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There is no Shakedown Part 5

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2023 @ 9:49pm by Commander Rosa Coy & Lieutenant Leo Da'Cinci & Captain Kaylia Strenvale & Commander Jennifer Westlake & Lieutenant Commander Allen Yankovic & Lieutenant Commander Brianna "Raven" Davies & Lieutenant Jocelyn Logan & Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr & Ensign Karla Martell & Ensign Saus'Kai Myeri Chue & Ensign Harry Stevens & Ensign Kesar & Ensign Theo Cauthon & Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr & Ensign Alexandra "Alex" Fontana Tosto

Mission: New Horizons
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Current

"Well come on people. Information is right in front of us. You all should know your positions. Lets get to work. Gathering, finding, coming up with theories. Even crazy ones." Kaylia shifted in her chair. "We're not all just out of the Academy. Helm, increase speed to get to Regula Station in ten minutes."

"Aye Captain, full impulse should get us there in about ten minutes give or take." Coy replied before mouthing the words 'finally' to herself.

Kell noted some odd biological readings, as if they were being affected by large gravimetric forces... but it certainly didn't feel like it. Suspecting the general wonky sensor readings everyone was reporting, she continued to monitor...

Coy was correct of course. Ten minutes to get into short range sensors of the moon and the station. Nothing jumped out on the consoles of anything out of the ordinary. The eddies they were detecting before and the ships, or not ships, or are ships? are not registering either. Initial scans of the station show it empty but still running. No visible damage on the outside, or on sensors. The same went for the inside of Regula I.

Alex quietly watched her surroundings. She was by no means an expert at operating the different stations at the bridge. She did counseling. Not keeping technology operational. Her job was to help people cope with whatever trauma that was thrown their way.

"I recommend attempting to hail the station" Westlake offered as the station grew larger on the screen. "You never know..."

"It's never going to hurt anything to try it regardless. At least it looks to still be operational. Maybe it's been keeping constant scans of the area also." Kaylia nodded.

Kell shrugged slightly with a tilt her head as she shook it subtly, indicating she couldn't get through to confirm any life signs. In cases like this, she really hated surprises, but crossed her fingers regardless. She really hated tallying up the dead.

"Approaching transporter range, however with all of this background interference I think it best we shuttle over if we're going." Coy offered before adding, "Hailing frequency open." Static was the only reply.

"It's not going to hurt anything to do it that way, Coy. Gather a team then. I suppose since we're just getting static, communications are useless. So we'll have to guess we're cleared." There was a little big of a smile given from Kaylia.

Having noticed the chief had left the bridge, Harry rose from his chair and assumed his position at the main Security and tactical Station, as he stood there he hoped that this could be his first away mission, oO if it was Oo he thought as he continued to keep watch for any threats, he continued deep in thought oO I will make the captain proud if selected, Oo.

"Can you break through any of that interference, Ensign Cauthon? In case something happens and we need to get the team out fast," Kaylia asked the new Chief Operations Officer.

Theo looked to the captain "I'll try every work-around I know captain," he said as he pushed his fingers over the console, breaking interference was like child's play to him most of the time. "I've managed to clear most of it up but I'll need engineering to boost energy to the comms and sensor array to get it all cleared up"

Coy eased the ship into an orbital position with the shuttle bay in a neutral position to the science station, placed her station at station keeping and stood. "Commander Westlake, Major Griffith, Lieutenants Yankovic and Asaa meet me in the shuttle bay for away mission duties." Coy spoke to each of them with a nod to the Captain for her approval.

Kaylia nodded, "Lets make sure to be careful of course. Keep an open comm, and for now, let's go with EVA suits until we know that it's safe without them."

Just before Coy entered the lift, she caught site of a young, eager looking thing and instantly decided they needed a spare with a nice looking tush anyway. "Oy, you, redshirt, you're with us."

"But, but my uniform is gold for security..."

Coy smiled, "Yep, you'll do. Come on." She said prompting the NPC to join the party. They stepped inside and the lift was away.

Kell nodded as she exited, headed for sickbay and her EVA outfit. She had a few custom pieces to help with her medical duties, but it barely delayed her arrival at the shuttle bay, ready to depart. Greeting Coy, she boarded and proceeded to strap in, then double-checked her gear as she awaited the others' arrival...

With a nod, Coy replied, "Doctor. Hope you're ready for this?"

Kell nodded, her eyebrows bouncing in the process. "Absolutely! You know what I'd be doing right now back home?"

With a raise of her brow and a shake of her head, Coy replied, "No idea."

"Nothing... That's right! Nothing! But where am I now? About to go into unknown peril," Kell said with barely bridled passion, waving her arms a bit as well. "With naught but an EVA suit and a few stalwart companions! Am I ready? Oh yeah!"

This brought a smile to Coy's face, and she replied, "Glad to hear it. I'd rather be sipping Mai Tai's on a beach somewhere, but this works too I suppose." She continued to prep the shuttle for departure.

After he was given the order, Major Griffith left the bridge and made a stop in the armory to grab Marine-specific gear as well as an EV suit made for Marines. After he put the suit on he left the armory for the shuttle bay. He entered a few minutes later and entered the shuttle while nodding to those already assembled. After that, he strapped himself into one of the empty seats.

"Yes, Captain" Westlake replied, briskly rising from her chair and heading towards the turbolift to gather what she would need for the mission. She was in the shuttle bay no more than 10 minutes later, prepping the shuttle for launch.

Harry gave a nod to the young officer behind him that took his place at the Main Security station and followed the officer into the main turbo-lift, Harry knew that this was going to be a difficult or an easy mission, but he hoped that they would not find anything besides the terminals working on the station.

Chue grabbed her own field kit. Not really caring whether she had been asked or not. She was already waiting at the shuttle.

Not bothered by the fact Westlake had sat down next to her, but slightly ruffled Westlake was re-doing what she had already done, Coy turned to check. "Is everyone here? I'd like to ship out before anymore of my buttons get pressed." She added with an icy glance at Jennifer.

"Wow...someone's got a bee in their bonnet" Westlake whispered as she double checked the shuttle. She glanced at Coy and had a thousand smart ass responses but decided to shelve all of them. She was here to do a job, not play nice.

Sauskai had to bite down on her lower lip to prevent the bubble of laughter that threatened her calm demeanor. She adjusted her own EVA suit and double checking her own away kit she tried not to over hear tapestry of smart ass remarks promised. She doubled down on her mental disciplines hushing the wisps of thoughts and feelings rushing around her in the anticipation and deployment of the mission at hand.

Sure she was expected to investigate the issues in the system but more so she was also to investigate the crew as well. Though it was not made clear to her exactly why she was set to this task, nor to what purpose. Just observe and report the admiral had said. She only agreed to do it out of curiosity and because she didn't want someone else less objective to be given the task in her stead. She didn't trust the admiral's motives.

Still... She hadn't been given opportunity to ask if the Captain was even aware that they were being investigated. Now was certainly not the time to bring it up. So she simply did her best to watch and learn what she could taking mental notes.

Kell leaned out from her seat, at least as far as the harness would allow. "What's the plan? Do we stay together or split into teams or pairs to check as much territory as possible in the least amount of time??

The tower signaled the shuttle and that was all Coy needed, "I say we wing it." She replied mostly as a joke but also as a signal as the shuttle lifted off the deck. The bay doors parted and she gunned the proverbial gas. The enjoyment of seeing everyone's head snap back against their seats was topped only by the rush of freedom she suddenly felt to be loosed from the confines of the ship once more. Back amongst the stars. Quickly she plotted a course and then angled the shuttle up and over the nacelle and towards the station.



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