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Blast from the Past

Posted on Thu Jun 10th, 2021 @ 10:46pm by Major Kaden Ross

Mission: Into the Gamma Quadrant With the Sunfire
Location: Deep Space Nine
Timeline: Current

Kaden found himself with a lot of free time on his hands apparently despite Captain Kaylen wanting him to oversee the freighter he was quickly relieved of his duties by the Bajoran and Station crew. Apparently, a Bajoran Lt. Colonel didn’t like him hovering around them like a hawk while they did their analysis of the old vessel so she kicked him to the curb. So now with some sudden free time on his hands, Kaden decided to hit the promenade grab some food.

But for the past five minutes he had seemed to attract someone’s attention during his stroll and had hoped they would have gone away...but no. “What?” He finally asked turning to a Ferengi studying him.

“It’s you I don’t believe it!” The Ferengi replied wide-eyed.

“What are you talking about?” Kaden asked confused.

Rubbing his hands together the Ferengi smiled. “Youngest man awarded New Bodybuilder of the year, won the Arnold Classic, Mr. United Earth, and Mr. Olympia. Not to mention voted Federation Bodybuilding Champion of the year back to back for two years straight!”

Kaden’s mouth dropped this was something he didn’t exactly expect nor wanted anyone to know about in his past life. The Ferengi took his arm and brought him over to his shop full of sports memorabilia disappearing behind his counter. “I got somewhere...”

Looking around Kaden took notice he hadn’t been here long from the looks of things he recently arrived about two or three days ago. Some crates were still sitting around unopened while others were with all kinds of sports apparel some new others well really old but kept in protective frames. Seemed this Ferengi had a knack for making a living selling these things to others who may share his love of sports and competitions.

“Here it is!” The Ferengi set a box on the counter pulling out pictures of a teenage Kaden posing for a photoshoot in his competition trunks.

Kaden’s face turned red clearly he remembered those pictures but this was something he wanted to forget about. Honestly, it was more like this was something he didn’t want anyone to know about but being a rather popular young man in the competition world back in the day it was bound to come back to haunt him.

The Ferengi smiled as he took notice of Kaden’s reaction. “See? I knew it was you...I mean I am surprised this is what you decided to do with yourself nowadays.” Clearly remarking his Starfleet Marine Uniform. “But there is no denying it I have an eye for detail.”

“Look, can you keep it down? This is not exactly something I like other people to...” Kaden began before feeling the Ferengi feel his biceps. “What...what are you doing?!”

“Ooooh, you still work out well that is good to know.” The Ferengi said before digging in the box. “Makes me wonder if you still can wear these...imagine the profit I can make off them alone!”

“Of course I still workout! I have to maintain physical regulations!” Then it dawned on Kaden. “Wait, wear what?”

The Ferengi set out a pair of trunks on the counter, the same one in the picture he wore. “Wait, those are my trunks!” He grabbed them and looked them over his mom had a certain style of sewing she did and they certainly had it. “These are my trunks! Where did you get these?”

“I got them off some Hewmon female while visiting the Talos Colony, she seemed rather obsessed with you it was a hard bargain but I managed to get them from her for a good price.” The Ferengi replied rubbing his hands.

Kaden raised an eyebrow certainly one thing came to mind how he pried them free from this lady. “You killed her for them?”

“Of course not! it’s bad for business to go around killing potential customers I only gave her a free week at my cousin's casino ship for them.” The Ferengi seemed rather annoyed Kaden would even suggest such a terrible thing. “So, how would you like to sign those and pose for a picture with them? It certainly helps raise their value.”

“But these are mine, they were stolen.” Kaden pointed out.

“Then I suppose a finders fee is in order say...35 Bars of Gold Pressed Latinum?” The Ferengi suggested.

Kaden grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him off his feet. “Listen here, I am not paying you for anything matter of fact I would like to forget about all this and focus on my new career.”

“ of charge...glad I was able to help you find them...”

Kaden set him back down on his feet and proceeded to stuff his trunks under his uniform jacket. But as was about to leave he sighed and hung his head certainly he felt somewhat bad it wasn’t in his nature to be mean especially to someone who followed his past achievements. Turning around he grabbed the photos of himself and signed them handing them to the Ferengi. “Here, I am sure these will fetch you a good price but keep one for yourself.”

With that Kaden turned and headed on his way albeit a bit cautious as he left the store not wanting any prying eyes to see him leave in case they were to come in and see the pictures. The last thing he needed or wanted was more people realizing who he was.


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