back into sickbay wearing a light dress that was obviously meant for some more fun activities than treating sick people. She had just returned from Bajor. "What's the situation?" she asked, looking around. She walked up to Jessica and Sarah. "Jessica, dear, are you okay?"

Jessica nodded weakly as Sarah spoke. "Okay Doc. Shooting me is okay as well." She joked.

Jessica turned and looked at Anna, "No, Anna, I am not okay." She replied if there was one thing Jessica was it was being honest. "I feel like crap and look like death warmed over."

"Some kind of viral outbreak, mostly respiratory and digestive ailments. It's been pretty hectic" Sarah admitted, injecting Jessica before turning her attention to the next patient who walked in the door and promptly emptied his stomach contents on the floor.

~ Bridge ~

Meanwhile on the bridge, Savar had ordered everyone off and to report to Sickbay. He had placed helm on automatic along with the shields and weapons. Thankfully he could control most of the systems from the center seat.

He tapped a button on the arm of the chair. "Bridge to Sickbay, have you been able to ascertain has to what it the cause of the outbreak?"

~ Sickbay ~

Sarah wiped her brow as sweat started to dampen her forehead. She couldn't afford to get sick now, people were on chairs, lying on the floor and lining the corridors. They had to get on top of this. "Computer, activate medical emergency protocol gamma 5" She called whilst injecting another patient with a hypospray. The protocol she had requested automatically turned all holodecks into sickbay wards with emergency medical holograms in all of them.

Anna stayed by Jessica's side, putting her hand on top of Jessica's even as the other one ran an analysis in the computer. "Looks like... a stomach flu? What did you eat? From the mess hall? This shouldn't be happening."

Jessica moaned and nodded her head, "Yeah.... the mess hall. Ordered some shrimp scampi with linguine and garlic toast. I love it or did.''

"You'll be feeling better soon, and I'm going to give you an antiviral drug", Anna said. "The leopard will be back on the prowl in no time."

~ Bridge ~

On the bridge Savar idlily wondered about Rhenora and her challenge put forth to her by the Prophets and decided she had to be having a better time than he was. She just had to be.

Yeoman Ronson Mitchell levered himself off the biobed having received his dose of antiviral as well as antinausea medication. Whilst not back to his usual efficiency he felt the need to assist the acting Captain in any way he could.

He appeared on the bridge a few minutes rather, still pale but ready to help.

"Captain - what can I do to help?" He asked as he entered the bridge.

Savar turned in his chair, rotating so he could see Ronson. He was about to order the younger man to his quarters but stopped, fearing such an order would send the wrong message and damage Ronson's confidence. "Take the Helm Mr. Mitchell, if you please."

With a virus isolated, Anna tapped her combadge. "Sickbay to bridge. Apparently, the lounge got a bad supply of food from somewhere, I'm assuming off-ship. It's a harmless virus, but it'll make people very sick because they're not used to this sort of thing any more."

"I see. I want all suspected food tossed out. To avoid a repeat of this." Savar ordered. "In addition how long will the illness last?"

"Before you toss it out, have a sample brought down here?" Anna asked. "I should run an analysis to determine the source. As for the duration, everyone affected should be feeling better in two or three days. Sooner with treatment. It doesn't look like it's a major deal."

Ronson looked up from the helm " I believe the quartermaster took on fresh supplies from a Ferengi trader whilst we were at Vulcan" he offered.

"I see. Thank you Mr. Mitchell for that information. Why were these supplies not put through the bio filters? Do you know Mr. Mitchell?" Savar asked.

Ronson turned around and shrugged "No idea Captain Sir. Perhaps they came aboard via shuttle instead of through the transport system." He offered.

"Possibly Mr. Mitchell." Savar agreed. "I will recommend to Captain Kaylen upon her return that all food stuffs undergo a thorough screening through the ship's biofilters."

"You know Ferengi Captain.. buyer beware" He winked before turning his attention back to the helm. He had rudimentary knowledge on piloting and could get by in a pinch - finesse however was not his middle name.

"A most astute observation Mr. Mitchell especially as this time. I am sure it will be one remembered for quite awhile."

"Along with 'don't eat the mess hall food" Ronson snorted as he tried to locate the directional controls on the complex helm controls.

"Equally important." Savar agreed.

"Tell me Captain, how come you haven't become sick like everyone else? Do Vulcans have cast iron stomachs or something?" Ronson asked as he tinkered with the helm controls some more.

"The primary reason Mr. Mitchell is the Vulcan digestive system is highly adaptable as it can quickly adapt to more fully digest food that initially disagrees with us. Our metabolism is much faster and more efficient than a human’s and caffeine and sapotoxins have little to no effect on us."

“Except when ... you’re half Vulcan” Aurora offered a brief smile as she slowly made her way towards the turbolift. She almost made it to the doors before the room spun violently and she collapsed unconscious onto deck.

"Aurora!" Savar yelled, he was out of the command seat and to her side almost before she hit the deck. "Bridge to Sickbay. Send a medical team at once. Lt. Vali had collapsed. and is unconscious."

"Beam her down to biobed one", Anna responded. That was quicker than sending someone up to the bridge. "We'll look at her here."

"Ackowledged." Savar replied crisply. "Computer transport Lt. Vali to Sickbay, biobed one." "Commencing transport." The computer replied and Aurora was beamed off the bridge.

~ Sickbay ~

Aurora stirred shortly after arriving in Sickbay, awaking with a groan she gave Anna a brief smile. “Don’t tell me .... I passed out?”

"Okay, I won't", Anna said, running scans and injecting her with the necessary medication to strengthen her system. "This should make sure that you won't pass out. I'm not saying 'again', mind you. But it'll make sure regardless."

“Thank you” Aurora smiled. “I’ve been feeling off since last night, really dizzy!” She looked around. “How ... are the crew?”

"Mostly the same", Anna said. "But we've determined it's a minor infection, and that aside from a little discomfort, there's nothing to worry about. I will prepare an inoculation for the entire crew, that way nobody else has to get sick, and we won't need to quarantine the ship." She winked. This wasn't anything to impose a quarantine over, but maybe if she pretended it was, people would cooperate more readily? Though, unlike in civilian practice, Starfleet personnel were generally less quarrelsome when it came to orders and directives.

Aurora nodded “Any chance I can get back to the bridge?”

"Go ahead", Anna said. "We'll send everyone back to duty who's had the shot, and who feels up for it. Just don't have any more rendezvous with the floor while you're at it, okay?"

Aurora nodded and slowly sat up, so far her head wasn’t spinning. “I’ll do my best” with that she slid down off the biobed and headed slowly out of Sickbay.

~ Bridge ~

Stepping out of the turbolift a few minutes later Aurora made her way across to Savar. “Permission to return to my duties Captain?”

Savar looked at, gauging if she was really well enough to return to the bridge. Finally his mind made up, he replied. "Permission granted Lieutenant, please take your station."

Aurora smiled and took her seat next to Savar, if needed she’d take over Ops again but for now it was manned.

Savar looked at his wife, "You are feeling better Aurora?" he asked. She would hear the undercurrent of concern in his voice.

Aurora offered a warm smile. “Better than I was. So far I haven’t had any more dizziness. I’m sorry if I worried you.”

"You have nothing to be sorry for Aurora. This was not your doing. I am relieved you are feeling better and hope you continue to improve."

Aurora nodded. “I’m a little weak at the knees but I’ll be okay. There are a lot of crew in Sickbay, whatever this is it’s well and truly swept through the crew.” She rested back in her seat lying her head on the seat as she spoke. “Let’s hope it’s over with soon.”

"Do not tax yourself Aurora. Mr. Mitchell and I have everything under control. Agreed. I only hope Captain Kaylen is having a better time."

“I certainly hope so!” Aurora nodded in agreement.

"Indeed." Savar replied solemnly.

~ Sickbay ~

Meanwhile, Anna approached Jessica again, asking, "Are you feeling any better?" She put her hand on Jessica's face, feeling as much as scanning for whether her condition had improved.

Jessica smiled at Anna's touch. "Marginally but it is an improvement. Thanks for asking. How's the crew?"

"We're sending everyone back on duty", Anna said. "That includes you. Unless you're not currently on duty, then of course it doesn't. Give us an hour or two and we should have everything under control again." It was clear from Anna's calm voice that she wasn't worried about this outbreak at all.

Jessica nodded and offered a smile at Anna's words. "Okay, sounds good. I knew you and the others were able to get a handle on this and fix it."

"And a good lesson for whoever brought this aboard to take hygiene precautions seriously in the future", Anna smirked. "You might find out who, and add a more direct reminder?"

"Push them out an airlock, you mean." Jessica replied with as much anger as she could manage at the moment.

"Don't, vacuum exposure is very annoying to treat", Anna remarked.

"Anna, if I push them out an airlock. They will freezed dried to a crackly crunch and it serves them right for making the whole crew sick." Jessica replied, her temper rising.

Meanwhile in the overflow ward Sarah was finally getting on top of the seemingly endless influx of vomity and dizzy crew. Assess, treat, move on, repeat.

"Computer, activate DUCK", Anna ordered, and the modified EMH materialised. "Clean-up time", Anna said. She had told Bonnie that cleaning wasn't what she primarily wanted this modification for, but she had also experienced that it was sometimes easier to get things if one didn't mention just exactly what all it was going to be used for.

"Duck?" Sarah quipped, watching her boss out of the corner of her eye.

"Well, someone has to clean up around here", Anna said. "I'm going to get some hyposprays ready, and then we'll swarm the ship and give everyone a shot. It'll give me a chance to get to know the layout of this place."

"I wasn't expecting an EMH with a mop and bucket that's all" Sarah retorted, thankful that it wasn't her manning said mop and bucket. "I'll take you on an express tour, plenty to see plenty to do."

"Yes, let's go, before this gets worse", she said, hitting her combadge. "Thesia to all hands. If you haven't received a shot yet, stand outside your door in the corridors, and we'll come by get you." It would be logistically simpler than having everyone come down to sickbay.

"I like your way of thinking - I hope you've got your walking legs on." Sarah packed a number of hypos into her med kit to accommodate all the inoculations as they went. In an hour or so they would be done.


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