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Reliving The Past

Posted on Wed Sep 6th, 2023 @ 8:46am by Lieutenant JG Dan Murphy

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Dan sat there asking the computer various questions relating to our situation and other vital information with his clearance level got him. He asked the first question “Computer display information on the USS Reliant” asked Murphy which the computer complied and a readout was displayed on the screen. All the relevant information was displayed on the readout but one stood out

Commanding Officer: Captain Clark Terrell

“Computer display information on the commanding officer of the Reliant” Murphy asked again with the computer displaying information

Dan finished reading and returned to the USS Reliant readout focusing on his next question asking the computer about the project genesis and related information. The screen changed and Dan watched the short movie about it by a familiar face to Starfleet history rambling on about the secrets of the genesis device and the project taking in all that he could learn from it to better understand the historical significance of this sector. What would anyone want with a crappy ancient station or the fact it's old and decrepit but worthless to anyone. Why would it still be here wouldn't have starfleet decommissioned it by now or even put a skeleton crew on it to keep it safe. Dan felt like it was pointless staying around much longer the creepy station was starting to bring back old memories that he didn't want to have to relive he had visited the station only once on a supply mission but it still had those creepy nasty vibes like something lingering in your mouth that makes you want to almost vomit.

The creepy station kept beckoning him to visit it again but Dan had resisted the urge to succumb to its bad vibes and devilish-like voices in your head much like some people have when they get the urge to kill someone or commit murder. Murphy decided it was best not to bother the commanding officer or tell secrets he really wanted to keep secret if they knew about my one time visit Dan might be reliving things all over again it was a bad experience with the crew onboard that station and moment he didn't want to go there he was totally scared and could see it reflected into the shiny monitor screen devoid of information. He swivelled round on the chair to face the viewscreen noticing the regula station dominating the screen, its colours vibrant and bright from the planet below giving off light its sleek lines glistening below as it slowly orbited the planet. The bright lights of the bridge obscured the dark corners of the viewscreen which made the picture a little darker as he pondered why would Starfleet bother to send us here on this daft mission and why would Dan be interested in this junk anyway he was chief strategic operations officer and acting chief intelligence officer since the ship did not support the position or have one besides he loved being on the bridge instead of cooped up in an office without a window or any activity whatsoever the need for interaction had made Dan head for the bridge in the first place. Murphy turned back around and asked the computer more and more questions yet gained no real insight into why we were here or why would someone be interested in the first place.

Dan sat there thinking if he should leave the captain didn't seem too interested in their staff or even noticed Murphy was even on the bridge but he still continued with the duties even if he wasn't needed for now but still queried the computer even if the data was useless information. He was bored waiting for something to do even be given an order by the captain who seemed more concerned about the away team more than anyone at the back of the bridge but Dan still decided to follow the data on the screen
“Computer display the local star charts for this system and note any updates since it was first charted” asked Murphy, watching the screen light up in front of him staring at it like someone without a soul lifeless and dead starting one more minute would bore him to death.

Dan sat there wondering if he should leave the bridge and go do something more productive or stay put and learn nothing. The bridge had a weird smell and aura to it from the time he sat down to now but thought nothing of it perhaps it was normal or was it something from outside trying to get in either way it smelt vile maybe the commanding officer was wearing perfume or something. The crewmember in the seat next to Dan kept shifting in the chair making horrible noises and annoying him with this quirk as he didnt like these sort of interruptions or the fact they tapped their nails on the console continuously. Dan asked nicely for the cremember to stop doing those things. It was irritating him but Dan got the response as if to say bah newbie officer dont really give a damn what you think or the fact they didn't even care. Dan asked the officer yet again but they refused to stop tapping or squeaking in their chair which was getting more and more on Murphy's nerves.

Murphy wanted to yell at the officer in the teal uniform but didn't want to look like a fool in front of the bridge crew. He outranked them but couldn't do much or anything to stop the officers' quirks or irritating habits. Dan bit his lip and tensed up getting more bothered by the officer's annoying habits but brushed it off and continued to work on the useless data even though he learned more about nothing. He had been trying the whole time to suppress the memories of this awful place all he remembered was after one of the crew onboard the ship went a bit out of control for a few hours then it disappeared almost like something on that station during the days of Genesis had caused it.

It started out as a normal day routine with nothing minor. We were due to dock with starbase 6 in over an hour's time to collect supplies to take to regula 1. The shift seems super long and everyone was on edge about entering the mutara sector; it was a bad place and off limits to standard starships without clearance. An hour passed and the ship docked with the station, a hustle and bustle of activity with interesting aromas filling the air and the cargo bay where piles and piles of different shaped containers littered the bay all destined for our hold and the regula one station. Many personnel scurried around the bay carrying containers and crates towards our ship, all the various smells and aromas wafting from some of the containers, some vile and some sweet and lovely. We were docked there for several hours whilst our clearance came through to proceed to the station and we had a bit of time to pursue this station before leaving like shore leave. Dan had not bothered to partake in this but instead stayed with the ship as final call was issued he left the station and boarded the ship bound for the station. The ship left the docking clamps and headed for the door as there was no intelligence position aboard this ship Murphy's role was increased to encompass the role as part of daily duties doing 2 shifts a day rather than the standard one.

The ship slipped through the wide open doors of starbase 6 and into the blackness that was space only to be illuminated on the main viewer by the glow of the orbiting planet below. The ship left the space around the station and headed to warp. It was a tough time for Dan as he was anxious to see one of these stations but was hesitant at first a little weary about going to this sector after hearing all the folklore and tales about it from various crew. The ship sped through the space cutting it like a knife into butter almost as if it was seamless which dan could see the warp field in the main viewer it was his second shift after being on the station in between duty shifts felt like forever the increased workload and the stress isn't helping much but he coped with it. There was no chief aboard nor was there the position he had been placed here by Starfleet aboard the Boston and was the only one in his department except a few on loan from other departments; it seemed a quiet life without any real friends, just the crew to enjoy life with. Hours had passed as the ship felt like it had slowed down, witnessed by the viewscreen changing to a broader more colourful image of the station orbiting the nearby planet. As the Boston neared the station regula one seemed to engulf the screen as it got bigger and bigger and more details could be ascertained on its large structure with the captain barking orders and picking out the away team to beam over and coordinate the supply drop before heading off onto the next assignment. Dan was chosen because of his intelligence role and the need to have me on an away team for a change rather than in the background as he always was and the fact it was random for today's mission. Dan moved away from the console and followed others into the turbolift towards the transporter room grabbing his satchel from the office and made his way to the transporter room.

They beamed over to the station but the greeting was a bit sort of on edge like they didn't really want us there with a tone in their voice as they negotiated a safe area to beam the supplies over. The station had an eerie vibe to it and creepy at best there was something not right on this station was creeping Murphy out. Dan wanted out but he could not because the orders of the away team leader were final and they fact every moment he spent on here was giving him bad vibes and creeping him out more and more. The away team finished helping the crew of the station and Murphy was free to get off this dump of a station and return to Boston and get the hell out of this system. The tour earlier made the vibes worse and the station looked more and more like it was one of those creepy old haunted houses you see in films where the ghost or monster lived which as a Lanthanite didn't groove with him. The away team beamed back and the ship sped off as if to get away in a hurry on a critical next mission or needed to be somewhere fast or the fact he was requested to the bridge along with some of the other away team for a briefing. Murphy noticed the commander was sweating a lot but took nothing of it and the chief of security was as well but was scratching a lot too. Dan thought nothing of it and followed the rest of the crew to the bridge and then onto the conference room for the briefing wondering what was the next mission watching the commander still sweating and the security chief still fidgeting and scratching as they entered the room. He sat down at the table watching a third member of the team exhibiting the same symptoms as the briefing continued on more and more of the away team started to act strange and show the same symptoms but Dan thought nothing of it. Later that afternoon there was a yellow alert called and security was seen rushing through the corridors looking for the rest of the away team as he walked towards his quarters wondering what the hell was going on but shook it off and continued on his way.

Murphy herd this loud thud on the quarters door as a security officer was flung into it by one of the away team something had caused then to go crazy and lash out but he thought nothing of it and grabbed his jacket and the satchel reaching for the outdated tricorder on the table he had been recalibrating the old unit fixing it up earlier in the previous supply mission to the station and exited the room. Running to the end of the corridor Dan watched as one of the away team came scurrying by chased by the security team whatever changed with them they seemed like animals. He saw the commander round the corner and smash into him knocking the Lanthanite to the floor with a thud causing him to drop the tricorder out of his hands and across the floor slightly as it bounced. He got back up and picked the tricorder from the floor and placed it back round his neck the commander continued round the corner behind him and vanished. Dan walked around the corner to notice 3 security officers had pinned the commander to the floor kicking and screaming. He was quickly sedated and fell silent making Murphy wonder what the hell was going on, what happened on regula one to cause this or was it the planet below causing this effect. Dan moved on scanning the area wondering why it didn't affect me or why but shook it off. Dan was thrown to the floor by a lieutenant on the away team coming full pelt out of the turbolift. He got back up but the view changed. No longer was he reliving this memory but was back on the Liberty staring at the screen wondering what the hell just happened or did he just pass out.


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