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Intelligence at its best

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2023 @ 3:50pm by Lieutenant JG Dan Murphy

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Quarters/Bridge
Timeline: Current

Dan had woken up from the morning shift to do a second leg today tripping over his boots strewn across the dark room falling flat onto the floor and yelled for the lights. In his haste the computer did not recognise his commands; it repeated the same response before Murphy got to his feet. The lights eventually blurred on full brightness causing him to squint as his eyes adjusted to the light which took a few minutes as he kicked the boots across the room towards the closet where the uniform jacket lay in a ball. He strode over to the replicator to make himself a juice but it wasn't taking commands yet again but with a kick on the front panel it responded and th4e drink materialised in front of Dan on the panel grabbing the drink he took a sip to watch the expression on his face turn to disgust it had like a bitter taste to it. He reminded himself to go kill an engineer as he put it back onto the pad and slid into the bathroom feeling the cold floor under his feet he scurried into the shower to freshen up and get ready for shift number two today. Grabbing a fresh town he slung it onto the towel rail hastily grabbing the soap from the counter and approached the shower

Dan stepped into the shower and turned it on. The water came gushing out at a steady rate as he stood there trying to wake himself up as it suddenly went super hot then icy cold as it shot through his entire body making him jump out of the shower cubicle onto the cold floor again. Reminding himself yet again to kill the engineers again he dried off with the towel thrown on the crisp clean red uniform shirt the shelf behind him adjusting it and fixing the pulling it down and walking out into the main room. He grabbed the uniform trousers from the back of the sofa and put them on then tripping over the boots again he collected them from the floor returning to the sofa to put them on. He stood up realising his communicator was on the ball that was the uniform jacket he moved across the room and kicked it from its ball across the room where it landed on the bed with a flop. Murphy strode over and picked it up grabbing the communicator from it and throwing it into the corner of the room he affixed it to the uniform shirt and headed for the door. The door opened and an ensign looked at him in a weird way like something was wrong so he strode back in watching the door whoosh close behind Dan he walked over to the mirror and chuckled to himself seeing what he was wearing. He brushed himself off and straightened the uniform and his communicator before combing his hair

Dan stood there and decided the 2270s uniform top didn't matter so much he felt nobody would care if it was the wrong era uniform as long as he was wearing a uniform and smiled, strolled over to the door then left the room for the turbolift. Murphy was getting weird looks from the crew for his odd choice of uniform or that he was wearing an outdated uniform on a modern ship. Murphy didn't care that much or wasn't too bothered rounding a corner stepping to one side to let a crewmember past that couldn't exactly see him or anyone in front of them turning round to see the crewmember collide with a lieutenant and clatter to the floor. He rounded another corner and waited for the turbolift to stop, still not bothered with the crew staring at him. Various crew wanted to stop and ask why the Lanthanite was wearing the wrong uniform but decided it was better not to offend the officer or get into trouble for doing so. He stepped into the turbolift wondering if that person was ok or did they need help but the doors closed before he could make up his mind.

The turbolift hummed upwards the bridge stopping several times to let crew on and off it finally made it to the bridge where the doors whooshed open with some force onto a bustling bridge and wondered what the hell was going on. He could see that something was not right but the commander looked either pissed off or in a mood like don't speak to me. He strode out of the turbolift onto the bridge and across to one of the customisable consoles with a chair. He sat down and turned it into the intelligence station awaiting all the data to flow through to the console. He imputed the security code and watched the classified data flow onto the screen awaiting further orders. Dan spun round watching the viewscreen to see what was on there then turning back around to focus on the data available to him for this mission. Dan didn't even notice the commander glance over at the fact he was wearing the wrong era uniform top but who cared about it the mission was more important than being dressed wrong.


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