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Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 @ 5:54am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Ready Room

Captain Kaylen Rhenora sat in her Ready Room aboard the USS Liberty, reviewing the daily news log to ensure she kept abreast of events within the fleet. There were a number of promotions, new assignments and other general broadcasts but one piece in particular caught her attention.

**General Broadcast - USS Sunfire - B now under the command of new Captain Sandy Shannon - authorised by Admiral Charles Starr**

The name Sunfire pulled at the Bajoran Captains' heartstrings, her mind straying back to the years she had commanded the Starship of the same name.

"Computer, send transmission to the USS Sunfire, attention Captain Shannon" She ordered the terminal on her desk, tapping her authorisation code in.

[USS Sunfire] (Captain's Quarter's)

Sandy was sound asleep when her computer woke her up. "Who in the name....." she said grumbling as she got out of bed. Putting on her robe she walked over and sat down. "Computer display sender", she said. As the picture came into focus, "Hello, how can I help you Captain.....?" she asked.

"Good Evening Captain...I apologise for the late hour" Captain Kaylen started, realising that she had gotten the Sunfire's CO out of bed. Once again she'd been working late and lost track of the time. " I just wanted to pass along congratulations on your new assignment and your new command. She's a fine ship the Sunfire"

"Yes she is a fine ship. I was her CAG up till a few days ago. Still in shock over choosing me instead of a seasoned captain. I didn't get your name........Captain?", Sandy said, as she ordered a black coffee, taking a big gulp.

" Kaylen, Kaylen Rhenora, my apologies for not introducing myself" The Bajoran Captain apologised. " I'm sure Command saw potential and chose to give it the opportunity it deserves. They did the same thing for me a number of years ago on a ship by the name of Sunfire."

"Not this ship by any chance? It would be a coincidence if it were Captain Kaylen. I'm sure Command has it's reasons for giving her to me. I'm just not sure what their reasons are just yet. But I do have big shoes to fill and it will some time before I really get a handle on everything," she said, finishing her coffee. "By the way, we are headed for DS9 for upgrades. Is there a chance we could meet and chat for a while? I would love to hear about your Sunfire," Sandy added.

" Indeed it was the original Sunfire and her successor, we had many years in the sky that I recall fondly" Rhenora smiled as her eyes ghosted a little with the memories " We are also heading back to DS9 - I hear Quarks is quite the establishment, I would love to catch up for a drink when we arrive."

"Great! Then it is a date. This will be another chapter in the history of the old gal. The one where a lowly CAG gets command of the ship she flew for," Sandy said chuckling. "I heard that there was a lady who sold jumja sticks on the promenade. I wonder if she still was there," Sandy asked.

" I never could get the appeal for jumja, but I'm told those are the best in the quadrant." Rhenora smiled. " Please, you are never 'lowly', Command obviously saw potential in you and your abilities. You must believe in yourself" The words were spoken earnestly.

"My flight instructor told me the same thing as well. He said, 'Never sell yourself short' and I never did. But being a commander of a starship is a big jump. Instead of two hundred crew, I now have over 2,000 crew members to worry about. How does it get all done?" Sandy said.

" You learn to delegate where appropriate, and lean on your First Officer. Think of your XO as a Captain in training, don't shield them from any aspect of the job." Rhenora explained "The more prepared they are, the more they can help. And a good Yeoman to handle the administrative side of things can make a world of difference"

"I will make that my first priority when we arrive at DS9. Well then, I guess I will lean on my XO and delegate duties to department heads," Sandy said chuckling.

"You'll find a way of command that works for you and your crew. It's all a learning process" Captain Kaylen encouraged "There's a rule book, but how you lead within those guidelines is up to you. I'll see you when we get into DS9" Rhenora signed off and stared out at the stars outside the viewport, her mind wandering about all kinds of possibilities.

Sandy wondered for a few minutes before she went back to bed. "This should prove very interesting" she said softly before closing her eyes again.

Captain Sandy "Ghost"Shannon
USS Sunfire


Captain Kaylen Rhenora
USS Liberty


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