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Blast from the Past

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 @ 1:18am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Crew Lounge

With the current crisis dealt with Captain Kaylen Rhenora headed own the the crew lounge. She felt the need to be amoungst the crew as they headed back to DS9, her mind a whirl with recent news and old memories.

Arriving at the lounge she ordered a glass of synthahol and headed to a lounge by the large viewport, watching the stars drift lazily by.

Savar had wandered into the lounge in an effort to mix with the crew and see how they relaxed. He went to the bar and ordered a fruit drink, not seeing Captain Kaylen.

Rhenora relaxed in the pleasant atmosphere, the padd with the message sitting on the lounge beside her. She noticed Savar at the bar and motioned for him to join her.

"Captain. Good evening to you." Savar greeted Rhenora as he sat down opposite her.

" Good evening to you Commander, what brings you to the lounge?" She asked as the Vulcan settled beside her.

""Aurora was feeling extra tired and in need of some peace and quiet went to bed. I did not wish to disturb her rest, so I decided to come here." Savar explained.

" A wise decision from a good husband" Rhenora giggled as she sipped her wine, they watched the stars for a few moments in friendly silence before Rhenora felt the urge to talk about what was brewing in her mind.

" I heard the Sunfire will be at DS9 when we get back" She started, leaving the words hanging in the air.

" I hope Aurora feels the same way." Savar replied as he sipped his drink, "Your previous command if memory serves was it not Captain?

She looked out to the stars as though they could provide all the answers " I captained two ship's that bore the name Sunfire - I believe this is the next in the line. Just the name brings back so many memories" She commented " I heard she has a new Captain, it kind of makes me feel a bit sad"

Savar studied his Captain and friend. "Ah sadness a human emotion, one I truly do not understand. I do not understand how or why you are sad Captain. You are a highly regarded and respected captain with a excellent record. For what reason are you sad?"

She mused over the question, rolling it around her mind. Why was she sad? Was it the sliver of hope she always held out of sitting on the bridge of the Sunfire again? Was she living in the past?

" I guess I'm a little sad they didn't offer her to me. Not that I'm unhappy here of course, the Liberty and her crew are amazing. There's just something about ships that go by the name Sunfire though" Her voice drift off, knowing she made no logical sense what so ever.

"You have formed an emotional and sentimental attachment to the Sunfire. I confess I do not understand. However I can see you are sad and that makes me wish to help you. What can I do to help you Captain?" Savar asked.

" Nothing really" Rhenora admitted as she sipped the synthahol and watched the stars drift by " I'm just trying to understand my emotional connection to that little ship. I mean it's not even the same ship, this one is an Akira class, the ones I commanded were Intrepid and Defiant class." She admitted.

"Then I will sit with you and we will watch the stars together." Savar replied. He looked to his friend. "If I may be so bold Captain. The name Sunfire serves as a stimulus and triggers your memories of your time aboard. Has Command made a decision on the new captain?"

"She's been issued a Captain, I received the notice only yesterday, probably why I'm feeling a little...down" Rhenora admitted. She enjoyed Savar's quiet company and the way he gently challenged her views on things.

"I see. Forgive me asking the obvious but have you looked to see who was named as Captain?"

" Commander Shannon has been promoted to Captain and CO, although I'm wondering why we have been ordered to return to DS9, along side them. Perhaps Command have something afoot?" She raised an eyebrow at her Vulcan friend.

"I am sorry Captain, I did not mean cause you further
discomfort. Perhaps as you say Command has a reason for ordering us back to DS9. All we can do is wait and see what comes next." Savar replied.

" We can only wait and see, sometimes they do things for a reason that we cannot see first up" She echoed as she handed the padd over to Savar. "Captain Shannon will do a fine job, she will continue the legacy. I hope to get a tour when we arrive at DS9 - would you like to accompany me?"

"I would be honored to accompany you Captain. I see the Sunfire is an Akira class starship. Most impressive." Savar replied as he scanned the PaDD,

" She looks like she has teeth that's for sure, heavy cruiser, built for escorts and battle with a hint of exploration" Rhenora smiled whimsilcally. She loved the Liberty and the space of the Soveriegn class but there was something about the nuggety little Akira that caught her attention.

"A bulldog, I believe is the human term. If memory serves the class does indeed have teeth as you say Captain. The specifications are as follows. 3 x Type X phaser arrays, total output 17,500 TeraWatts
15 x Pulse fire photon torpedo tube2 with 300 rounds
Defence Systems : Standard shield system, total capacity 1,876,500 TeraJoules
Standard Duranium / Tritanium Double hull plus 5.4 cm High density armour.
Standard level Structural Integrity Field." Savar finished.

"More teeth than I had realised" Rhenora's expression was one of surprise " I take it they beefed up the original specs for the war. It never hurts to have a bite that matches your bark so to speak."

"More than able to hold her own in any engagement Captain. Her crew is less than the Liberty's and she has 19 decks compared to the Liberty's 24." Savar added.

"Less crew, more compact" Rhenora echoed as she pulled up the specs on the padd. "It would be a different style of life - more defensive work, less exploration. I don't know how I'd feel about that though - I kind of like our exploration, although our missions never seem to end up as they are originally planned" She admitted with a wry smile.

"An observation if you will Captain. The class is built for combat. Which does not mean it cannot carry out missions of exploration. I would think any missions of exploration the class undertakes would be in regions of space where help would be long in coming. Therefore the ship would need to adequately be able to defend itself." Savar added.

"Self sufficinecy? An interesting thought. It would be the further reaches of our known territories and into the unknown. I can't help but get a little emotional about the thought of it. Being the first Starfleet ship to make contact with a new species" She smiled whimsically.

"Yes Captain. Missions for a true Captain with the experience to handle First Contact missions as well as show the Federation flag and defend Federation interests if you will. A Captain such as yourself." Savar observed.

"Are you thinking that Command may be considering a change of Captaincy? A swap of ships even?" Rhenora couldn't help but let the tiny flicker of hope blossom.

"That is precisely what I am both thinking and suggesting Captain. Who better to command the Sunfire than yourself?" Savar challenged his CO.

Rhenora mulled over his words for a few moments, the tiny flicker of hope burned just that little bit brighter, however she didn't want to be disappointed. "It is indeed a co-incidence. At the very least we'll be able to see what she's capable of"

"I believe it is more than mere co-incidence Captain. Ordered back and to berth beside the Sunfire? I suspect other forces at work here." Savar countered.

" I quietly hope that you are correct - but the thought of leaving the crew behinds almost negates that hope. I will not sacrifice this crew just to command a ship from the past" Rhenora's voice was charged with an emotion she was unprepared for.

"I would expect no less from you Captain. However I must remind you that the needs of the few or even the one out weigh the needs of the many. Wait an see what develops and proceed from there. Do not make declarations when much is still unknown." Savar answered.

" I just want to be prepared - does that make sense? Or should I confront the Admiralty and ask them outright? No... that would seem presumtious" She hung her head as the emotions rampaged through her mind.

"Be cautiously optimistic Captain. Do not make any plans that cannot be undone or changed at a moments notice. Dream but keep your dream realistic. Give Command the opportunity to make the first move then you can act accordingly."

"Wise and logical as always my friend" Rhenora patted his arm in symbol of their friendship. " I am blessed to call you a friend"

Savar inclined his head and spoke quietly yet forcefully. ""I have been - and always shall be - your friend. It is you who honor me by calling me friend."

" You paraphrase the great Spock. I am most honoured" Rhenora blushed at the sentiment.

"Yes Captain However it does not lessen the truth. Spock was a most revered and respected man by all. Much can be learned from Spock even now." Savar replied.

" Did Spock not also coin 'The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few - or the one?" she tossed the ball back into his court metaphorically.

"Quite correct Captain. He did." Savar acknowledged. "However there is a little known proviso which is unless the one is the captain and then her needs top all." He finished with gleam of humor in his eyes before lapsing into silence.

" Hrmmmm" She let the comfortable silence naturally fall around them as her thoughts drifted amongst new possibilities she hadn't dared imagined before they had had this conversation. To command the Sunfire again would be a dream come true - but she wouldn't risk leaving her crew behind.

Savar observed his Captain and friend. Knew by her expression she was allowing herself to at least entertain the idea of being captain of the Sunfire. He would miss her to be sure, if she was named captain. However it would be what was best for her. The Sunfire was home and all the word implied. Security, familiarity, comfort and safety. The Liberty's loss would be the Sunfire's gain.

"Penny for your thoughts Commander" she regarded him with a curious glance.

Savar held Rhenora's gaze, gave a brief nod and sat straighter as he began to speak. "Very well Captain. I was reflecting on the conflicting feelings I shall have if you are named captain of the Sunfire. I will be of course pleased for you as it is something you want and long for. I will also be dismayed by the end of our relationship as Captain and XO. I have valued our relationship and our conversations. They have proven to be both enjoyable and stimulating." He paused for a moment before continuing. "Though we will remain friends, it will not be the same. You will have a new ship, a new XO and I will be here with a new captain. I am sure we will find to meet at special occasions or other equally important times." He finished.

She paused for a moment, realising how her waxing lyrical about taking over her old ship again would have affected her dear friend. "Please know this Commander, if I go - we all go. I won't be leaving any of you behind. I'd rather stay here than lose any of you" She affirmed, taking hold of his hand.

"A most profound statement Captain. I believe Command will have something to say, should you make such a request." Savar. He did add how illogical it was to make such a demand that Command would surely deny.

" It's what I truly believe Savar. I would turn down the Sunfire, a promotion, heck even the flagship if it meant I had to leave you guys behind." She admitted, turning her eyes back to the stars. She hadn't realised just how strong her conviction was in that regard.

"I do not question the strength your conviction Captain. I find it quite admirable but is nothing short of what I have come to expect from you." Savar remarked.

"Living up to expectations? I'm glad I'm not falling short" she laughed in good nature.

"You never need to be concerned about that Captain." Savar assured her.

"Thank you Savar, you always seem to find a way to negate my self doubt. I am blessed to call you a friend" She smiled at the Vulcan and turned her attention back to the stars. "What if you get offered Command?" She asked idely.

"The honor is mine Captain. As for Command I like Spock do not seek it. However if offered I will consider my options before deciding whether to accept or not." Savar answered casually.

"I'll keep that in mind should the situation arise" The Bajoran replied equally as casually. She honestly had no idea what would transpire once they returned to DS9.

"Please do Captain. It will make everything so much simpler." Savar replied drolly.

The spent the rest of the evening chatting amicably about possible future, hopes and dreams. It was most pleasant indeed.


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