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An accident happens

Posted on Fri May 21st, 2021 @ 3:04am by Lieutenant JG Sarah Wilson & Lieutenant Aurora Vali

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Various


Aurora was in her office feet up resting whilst pouring through her list of evaluations, and appointments. She was assigning the workload three ways some to Savar, Remal and some to herself. Feeling uncomfortable she got to her feet, a sudden sharp pain made her feel short of breath and moments later she toppled crashing through the glass coffee table in front of her.

Outside the office crewman Franks had been passing when the sound of shattering glass caught his attention. Pressing the chime he got no response, using his engineering override he opened the door to find Aurora flat down on the shattered glass a pool of blood underneath her. “Franks to Sickbay! Medical emergency in the Counsellor’s Office!”

"On our way" Sarah's voice replied in an instant, and the medical team swung into motion. A transport would be too dangerous without knowing the counsellors condition so they hot footed it down the hallway to the counsellors office. As the arrived Sarah look the lead and scanned the office visually for her friend, seeing her down by the smashed table.

"Aurora, can you hear me?" She asked gently as she ran some scans with her tricorder.

Aurora nodded, her hand was covering a deep wound in her side the blood seeping through her fingers. “There was a... pain... I fell.” She looked up at Sarah. “The baby?”

"It's fine, you however not so much" Sarah admonished gently as she assessed the injury. It was deep but no irreparable. With the help of her assistant they maneauvered the counsellor until she was half sitting, supported from behind and allowing Sarah to access the wound.

Aurora gave Franks a thankful smile then looked back at Sarah. “I’d just gotten up off the sofa, the pain took my breath away, and my head spun. I couldn’t stop myself from falling.”

"Your placenta tried to rupture and your blood pressure dropped. Nothing I can't fix, once I've felt with this little issue" Sarah grabbed a few tools from her kit and began to laser suture the wound, working from the depth outward.

Aurora looked wide eyed at Sarah, “I’m only half way through this pregnancy! What’s going to happen next!” She sighed.

"I can't tell you that, I still haven't worked out what species this baby is" Sarah admitted as the finished suturing.

Aurora nodded. “So what does that mean? Am I going to have to live in Sickbay for the next four days?”

"I need to run some more tests before I can make that decision" Sarah admitted, taking another scan of the now healed wound to make sure it was holding. "Now let's get you on a stretcher, I can't risk beaming you anywhere"

Aurora nodded and slowly moved to the awaiting stretcher. She hadn’t expected pregnancy to be this scary, but this pregnancy was anything but an ordinary one.

The antigrav unit activated and raised the stretcher to a comfortable waist height, the team maneauvering it through the corridor towards sickbay, all the while Sarah was scanning with her tricorder to make sure that Aurora's condition was stable.

Once they arrived back to sickbay she moved the counsellor to a biobed and raised the head so Aurora wasn't laying flat and was more comfortable. " Alrighty, lets see exactly whats going on here"

Aurora nodded grateful for Sarah’s help. “Most mother’s have to wait for their pregnancy to start to show, every morning when I wake up I’ve expanded.” She grinned. “Given that I’m only the equivalent of around 4 months I look bigger! I’m dreading how big this bump is going to get.”

"I can't begin to imagine how uncomfortable that must be for you" Sarah grimaced as she took some more readings. "Your placenta is having some trouble keeping up with the baby's nutrient demand. We may have to supplement to give your body a bit of a break while you heal" she explained.

Aurora nodded. “Something to help with my appetite would be great, I’m forever hungry! Saying that I’m forever tired too, I try reading through reports and end up dozing off! My muscles in my back are killing me... well just about every muscle I have is.” She offered a smile. “I shouldn’t complain though, I chose to do this.”

"You did actually, but there are a few things I can try to make things a little less uncomfortable for you." Sarah smiled, enjoying this side of her job. "Nutrient hypos, twice a day will help your body keeper up with the baby's demands, and a muscle relaxant should hopefully ease those muscles" she offered up two hyposprays and programmed them accordingly.

“Thank you Sarah, I’ll go for anything right about now” Aurora offered a smile. “How’s the baby doing? My fall didn’t do any harm did it?”

"Not at all, babies are tougher than most people give them credit for to be honest" Sarah laughed in good nature, she took another scan just to make sure."Nope, still perfectly fine", she turned the tricorder around so Aurora could see.

“Wow! He, or she has certainly grown since the last scan.” She offered Sarah a warm smile. “To be honest I don’t know how I’ll cope when I have to say goodbye to this little one. I have a strong feeling that the parents will be back.”

" I dare say you may be correct. A species that uses others as surrogates to procreate would come and claim their offspring at some point. Otherwise what would be the point? Unless this is some kind of test - gauging a species by how they treat their young...."Sarah's voice trailed off with the possibility she hadn't thought of before.

“I hadn’t thought of that” Aurora frowned. “So if this is some kind of test what are they testing? How we cope with events? How I cope carrying their child? What happens at birth or afterwards?” There were so many questions.”

"And I can't answer any other of them I'm sorry" Sarah admitted sagely. " I can't imagine how frightening this must all be for you" the Doctor empathized.

“It wasn’t before but it is now.” Aurora frowned. “What would that mean for me? Would it matter to them if I didn’t survive?”

"I think it would, most species rely on the parents to not only give birth but raise the young, the bond between mother and child is strong." She explained, hoping that she was making sense.

Aurora nodded. “But what if they don’t need me to raise this child? When, or if they come back they’ll claim the baby as theirs.”

" Lets cross that bridge if and when it happens. All we know now is that baby is growing and doing what babies should do. You're safe and well and so is it" Sarah soothed, sensing that Aurora was getting anxious.

Aurora nodded. “Of course, sorry I know I shouldn’t worry but I guess it comes with the territory.”

"It would indeed there are a lot of unknowns in this situation. All we can guarantee is that we will do what's best for you and baby" Sarah replied, resting a reassuring hand on Aurora's shoulder.

Aurora nodded. “I know, thank you Sarah.” She offered a smile. “So am I on course for when this baby will be born?”

"You are indeed, you need to take it super easy and take some supplements to help your body along, but you'll be fine" Sarah rechecked her readings.

Aurora nodded. “I’ll do that, I’m going straight home to put my feet up and rest. That’s if I’m free to go of course!”

"You are indeed, now I'd like you back here tomorrow for another check up just to make sure, is that ok?" The doctor requested.

“That’s fine” Aurora nodded. “I’ll see you then”

"It's a date" Sarah smiled as she packed up her medical tools and reset the biobed.


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