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A Romance blooms

Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 @ 12:21am by Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Starfleet Academy
Timeline: Years ago

~ Starfleet Academy, a long time ago ~

Aurora was strolling through the Academy campus, she’d finished her classes for today and was walking with a group of her friends. She was one of the more desirable women on campus and yet she only had eyes for one person.

Seeing the man she was interested in Aurora made her excuses and walked across to where the Vulcan stood. “Hello Savar” she smiled warmly. Watching her with Savar others wondered what it was she saw in him, they tended to forget that she too was Vulcan. “I was just going for a walk, would you care to join me?”

Savar turned at the sound of her voice. "Aurora." He acknowledged her, "Hello, yes I would. I find that to be most desirable. Did you have a particular destination in mind?"

“I just need to drop my books off and then I was thinking about a stroll on the beach, if that’s okay?” She smiled. “I have the whole afternoon off today so I’ve got plenty of time.”

"Certainly Aurora. That is fine. I would like that. I find the beach to be most relaxing. A place of solitude and to commune with nature." Savar replied with the usual Vulcan calmness. "I also find your company to be most pleasurable."

Aurora smiled the biggest smile yet, her cheeks blushed red with charmed embarrassment. “Thank you, I find your company to be equally as wonderful.”

Walking with Savar to her room on campus Aurora dropped off her books and they headed off to the nearest beach. The upside of the transporter doorways was they could transport anywhere in moments, they emerged at a relatively quiet cove. “My family own a beach house overlooking this cove” she smiled. “Once we’ve walked I’ll show it to you.”

"Thank you." Savar answered. He found Aurora to be a most special woman. She was attractive and intelligent with a pleasing personality. More so, he found her company to be both calming and stimulating in ways he hadn't imagined. "I look forward to seeing it." He answered with a nod.

Taking a walk along the sandy beach Aurora looked at Soral curiously as she paused to sit on a rocky outcrop. “So ... do you have anyone back on Vulcan Savar?” She absentmindedly tucked her hair behind her pointed ears as she spoke.

He walked besides, as they strolled the beach until stopping on a rocky outcropping. He turned to face her as she asked her question, "I am unspoken for Aurora." His eyebrow arched at the sight of her pointed ears. "You are Vulcan?" He questioned.

Aurora nodded, she normally kept her ears covered but she didn’t mind Savar seeing them. “Yes, I’m half Betazoid too. My father is Vulcan.”

"Very becoming Aurora. I was not aware your father was Vulcan and Betazoid as well. Are you able to sense other's emotions?" Savar asked as he was intrigued by Aurora's heritage.

Aurora nodded. “I’m a line of sight and touch telepath, I’m also Empathic, both inherited from my mother. I’ve also performed a mind meld before. My father was ... disappointed that I didn’t want to purge my emotions.” She moved to sit more comfortably, but slipped and accidentally grabbed Savar’s hand. In that moment her mind touched his, the memory of an argument with her father when she was younger shared in an instant along with her feelings of interest in Savar himself.

His hand clasped around her instantly, holding her steady and getting an insight to her personality. He saw the argument she had with her father as well as her interest in him. He briefly wondered if she knew of his interest in her? "It is illogical for your father to impose his wishes upon you, You are your own person Aurora."

Aurora relaxed her grip feeling safe in Savar’s embrace. Their connection drifted but she found herself looking into Savar’s eyes. “You’re ... interested in me?” She smiled but this time she managed not to blush.

"I am." Savar replied simply before explaining. "I find you fascinating as well as stimulating Aurora. A rare combination of beauty and intelligence with an engaging personality."

Aurora blushed. “Thank you. Shall we ... go to the beach house? We can talk more there.” She was hoping he’d say yes.

"I would like that very much Aurora, please lead the way." Savar replied looking forward to the upcoming talks.

Aurora nodded and reluctantly pulled herself away from Savar’s embrace. “It’s not far” she pointed to a home above the beach level. “It’s just up there.”

A few minutes later she was kicking off her sand covered shoes by the beach hut door as it opened to reveal a cosy, welcoming space. “Welcome to my beach retreat.” She moved across to the multi-fuel burner and got a fire started.

Savar stood just inside the door and looked around, "Most impressive Aurora." He announced. "I am sure you have enjoyed many hours of solitude here."

“It’s a nice place for some solitude but it’s nice to have company” Aurora smiled warmly. “Please come on over and make yourself comfortable. Can I get you a drink?”

Savar came over to sit on the couch, "Do you have a fruit drink? If not water will suffice."

“I brought some fresh drink choices down the other day, I’ll get you some.” She walked into the cosy little kitchenette area that adjoined the cosy living and sleeping area. She returned a few moments later with two fruit juices, placing them both down on the small table. As she sat beside Savar she looked into his eyes. “I had no idea that you liked me.”

Savar took a drink of his fruit juice, "I do and have for some time Aurora. You are a most special woman. I like the way you carry yourself. Confident but not arrogant. You stand up for your beliefs and are not cowed to express them."

“Thank you” Aurora smiled warmly. “I’ve been waiting to have a chance to spend time with you.” She found herself staring at him. Embarrassed she looked away, not wanting to seem too forward.

"Do I have a third eye?" He asked. "Is that why you are staring at me Aurora?"

“Heavens No!” Aurora grinned. “I was just ...” She looked back at him before taking the ultimate plunge and letting her feelings do the talking. She leant forward and kissed him, gently and lovingly her fingers trailing a gentle touch along one of his sensitive pointed ears.

Savar leaned into the kiss, Aurora's lips were full and soft, his hands coming up to gently caress her cheek, feeling the silky smooth skin beneath his fingers. He wasn't sure where this romance would end up but right now it was off to a promising start.

As the kiss broke and their lips parted Aurora cuddled up with Savar in front of the cosy fire. “I’m not rushing this am I?” She lay her head gently against his chest. “It’s not like this was a planned date or anything. I just ...” She paused. “always wanted to do this. Ever since the first day I saw you passing through the campus, I felt drawn to you.”

"No, you are not rushing anything Aurora. I must confess, I have admired you from afar for quite sometime. You radiant confidence." He finished as his arms came to hold her the best they could with her sitting down.

“I didn’t tell you about this sofa did I?” She smiled as she looked up at Savar. “It folds out into a very comfortable and roomy bed. That’s if you’d like to share it with me tonight?”

Savar didn't answer right away, he looked at Aurora and her expectant smile and he knew he wanted to be with her. He had never been more sure about anything in his life. "I would like that very much Aurora."

Aurora smiled the biggest smile yet as she moved to stand so that they could pull out the bed. “Give me five or ten minutes to sort it out?” She motioned for him to move to a small window seat.

Savar did as Aurora asked and moved to the window seat but did not sit down rather he stood and looked out the window at the water before him and marveled at the magnificence and majesty of the sea. he looked out for a few minutes before turning his attention back to Aurora as she worked on the sofa bed. She moved with a fluid grace, her red/ginger hair flowing behind her and her green eyes alive and shining with happiness like twin emeralds. He was glad he had agreed to come here and spend time with this remarkable woman.

With the sofa bed ready and pillows from out of storage put up on the head end for them to lean against Aurora sat on the bed and tapped the space next to her. “Come and join me?” She smiled. The bed faced the fire which made it a nice romantic spot for them.

Savar moved quickly to Aurora and sit beside her. The heat of the fire added to the coziness and the romance of the setting. it was just Aurora and himself, a man and a woman together, exploring the boundaries of their new relationship.

Aurora cuddled up not wanting to seem like she was racing Savar into making love with her. She simply lay silently cuddling him, her mental barriers slowly lowered to let Savar share her mind and thoughts in ways only telepaths could understand.

Savar brought his arms up and around Aurora, to hold her, feel her close to him. He softly kissed her neck and throat. He felt Aurora lower her mental shields and allowing him into her mind, saw her feelings for him and was touched. This was intimacy at it's finest, to share your thoughts was the ultimate compliment.

Aurora responded to Savar’s kisses her fingers trailing along his skin. Her thoughts said it all as she let her passionate feelings for him filter back through their connection.

His kisses grew more passionate then he stopped and looked at her. "Aurora, would you think me forward if I say I love you?"

Aurora’s eyes widened in surprise before she smiled the biggest smile yet. “No I wouldn’t ...” She gently brushed her fingers against his cheek. “Because I love you too!” She didn’t say another word, she simply kissed him with all the fire sand passion she was feeling. Giving herself fully and freely to him.

"I am both relieved and gratified to hear that Aurora. Otherwise this would be terribly embarrassing." As he kissed her again and knew Aurora was indeed special.

Aurora was lost in a wave of excitement and passion, her every response lead to a more heated exchange between them and they were soon making passionate love infront of the fire.

~ Some time later ~

Aurora lay wrapped in the sheet, intertwined with Savar’s body. She smiled happily as she lifted her head to swish her damp hair out of the way. “I never thought making love could be so magical.”

"I concur Aurora. It was indeed most satisfying and fulfilling. Magical as you have alluded to." Savar replied as he held Aurora in his arms and they enjoyed the effects of their love making.

Aurora nodded. “More so in that you are my first, the first man to ever make love to me.” She smiled warmly. “I was ... saving myself for someone special.”

"I am honored Aurora that you consider me special. I likewise consider you a truly special woman." Savar answered with conviction.

Aurora rested her head back on Savar’s shoulder, Content that she had found the man she had always been looking for.

For Savar the realization that the special someone he had sought had been right in front of him all the time and all it took was an invitation to walk on the beach to realize it.


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