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Forgot anything ?

Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 @ 11:30pm by Ensign Karla Martell & Captain Kaylia Strenvale & Commander Rosa Coy & Commander Jennifer Westlake & Lieutenant Commander Allen Yankovic & Major Damon Griffith & Lieutenant Commander Brianna "Raven" Davies & Lieutenant Leo Da'Cinci & Lieutenant Jocelyn Logan & Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr & Ensign Saus'Kai Myeri Chue & Ensign Harry Stevens & Ensign Kesar & Ensign Theo Cauthon & Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr & Ensign Alexandra "Alex" Fontana Tosto & Thomas Mathews

Mission: New Horizons
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Current

Karla wasn´t quite sure since things were a bit "bare" if she should be more assertive. She sourly noted that the academy did its very best to NOT prepare a cadet for the realities of actualy deployment.
She had the computer transport some crates with phaser rifles from the armory to the shuttlebay . She found herself surprised that she had ready access to it without having to go through all the necessary formalities. Regardless, it would be best to have things ready. She could feel a tingle of nervousity and excitement in her stomach.
Once she went over the list in her PADD and confirmed, that all was where it was supposed to be, she tapped her commbadge:" Shuttlebay to Bridge, this is Ensign Martell. I have taken the initiative to procure phaser rifles and other supplies. Captain, I am on standby, I require another task, ma´am."


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