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Restoring normality

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 @ 12:03am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Major Kaden Ross & Lieutenant Freya Ross & Lieutenant Dean House

Mission: Trapped in Time

A quiet hum pervaded the bridge of the USS Liberty as they moved slowly towards the entrance of the wormhole. Moving only at 1/8th impulse power towing the ricketty freighter it would take several hours to reach the mouth of the wormhole, then return back to DS9.

Freya was busy making sure that repairs were underway on any damage caused by the rescue. Tracking the repair and damage control teams she made sure that all was progressing. “Repairs are almost done Captain” she smiled at Rhenora. “Damage control teams have everything well in hand.

Kaden then joined her at her side out of his armour back in his Starfleet Marine uniform arms behind his back. "Skip-..." He paused to kick himself. "I mean, Captain, I like report no further activity detected on the freighter she'll be safe for people to board."

"When we get back to DS9 it'll be your job to investigate and document that freighter" Rhenora said to the Marine. She was happy to hear that repairs were progressing well on the Liberty, no major damage had occurred and they would be back to 100 percent in fairly short order.

Dean glanced up, "Along with operations, between the two of us. We've made sure the Tractor Beam should be completely stable and able to handle the stress through the Wormhole."

"Now that is very good news indeed, well done" Rhenora praised the team who had worked together extremely well.

Kaden straightened his uniform. "In the meantime, I will send word to DS9 I am certain both the Bajoran and their station personal will wanna help not everyday they get to see a piece of history." He grinned slightly.

There was a nod given, "Thank you, Captain." Dean gave a nod.

"Steady as she goes, let's take it easy so nothing gets damaged" the Captain soothed. There would be plenty of time for investigations and learning later. She tapped the console on the armrest of her chair, sending a request for repair and a few days R and R to DS9 before they arrived.

Savar sat quietly as the bridge crew went about their duties. Shortly they would arrive back at DS9 and the freighter and it's crew would be turned over to them and crew of the Liberty would have a few days of shore leave.


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