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The Briefing

Posted on Tue Jul 20th, 2021 @ 6:23am by Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon & Lieutenant Commander Brianna "Raven" Davies & Commander Finchley Kerr & Major Kaden Ross & Lieutenant Leo Da'Cinci & Lieutenant Kedzi Direx & Lieutenant Freya Ross

Mission: Into the Gamma Quadrant With the Sunfire
Location: Conference Room, USS Liberty
Timeline: Current.

One of the duties for Sandy Thomson as Liberty's Executive Officer was to try and ensure that everything ran smoothly. His current duty plan also included getting the crew together for the Captain's mission brief.

Standing in the Conference room, he nodded in satisfaction that everything was ready for the CO to make the briefing.

"Thomo to the Captain," he said after tapping his COMM badge "the Conference room's now set up per your instructions. I'm about to call on the crew to assemble quickly so you can begin, Thomo out."

"Understood Thomo, thankyou. You may call the department heads for the briefing. I will join you in a minute, Ghost out", Sandy said.

Walking over to one of the ancillary stations, he tapped in his security code and opened a ship-wide communication channel "Commander Thomson to Senior Department crew, make your way to the Conference Room for the Captain's mission brief now, Thomson out."

Freya was in the Counselling office when the meeting call had come through. Picking up a PADD for notes she headed on her way to the Conference room.

Kedzi walked into the room for the meeting seeing others walk in as well she sat down at the nearest
empty chair to sit down, with her Padd in her hands she was ready to take notes on the meeting and what's in store for her new ship USS-Liberty.

Kaden was sitting at his desk looking over his list of possible Marine officers to be his XO. Long as he had that spot open he was going to be swamped in paperwork not exactly what he expected when taking the job. But the summons to the conference room wasn't exactly helping him finish his new list. With a sigh, he sat up ordered another drink from the replicator and left for the room.

Brianna was in the office going over the list of new fighters and their pilots. Starfleet sent her rookies who were going to get a crash course in flying Valkyers under combat conditions. Fortunately for her, she had a rigorous training program for simulations on the holodeck. Hearing the call for departmental briefing, she closed her computer and headed for the briefing room.

Sandy walked slowly to the briefing room wondering how her new crew would accept a former CAG officer as their captain. Knowing how Thomo encouraged her, she felt a little better now than she felt a few days ago. Drawing a deep breath she walked into her briefing room.

Walking over to where Thomo was, she sat down and poured herself a cool glass of lemonade, which Thomo had graciously remembered how she liked it when she was briefing her pilots and their strategic counterparts. Nodding to each officer, she waited for the rest of her department heads as there were a few missing most noticeably her Marine CO.

Kaden arrived at the corridor just outside the briefing room seeing Freya. "Hey guys," He said happy to see her. "Any idea what is going on?"

Freya shook her head as she looked at her husband. “No clue I’m afraid, no doubt we’ll find out.”

A meeting with the brass was not where Leo would choose to spend his time, however, he was obligated to at least show his face once in a while. This being his first day on a new ship, he felt this qualified and at the same time crossed off his check-in card for the week. He strolled in, climbed into a chair and announced his arrival. "Aye, I'm 'ere. Let's git this over-wit' so'as I cun be on me way."

Walking into the room Freya nodded and smiled to those present before taking a seat ready for the briefing to start.

Kaden took a seat next to her, resting his arms on top of the table interlacing his fingers.

Sandy's head came around fast, eyes settling on Leo. "Excuse me? Lt. Leo you will be on your way when and if I say so. Your lack of respect will be reflected on your record. Until we get a Chief Engineering officer, you sir are it until then and you will be expected to act and respect the chain of command respectfully. Is that understood Mr. Leo?" she said not taking her eyes off him. In the same breath, "Now as for our mission, we have orders to join up in the Gamma Quadrant with the Sunfire and to do our shakedown cruise while scanning for any Dominion build up on any planets including bases. I would like to do this without any mishaps but.....knowing how things do not go well on the first run....I want all departments checked out before we leave in 48 hours. Now as for our new officers, welcome to the Liberty. I do hope we can become a family crew so once this mission is over, I invite you all for a barbeque in our holodeck", Sandy said smiling "Questions?", she added.

Having been shut up abruptly, Leo just rolled his eyes and huffed. He understood chain of command and knew this wasn't the place to mince his words. But there would be a time to talk, and when it happened, he would be heard. Besides, he was a busy man with much work to do and as far as he was concerned that trumped any boring ole meeting.

The Dominion, two words Kaden did not ever want to hear again yet alone ever see. His feelings of the war started to swell up again as did his hatred of them. His nostrils flaring he got to his feet. "Captain, I insist to be relieved of duty immediately!"

Kedzi continued to listen, and looked at Kaden as the word Dominon, it sent chills up and down Kedzi's spine of hatred towards them as well. She didn't like the fact she was dealing with them. She shook her head and feeling anger towards them herself, she was just full of Anger over it.

Freya looked towards Kaden as he mentioned being relieved of duty. She knew how much he hated the Dominion, but he was stronger than he gave himself credit for.

Rubbing his hands together, Leo detected a throw down in the making. Always up for a good fight, usually verbally, but he would take whatever came his way. With so much anger and hatred in the room, a fight was bound to happen.

Sandy Thomson rolled his eyes at what seemed like an overreaction from the Marine. He'd thought they were tougher than that, obviously, he was wrong. True, most older experienced Starfleet and Marine crew had their memories and experiences from the Dominion War...good and bad, he himself had some terrible experiences and memories from those years, but he shoved them down deep so that he could still fulfil his duty, so he couldn't understand why others couldn't do the same.

"Major Ross, request denied. I need you on this ship and I know about your past with the Dominion. You may be short-handed but this ship is also short-handed in key areas and you will find a few of us pulling double duty in several areas until we can get more crew. Now you have a great deal of experience dealing with the Dominion war and so does the XO and myself. We have seen friends killed in front of us including family members. I know how deep the hate goes but it must be put aside for now as we do have a mission to perform. The best way of getting back at the Dominion is rooting out their bases of destruction. They are believed to be gearing up to possibly start trouble all over again. I know this is not what you wanted to hear but Starfleet does have it on good authority that the possibility does in fact exist. It is up to us, along with the Sunfire to root out these cells and destroy the bases," Sandy said, looking at the now silent room. "Ok questions?," she said finally.

Kaden puffed out his chest before undoing his uniform jacket and tossing it on the table. "Then you leave me no choice but to resign."

Freya looked horrified at her husband’s response, “Excuse me for a moment Captain” she stood pushing out her chair before leaving the room obviously distressed.

He was getting antzy in his seat, "This is gettin' goo'," he slapped the arm of the person next to him. "Don' ye tink?"

Kedzi was listening to everyone else talk, and found it interesting what they had to say about the whole speal...

Thomo rose from his seat, looked at his CO, and said "Captain, if I may have a quiet word with you please" he indicated, across the other side of the room.

Nodding her head, Sandy walked to the other side of the room with Thomo. "Well Number One? This is not something I expected. But to resign, over this?", she said quietly.

Having stepped out Freya took a few moments to wipe away the tears that were running down her face, she would talk to her husband later but for now, she had to get back to the meeting. Taking a deep breath she recomposed and went back inside. “My apologies Captain” she took her seat.

Kaden placed his hand on her shoulder he knew Freya was not happy. But he had his reasons the new Captain possibly wouldn't understand he needed to sit this out. There was too much hate in his heart and it was a demon clawing at his very soul to get out. If it meant quitting to keep it inside then it was what was needed.

Thomo looked straight at Ghost as he answered her "Quite frankly Captain, Major Ross isn't fit for duty, therefore, he should be replaced. This is an important mission, we need people in place who are dedicated to carrying out their duty as a member of this ship and crew and who simply don't cave in emotionally at the first sign of things being difficult. That goes for any one of the DH's or ADH's as well, we're too close to launch to have anyone crumble at the slightest pressure. Both you and I went through hell in the Dominion War, we've both lost count of how many close friends and colleagues we lost, but still, here we are, willing to put all that aside and carry out the orders given us for the betterment of Starfleet."

"Then he leaves me no choice but to relieve him of duty. I will not allow him to resign and ruin his career but I would rather him sit this mission out. I'm sure his services can be better used here on detached assignment." Ghost said.

Thomo disagreed wholeheartedly with his CO on their decision but respected the choice they'd made so remained tight lipped. To him the Major obviously wasn't up to carrying out his duties any longer. Who was to say that with him bugging out of this duty, he wouldn't pull the same stunt again simply because he didn't like what he was being ordered to do. Neither Starfleet nor the Marines were a democracy, you were given orders and you followed them, or you were emptied out. Thomo didn't want that kind of officer serving on the USS Liberty, they couldn't be trusted or relied upon.

"Very good...Sir" Thomo replied rather stiltedly, nodding his head, "I'll await your orders to re-assign them on detached assignment."

He made his way back to his seat and sat down, waiting for the CO to carry on the briefing.

Ghost walked back to the table and sat down. "Mr. Ross, you are relieved of your duties for this part of the mission. You will be available for detached duty as I see fit, however, I will not allow you to throw away your career simply because you hate the Dominion. Is that understood mister " she said looking at both her marine CO and counselor.

"I request to remain on Deep Space Nine, Captain, for all our sakes it be best you keep me far away from Dominion space." Kaden said.

Freya looked at Kaden, now wasn’t the time to have a marital spat but she couldn’t believe he was willing to just up and leave the ship without her or their children.

Again Thomo rolled his eyes, it was like listening to a whiny two year old not wanting to do something his parent asked him to. If this coward of a Marine was allowed back on the Liberty again at any time, he himself would transfer off because he wasn't going to rely on some snowflake who could get him or others killed because they weren't fit for duty anymore.

At that point, his COMM badge chirruped and a message from Karadis came through "Commander, my apologies for interrupting the briefing, but the information you requested for the Captain has arrived, priority one.

He looked at Ghost and said "If I may be excused Sir, I can go and get the information, correlate it and bring it to you ASAP?"

Kedzi stayed where she was at as she looked over to see who was leaving.

"Understood Number One, see to it," Ghost said turning her attention back to her senior officers. Feeling the tension in the room hit a high note, she looked at both Freya and Kaden. "Freya you have been caught off guard by your husband and I sensed it. Given Kaden's dossier and what it contains, I can understand why he wants to remain behind. Therefore, if Kaden wants to remain on the station, I will reassign him there for the duration of this mission only. However, there are conditions. One is a required scheduled daily counseling session. The second is that you will return to duty on this ship when you return. I take a dim view of your actions on top of you leaving your wife and children on the ship. But, the decision to remain and your reasons will be entered into your permanent record, is that clear Major Ross?" she said calmly looking at Freya with understanding in her eyes.

"You are all dismissed save for Major Ross. Please remain Kaden, as you and I need to talk calmly", Ghost said.

"Ghost to Thomo, prepare the ship for departure in 24 hours," she said.

[Corridor outside Conference Room]

"Aye Captain, twenty-four hours it is" Thomo replied back via his COMM link then closed it again.

[Conference Room]

Kaden crossed his arms and said nothing.

Getting up from her seat Freya gave her husband an upset glance then left the room. She could only hope he would come to an agreement with Shannon.

Kedzi figured she was probably going with on the away mission and so she went and joined the others.

Sliding off the chair, Leo sauntered out of the conference room, slightly dejected there had not been a fight more than thrown words and baby cries. He decided to head back to his hole in Engineering to finish the work he had started earlier.

Lt. Commander Brianna "Raven" Davies
Group Commander
USS Liberty

Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon
USS Liberty

Commander Sandy Thomson
Executive Officer
USS Liberty

Lieutenant Freya Ross
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Marine Officer
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Lieutenant Leo Da'Cinci
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U.S.S. Liberty


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