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Rescue Plans

Posted on Thu May 13th, 2021 @ 11:30am by Lieutenant Dean House & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Major Kaden Ross & Lieutenant Commander Shylow Vitari & Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Lieutenant Freya Ross & Lieutenant Thriss Kla'ren
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Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Briefing Room

*the team brainstorm how to rescue the freighter*

"Tractor beam will not work as there is nothing for it to grasp." Savar pointed out to the assembled team. However, instead of pulling perhaps, we could push it out. Is that possible?" He asked.

" What I think our first priority should be is figuring out just how exactly we can get the freighter to remain in our timeframe instead of phasing in and out" The Captain mused as she sat at the head of the table in the briefing room. "Any suggestions?

"Lieutenant Durnell created those armbands for the away team. What if we apply that same logic for the ship? However, we would have to use something stable and much bigger for a whole ship" Kla'ren suggested.

"Hmm...maybe. It could be possible to extend the shields with a certain harmonic. An alternate version of what she used. Though we should probably test it. It could be an automated shuttle perhaps?" Dean gave a thought about it.

"I like the idea, could you two work with Lt Durnell as soon as she is available and make it a top priority? We will need to test it before we progress any further. Now once we do that, should we be able to move the freighter? Either with a tractor beam or a shunt maybe?" The Captain mused aloud, regarding the rest of her team.

He nodded, "Potentially, or maybe if it's even remotely stable enough to not tear it apart I think." Dean gave a glance a moment to the doors and then back.

"Agreed, first we get it stable, then we decide how to move it - IF we can move it. A ship that old will be incredibly fragile, but it's a relic of my people. The other side of the coin is we have no idea if the crew will return to this time period as the young girl did, or remain deceased" Rhenora replied, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. Temporal prime directive be damned if she could rescue them she would.

"I be more worried about their storybook pals," Kaden replied looking at the ship on the viewscreen. "Remember one tried to kill me and his friends killed the crew." He turned to the others. "Or have we forgotten them?"

" We know that one of them attacked you, but it may have done so out of fear perhaps. I say we approach with caution, if we can remotely stabilise the ship in time and extract it from the wormhole without having to board it would be safer for everyone" Rhenora nodded, noting that they still knew very little about the creature on board.

Kaden held a piece of the aliens' armor that he ripped off when got free. "Will this help perhaps? Got it off my playmate back over there."

"It will, we can run it through the Federation and Bajoran databases and see if we can get an idea on what the creature is. In the meantime, I say we refrain from boarding that ship until we have more information." The Captain confirmed before turning to Major Ross again "Can you download all data you recorded and give it to the Engineering and Ops teams?"

Kaden handed her a PADD. "Already did, I learned to always have one ready when needed," Kaden said handing it to her.

"Thank you, Major, well done" Kaylen commented as she accepted the padd and thumbing through the contents.

Freya had been sitting quietly listening to everyone muse over what to do with the freighter. “Captain, wouldn’t it make more sense to try and get any other crew that is surviving in temporal pockets over there, off the ship before we try to do anything to move it? Sensors are still showing fluctuations over there, maybe we could set up an automated transport program. One set to beam out any life that it picks up during these fluctuations.”

"I'm concerned about this creature, to be honest," Rhenora admitted "There's also the fact no-one has seen anyone else yet. We do know they're there as there have been very brief life signs" she also said, looking around the room at the assembled officers.

"Creature?" Dean gave a curious glance while he was still waiting for Bonnie's call for Kla'ren and him to go get to work with her.

" Major Ross encountered a creature that seemed to be right out of a storybook, it attacked him" The Captain explained.

"Could either of you be more specific, or could I see the report, Ma'am?" House asked.

Rhenora handed him the padd with the records of the creature as well as the tattered copy of the storybook.

"Thank you," Dean took it and started carefully looking over it a moment. "Hmm...Jabberwocky." Glancing up. "It's from a poem and then a book. From Alice and Wonderland. Called 'Through the Looking Glass.' Pretty dark actually. A mythical terrifying creature that is there or not there. It becomes what you fear."


Late to the party, Bonnie entered the conference room, spotted the group sitting around the table, and looked awkwardly for a seat. She then quietly eased herself down into the seat and played like she was paying attention and had been there the whole time. When in fact she had been talking with Naprem in sick-bay.

"Bonnie, do you think you could work with Engineering to develop a system to bring the freighter back into our timeframe and keep it stable?" She offered the young technician a bone to bring her up to speed.

Dean also gave a look to Bonnie and smiled lightly.

"Um, yeah." Bonnie agreed nervously. "Lt. Ross did you get my tricorder okay?"

Freya nodded. “We managed to beam it back but it was in a pretty poor state.”

" We did receive it and downloaded as much as we could from it. It appeared to have a large volume of data and several different temporal signatures" Rhenora replied.

"Based on the information in the tricorder and the statement I got from Naprem I think what we are dealing with is a bubble of time that is not consistent throughout the ship. Parts of it are in rapid progression, while in others an almost negative effect. But, everything seems to be in a sort of loop, where at a certain point of time, everything in the ship resets to the moment they entered the wormhole. If we can target that moment in time with the proper phase variance, and some timing help from the ship's computer, we can pull all eight of them off the ship moments after their arrival, but..." She signed at this thought before continuing.

“But?” Freya looked at the other woman curiously.

"But, because of the nature of the bubble, we will receive all eight crew, including a younger version of Naprem. She will essentially exist in two instances outside the time bubble."

Dean gives a furred brow a moment, "Haven't we run into before? Well not us, but others. Also like transporter accidents creating two people. As long as we get it right, they should be okay?"

"This is where the temporal prime directive comes and bites us in the ass" The Captain sat back and massaged her temples. " If there are two Naprems - what happens then?"

"We can't just send her back. She's already been through too much. And while she looks like a pre-teen, she is not mentally capable of making the decision for herself. They are now, essentially, two completely different people." She looked at Dean, "You're thinking of Will and Thomas Riker?"

"We should be able to let you made that informed decision. She's imprinted on you. Unless one of the others, if, we get them back are willing to speak for her." Dean gave a little nod, "Well not necessarily that instance. There's been a number of temporal events that I can recall with two people. Though not quite all of them worked out well. I mean if Voyager could accidently integrate two people, then separate them. Why couldn't we do the reverse."

Kaden leaned forward in his chair. "Captain, we should consider the other factor here...the uh storybook trolls or whatever they are. How do we know there is more than just time bubbles at work here this could be workings of the wormhole aliens of these Q beings even."

" They could be, hence why we're not setting foot on there until we get everything back in the same time period. Once we do that we can potentially beam any of the ships survivors back, and deal with the creatures afterwards" The Captain explained. "Alright let's get to it, dismissed"


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