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A Right Proper Shakedown

Posted on Tue Sep 5th, 2023 @ 12:51am by Commander Rosa Coy & Captain Kaylia Strenvale & Commander Jennifer Westlake & Lieutenant Commander Allen Yankovic & Lieutenant Commander Brianna "Raven" Davies & Lieutenant Jocelyn Logan & Lieutenant JG Dan Murphy & Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr & Ensign Theo Cauthon & Ensign Kesar & Ensign Harry Stevens & Ensign Karla Martell & Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr & Ensign Alexandra "Alex" Fontana Tosto & Ensign Olivia Dersch

Mission: New Horizons
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Current

As the shuttle neared the station, Coy looked over to Westlake, "You wanna ring the bell?" Of course she was asking for a landing site, or someone to open the outer doors. Hell any contact from within would be welcome, but a docking port was necessary.

There wasn't any response if they were going to be any at all, from scans from Regula I. The scans from the Liberty did still show as before the station had power. Theoretically. Given how old the station was, and that the entire sector was off limits. That was questionable. So was all of the absurd readings of ships inside the sector. Scans from ships passing by the area. It was certainly going to be a call by the away team commander of how to enter.

Kell kept up her scans, looking for bio signs or other activity, but with all the wonky space she wasn't expecting anything accurate until they got closer, or even within the structure...

Westlake worked her panel, trying to interface with the station's systems, if they were working to open the outer doors. "System isn't responding, I'll see if I can find us a smaller manual docking port." She scanned the structure, finding a small docking port with what appeared to be a manual release mechanism in a far corner of the station. "That'll do I think."

Harry sat at the back of the Shuttle, checking his weapons were fully charged once more and that he had brought extra power packs just in case he ran out, he had taken the extra as a precaution as this was his first away mission. He hoped that this would be a straightforward mission and that everything was going to go smoothly, however what with the time distortions that were plaguing the area could change that.

"That'll do." Coy responded as she inserted the coordinates. She wasn't normally one to hand over controls of a craft, but she sensed Commander Westlake growing impatient. "You wanna fly us in?" She didn't wait for a response instead pressing several buttons to turn the controls over to Jennifer.

Westlake's flying and then docking up was seamless. Along with using the manual release. The sound of the hatch unlocking was a little louder than it probably should have been. Either way, it worked.

Taking a moment Jen secured the shuttle and double checked the docking hatch before snapping her suit into EVA mode. A subtle hiss indicated the unit was sealed and recirculating air. "Alright, let's go see what the hell is going on here." She headed to the airlock and pushed it open.

Kell's eyes alternated between the seemingly benign airlock and her forearm padd as it pushed environmental and biological readings across the display. Nothing alarming yet, but time will tell...

Olivia had her medical stuff on standby.

Hands on the controls, the airlock hissed as the seal was broken open for the first time in a long time. The locking mechanism retracted and the door slid open revealing an open corridor into the interior.

Since the airlock was open now. Looking into the station corridor, everything looked like it was nearly brand new. Something completely off for a station well over eighty-five years old. Regardless of just how well it may or may not have been maintained. Which was suppose to have been zero, given the area off limits.

Coy, not the leader, piped up jokingly, "I, uh, I'll just hang back and keep the engine warm if you don't mind."

Olivia smirked as Coy said this.

Jen was skeptical, not unsealing her helmet in case there was something hinky that her tricorder or their sensors couldn't detect. "Something really weird is going on here" She commented to herself. "Stay sharp, lets see if we can get to the command center" Weapon in one hand and tricorder in the other, she took point and led the way.

"Copy that" Olivia said, Searching her surroundings.

Kell nodded at her to follow Jen. "You stick with the commander. I'll cover the others." Kell fell in back in the pack. She hoped they wouldn't need to spread out the medical support, but best to plan ahead...

"Understood" Olivia said and followed the Commander

The readings she saw were relatively normal... nothing suspicious, other than it wasn't stale air, no contaminants that would harm them. The makeup indicated habitation like any other space where people would be. A bit unusual given no one should be here. 'Were crew left behind,' she wondered... 'Survivors from a derelict craft perhaps?'

There was still nothing out of the ordinary, except for the obvious. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact there was no one there. If no one was there, that they could detect so far, who kept the place in such pristine condition?

Olivia stood ready, She also had a phaser strapped to her hip. She had taken a course at the Academy so she was trained in Hand To Hand Combat, so if the need arose she could defend herself as well with the others.

Kell saved her bio readings as each crew member passed, something she could compare to the pre-departure scans as a baseline and mark any changes... if they happened. She seldom like many of the scenarios her mind took her to, but she would be derelict in her duties if she did not plan for them anyway.

As she fell into line, Kell pulled the map back up so she could see where they were going, and perhaps, what to expect... the fewer surprises, the better. . .

They moved carefully and quietly through the corridor, weapons ready and tricorder always scanning for anything untoward. As they approached the turbolift that would take them to the command deck, Westlake paused for a moment. If this was indeed a trap - it would undoubtedly close in on them whilst they were in a contained situation - like a turbolift. Carefully she removed the panel and attempted to run a diagnostic on the system before they attempted to use it.



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