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New Orders

Posted on Wed Jun 16th, 2021 @ 10:00pm by Commander Finchley Kerr & Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon

Mission: Into the Gamma Quadrant With the Sunfire
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current.


Sandy was sitting at her desk staring at the PADD that contained the mission orders. It was true that she knew about Sovereign class Starships and their quirks but to send an untried ship plus a crew transferred from an Akira to this class was a bit crazy, at least in her opinion. However, if that is what the admiralty wanted she would not let them down.

Hitting her combadge, "Thomo, could you join me in my ready room? We have our orders and we have to get under way," Sandy said. Now came the hard part, to do this joint mission with her former ship.

Sandy Thomson was doing the rounds of their new rig. The Sovereign Class was oh so much bigger than the Akira Class the Sunfire, now Liberty, crew were used to, but in the end, a ship was a ship was a ship and they'd adjust.

His tour was interrupted by the CO beckoning him to her Ready Room, and tapping his badge he replied "Yes Captain, I'm on my way."

A short time later he presented himself at the open Ready Room doors and knocked on the surround saying "You wanted to see me Sir?"

As the doors opened, "Yes Thomo, come in, get something from the replicator and have a seat. Starfleet is really crazy this time in giving us a dual mission. Listen to this, 'You are to get underway immediately and fly with Sunfire through the wormhole into the Gamma quadrant. You will give the Liberty a proper shakedown run while you are watching the Dominion. It has been said, Dominion forces are beginning to build and that they need a full report on troops and ship build up!'

"So, we leave our former ship to join this one, then follow our former ship into the Gamma Quadrant, and once there do a shakedown run 'whilst' watching for Dominion ship build up?" Thomo replied, mock placing his thumb and forefinger under his chin..."pray tell, what do we do with the other twenty three ship hours in an old earth day?"

Smiling warmly at Thomo, "We use that time to do the shakedown and go snooping to see just what the Dominion is actually up to. I think we will find something new in the gamma quadrant to explore while we play watchdog," Ghost said.

"I can reach out to my contacts in Intel Ghost, they may not have anything, then again they might" Thomo replied "I'm reluctant to just act off of my own back as this is your first Command and I want it to be smooth sailing for you. Unless..." and he left the sentence hanging so his friend and CO could finish it.

"You receive something that we should investigate," Ghost said smiling coyly. Thomo was an old friend of years and they always worked well together. He would seek out, and she would find and finish the job and that makes for a good team. She had no doubt that both of them were put together in this instance to make the Liberty a ship with a continuing historical legacy.

"Exacta Mundo" Thomo replied, smiling back, "and knowing our luck, we'll come across something we shouldn't...and then the fun begins" he laughed.

For a moment he was quiet, then in a melancholy voice he added "You know, we're virtually the last of the old school you and I Ghost, do you think we've still got what it takes to get a new crew whipped into shape on a first run, I mean, a number of the crew are Green horns, and generally we get a few weeks to get the to gel, but the Admiralty want it done 'on the go' and whilst we're looking out for possible Dominion activity. Do you think they'll react well to that kind of pressure?

"Only a baptism of fire will weed out the troubled ones. Both you and I will have to be on our toes on this run. The one thing I can count on is our CAG. She is not untried and I fully believe in her and since we need a helmsman, she might be doing a second job flying the Liberty till we get a pilot. What do you think?" Sandy said looking at Thomo.

"You're happy for them to do so Captain, I'm more than happy" Thomo replied. We've got forty eight hours till we depart, it's best we start readiness drills for each department so that when we do finally set off, they'll be into the swing of things, I'll get that done. Of course, i will throw in the odd curve ball as well, just to keep the crew guessing" he finished.

The meeting now over, he nodded his goodbye to his CO and left the Ready Room.

Captain Sandy 'Ghost' Shannon
Commanding Officer
USS Liberty


Commander Sandy Thomson
Executive Officer
USS Liberty


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