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Reunited at Last

Posted on Wed Apr 14th, 2021 @ 4:39pm by Major Kaden Ross & Lieutenant Freya Ross

Mission: *CD*
Location: Ross Quarters
Timeline: TBD

Kaden and the first batch of Marines off the Antares were greeted by the night shift officer of the Liberty. He was rather surprised to see them this early by then the Captain and others were sound asleep as it was the middle of the night. Kaden had made a mental note to see the Captain or XO when they were awake but right now he was eager to see someone he been aching to see for a long time.

Heading to Freya's quarters Kaden was about to press the chime but thought against it instead he quietly entered. It was dark and seemed everyone was asleep so he quietly set his things down next to the door. He noticed the doors to his kid's rooms were closed he so much wanted to see them but figured it best to wait till morning.

Heading to the bedroom Kaden entered to find the woman of his life fast asleep god he missed her. She was still as beautiful as he remembered and couldn't help but enjoy the smell of uttaberries she bathed in. He wanted to leave her alone to sleep in peace but he had been away so long he couldn't help but sit down next to her. Taking his hand Kaden gently ran his fingers along the soft skin of her naked body.

Freya stirred slightly and sighed with pleasure, she had no idea Kaden was arriving. She’d dreamt of Kaden’s touch every night since they’d been apart. As far as she knew this was just another pleasant dream.

Kaden laid down next to her it had been a long trip he wrapped his arm around her as he cuddled up next to her. He had missed these moments but he was with her again and this time he was going to stay.

Freya stirred, her eyes opened only to realize that she wasn’t dreaming. “Kaden!?” She sat up and turned towards him before laying back in his arms showering him in passionate kisses.

"I am sorry I didn't ring the chime but I didn't want to disturb you," Kaden said.

“You don’t need to ring the chime, these are your quarters too!” Freya looked at her husband as she gently touched his face. “I didn’t know you were coming or I’d have been there to meet you.”

"We got here early," Kaden began. "But I am not complaining...I am glad to be home with you." He smiled as he took her hand and kissed it.

Freya smiled. “I’ve missed you Imzadi. It’s been tough raising Arek and Athena without you.”

"I know...I am sorry but orders were orders I didn't have a choice. I mean I could have resigned but you would have been mad if I did." Kaden replied.

“Damn right I would!” She offered a smile as she moved to straddle Kaden’s lap. “We’ve been apart so long!” Her fingers moved to his clothing. “I’m not wasting another moment.”

Kaden's eyebrows perked up. "Well, this is a hell of a welcome home present." He liked the view Freya was giving him of her naked body. "I won't lie though...I had a feeling you were waiting for this."

“I’ve been waiting for this for the last two years!” Freya was quick helping her husband out of his clothing, covering him in kisses as she did so. “I plan to spend the rest of tonight making love to you.”

Kaden ran his hand thru her red hair. "Do you now?" He teased.

“I most certainly do” Freya wrapped her arms around Kaden’s neck as she kissed him with two years worth of pent-up passion. The emotion was raw, full-on hot, as she ran her hands over his body encouraging him as well.

Kaden kissed her. "Well, I guess this is a nice way to make up for not meeting me when I came aboard."

Freya sat back for a moment, “I would have been there waiting if I’d have known, you know I would.”

"It's okay, I am not upset about it." Kaden placed his hands on her perfect ass. "Captain Rosseau, was just desperate to get me and my marines off before he and crew wound up broke."

“Ohh I see” Freya grinned. “Enough talk ... more loving!” She kissed him with fiery passion enjoying every single moment before gently sliding off his lap and pulling him down into bed with her. The last couple of times they’d had passionate time together Freya had fallen pregnant with their son and daughter, though fortunately, she had a hypo in her bedside drawer for just such a reunion. No more unplanned pregnancies.

Kaden enjoyed Freya's breasts taking turns enjoying them. "Mmmm, I missed this..."

Freya sighed as she ran her fingers through Kaden’s hair “You and me both.” She encouraged him onward. “There’s oh so much more for you to enjoy.”

Kaden kissed Freya he missed her greatly over the past two years it felt more like six since he hardly had time to spend with her between fighting the Klingons and Dominion. "I am sorry I was never around to help you raise our kids."

“It’s okay” Freya smiled. “You’re here now, that’s what matters.”

Kaden ran his hand thru her red hair. "I don't want us to be apart again." He said.

“Neither do I” Freya smiled. “You have two little ones here that need you.”

"Freya, I want you to know I made it clear to my superiors that from now on. I wasn't taking an assignment unless you and our kids were with me." Kaden confessed as he rested his hand on her cheek. "It was hard being away from you but it was war..." He trailed off unsure what to say.

“I understand” Freya smiled. “You’re here now that’s what matters. In the morning you can enjoy time with Arek and Athena too.”

Kaden smiled at her but deep down he was worried about finally having some true quality time with his children. Between his MARSOC training fighting both the Klingons and Dominion he hardly had any real-time to know them. Kaden just hoped his kids would be happy to see him after all the time he was away from them.


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