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Visiting Vali

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 @ 11:30am by Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Major Kaden Ross

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Current Evening

Kaden walked down the corridor hands in his pockets just thinking about what unfolded with Freya. One moment he was fine but then later out of nowhere he was panicking feeling guilty about things. The man couldn't stand it anymore this roller coaster of emotional change out of nowhere.

During his walk he found himself asking the computer to direct him to Counselor Vali being led to her quarters. He pushed the chime it was late and he hated waking her but some reason he felt the urge to talk to someone other than Freya.

Aurora was out of bed looking for a late night snack when the door chime rang, looking at the chronometer she wondered who it was at the door at such a late hour. Tying her dressing gown around her bump she answered the door. “Major Ross, is everything alright?”

Seeing that Vali was pregnant didn't help instead the feeling of guilt he had again took over. Making Kaden break out in tears sobbing uncontrollably at her door.

“Maj .. Kaden, please come in.” Aurora stood aside motioning for Kaden to enter. Savar was sleeping in the bedroom, he normally slept quite soundly so she just hoped he wouldn’t get disturbed. She reached for a box of tissues and placed them on the sofa for Kaden. “Sit down and tell me what’s wrong.”

Kaden sat down taking some tissues to dry his eyes. " life is a mess." He covered his face in his hands.

Aurora took a seat making herself comfortable. “What’s happened to make you feel that way?”

"Where do I start?" Kaden asked not sure really how to begin. "I mean...this now the third time starting over with a new Counselor...again."

“Just start where you need to start” Aurora smiled as she rested her hand on her bump. “You don’t need to go over and over your backstory it’ll all be in your notes.”

Kaden noticing her bump suddenly felt guilt again causing him to cry. "I...I can't do this..." He got to his feet. "Sorry to of bothered you..."

Aurora looked up at him, “Does this have something to do with children? Or you being a parent? Sit back down and talk to me.”

"What for?" Kaden pointed to her bump. "So I can be reminded by you that I wasn't here for for Freya? Or my kids? That I had to go fight a war leaving her all alone?"

“So that’s what this is about, you leaving Freya behind when she was pregnant.” Aurora nodded. “Have you spoken to Freya about how you feel?”

"Of course I have...but she some reason forgives me I can't even forgive myself." Kaden shook his head with a sigh. "You want to know something? I wish my kids hadn't been born not while I was away I wish they be born while I was here now knowing I was going to be with them always."

Aurora nodded. “But what if you hadn’t come back Kaden? See it from Freya’s side, even though she had to go through pregnancy alone she had a part of you with her. If Freya hadn’t become pregnant and you’d have lost your life out there then she wouldn’t have had any part of you to hang on to.”

"So I am supposed to happy I was stuck leaving her alone with my children? While I had to go fight?" Kaden asked curiously.

“Of course not” Aurora shook her head. “I’m just trying to help you understand Freya’s thinking. “Besides you’re home now, you can spend time getting to know your children and let them get to know you.”

"If they don't resent me." Kaden retorted. "I was was not in their lives mostly don't forget that part."

Aurora looked at Kaden curiously. “How old are your children Kaden?

"4 and 2 why?"

“Then you have no worries of them resenting you.” Aurora smiled. “Children of those ages have no concept of time, you might seem new to them but take your time getting to know them and you’ll be surprised how soon they’ll warm to you.”

"Obviously you have never seen me when I was their age I was able to hold a hell of grudge with my own father." Kaden pointed out.

Aurora nodded. “Make an effort to get to know them Kaden, they’ll soon come to know you. Be the father you want to be.”

Kaden wanted to protest but thought best against it. "Alright, I will try it your way." He went to take a seat again on the couch. "My last Counselor an old friend of yours, Counselor Rael, said to come to talk to you about my other issue...the war."

Aurora nodded. “That’s what I’m here for, tell me about it.”

"Where to start..." Kaden thought aloud. "It been having these...visions of the faces of the Marines who died under my command."

Aurora nodded. “It’s not unusual you’re suffering from PTSD, and survivors guilt. Seeing their faces is a classic symptom of both conditions.”

"But I had it happen to me tonight seeing one of them when I looked at Freya." Kaden admitted. "It's been happening...seeing their faces since the war ended."

Aurora nodded. “That’s because you haven’t come to terms with what happened during the war. It can take years to recover from what you’ve experienced.”

"But...I worry it could affect my job and my family." Kaden looked at Vali. "It scares me that I might do something rash."

“If it scares you then you’re aware of it, I’d be more worried if you were acting without being aware of it.” Aurora offered a brief smile.

"Then is it normal that I hate them?" Kaden asked.

“That depends on who you hate? Your family, or is it your job?”

"The Dominion, Counselor."

“Thank heaven for that!” Aurora grinned. “It’s normal, war is war and to feel hatred for those who took so many lives isn’t unusual.”

"No but it isn't something I was known for before the war I didn't...have these feelings, Counselor. When I joined I wanted to help the helpless do good in the galaxy for others out there."

“You’re not the only one Kaden trust me.” Aurora smiled. “It’s getting late, go home to your family and enjoy what you have. Then come by and see me tomorrow.”

"Are you that eager to be rid of me?" Kaden asked. "I came here cause I am having issues coping with things and you just...want to toss me aside?"

“Not at all Kaden, but it is the middle of the night!” She stifled a yawn. “If you can cope until the morning I’ll happily sit and talk to you for as long as you like.” She smiled warmly.

"What if this couldn't til morning?" Kaden retorted getting to his feet his hands balled into fist. "I can't cope don't you get it?"

“Of course I do!” Aurora sighed. “I’m sorry Major, but I need sleep as much as you do. Your tired, and emotional.”

"EMOTIONAL?!" Kaden yelled. "No! I am angry...angry at the fact nobody here understands what kind of SHIT I went thru! You weren't there fighting watching people die around you. Leaving your wife alone when she needed you not seeing your kids born! Seeing them walk for the first time missing the precious moments in their lives!"

Aurora sighed. “Major that’s quite enough! Most Counsellor's would turn you away in the dead of night, now I’m tired and you are overwrought. Return to your quarters and I’ll see you in the morning!”

"You don't understand." Kaden got to his feet. "Fine, sorry to have bothered you, Counselor!" With that Kaden turned and stormed out.

Shaking her head Aurora yawned and headed back to bed, she would have to speak to Kaden in the morning.



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