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Cultural Exchange pt.2

Posted on Wed Dec 16th, 2020 @ 2:48am by Lieutenant Commander Tyroh Vantic

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Vulcan
Timeline: Before "Alerting the Authorities"


[Training Area, T'Nath Residence]

Tyroh hit the light brown training mat with a thud, absorbing the shock as he'd been trained to do so long ago, and deftly rolled to a standing position facing his instructor. Teacher T'Nath, the elderly Vulcan who had invited him to come train with her for a few days, stood serenely with feet shoulder width apart and hands clasped behind her back.

She was slight of frame and of average height, still roughly 15cms shorter than Tyroh, but her size belied her ability to handle an opponent of the security officer's size. The Vulcan teacher's piercing eyes critically assessed the Angosian's movements, waiting on him to continue his assault.

Tyroh stepped forward, feet traversing the white lines painted on the training mat in a series of concentric, circular patterns. The patterns had an aesthetic to them that mirrored certain Vulcan architecture but, also, served as a sort of guidepost to the footwork required in Suus Mahna. Tyroh raised his hands, his left closer to his torso with the tips of his right fingers pointed at T'Nath. He unleashed a flurry of strikes; palms, forearms and elbows at the teacher, trying to make his attacks as unpredictable as possible. Each strike narrowly missed its mark or, if he did connect, T'Nath moved in such a way as to absorb and dispel much of the damage that would have occurred otherwise.

The Vulcan's movements were lightning quick, Tyroh carefully observed, and used much of his own momentum to complement and enhance her own. He finished the mostly unsuccessful flurry of attacks with a powerful forward kick, only to have T'Nath roll away from, then along the length of, his right leg towards the core of his body. Before he realized what had happened, Tyroh found himself flat on his back, staring up at T'Nath in wonderment. Much of Tyroh's lessons over the last three days had ended up with him like this.

"Do you see what I am referring to with the Tanas li'Hanath move," T'Nath asked in her deep voice, extending a hand down to Tyroh. The Angosian accepted the offered hand, allowing T'Nath to help him up from his prone position.

"I think I finally see what you mean, Teacher," Tyroh stated, bowing his head slightly in thanks for the help up. "I understand why I continued being so off-balanced when attempting it before."

"Very well," T'Nath stated, perhaps a little bit of relief seeping out with her words. She re-positioned herself on the mat, this time her posture set as the aggressor. "Demonstrate."

Tyroh nodded again, placing his feet shoulder width apart and clasping his hands behind his back. He was barely set when T'Nath began her own flurry of attacks. The style she was using wasn't Suus Mahna but, rather, a form of martial arts that was barely practiced in parts of Vulcan society any more. As he'd been taught, the security officer moved fluidly, avoiding some blows and absorbing and dispelling those that connected. Just like T'Nath had been showing him, he used the Vulcan's momentum against her and when he saw the opening he was looking for, he pivoted and rolled his body closer to her core then swept he legs from under her. T'Nath landed expertly, flat on her back, with no damage done.

"Excellent," she stated, the barest hint of pride lacing her words. She accepted the hand the security officer offered and pulled herself up. "You have done well in the time given to us. I am confident that you can now impart the knowledge I have shown you to your crew."

"Thank you, Teacher T'Nath," Tyroh stated, a small smile hitting his face. "I wanted to be sure to do your teachings justice, more than anything."

He started walking over to where there was a table with water and towels near by. The private classes had been intense and vigorous. There wasn't a day that had gone by that Tyroh was not covered in sweat from the exertion. Some of that, granted, had to do with the dry, arid Vulcan environment and heavier gravity. Tyroh grabbed a towel, upon reaching the table, to wipe himself down while Teacher T'Nath reached for a bottle of water and took a small pull of the cool liquid.

"You need worry yourself no further, Tyroh," T'Nath stated, placing her bottle back on the table. She rarely needed much in the way of thirst quenching whenever they finished their exercises. "You have accomplished much. Clearly, your training in previous forms of martial arts was of benefit to you. You should consider studying Suus Mahna full time."

"To get anywhere near the level of that of an adept would require me to leave Starfleet for a couple of years," Tyroh said, reaching for his own bottle of water and taking a long drink.

"Likely," T'Nath began, starting to unwrap the cloth that she had wrapped on her fists at the start of their latest lesson. "You would have to dedicate closer to five years. At the end of which, however, you would be more proficient than most second level adepts who often reach such levels after seven years."

"Your words honour me, Teacher," Tyroh stated, first turning his head towards where his commbadge lay, then turning back to face T'Nath. It had beeped just a moment ago but the security officer ignored it. "There are several hours of sunlight left to us. Perhaps we can review all that you've shown me."

"No," T'Nath stated, eyeing the commbadge herself as it beeped at Tyroh again. "You are ready. I would, however, like to continue with more Saitee. It is a fascinating art form that I find to be quite...agreeable. However, your communicator might might have other ideas."

Tyroh sighed, the grabbed his communicator and pressed it with his thumb. "Go ahead," he said, firmly.

"Sorry to bother you, Chief," one of his duty officers said on the other end. "But word from the Captain is that all personnel are being recalled to the ship."

Concern creased the security chief's brow as he turned to look to T'Nath, as if she might have insight as to the recall notice. "Did the Captain say why?" Tyroh started gathering his things as he awaited a response.

"Not officially," the security officer said, "but scuttlebutt has it that there's been some kind of assault or action against a couple of members of the crew. I'm hoping you can parse the details for us when you get back."

Tyroh cursed softly under his breath, then told the officer that he'd be ready for beam up in about 5 minutes. He thumbed the commbadge off and turned to face T'Nath.

"Forgive me, Teacher, but I have to go," he wanted to say more, to offer more of his heartfelt thanks to the elderly Vulcan Suus Mahna master but he knew T'Nath would be uncomfortable with the gushing praise.

"I understand, Tyroh," she stated. "I am no longer your teacher so you may call me T'Nath, if you desire. May I offer that we can continue the Saitee lessons via remote communications? Unlike Suus Mahna, Saitee does not need the physical presence of an instructor."

Tyroh fully smiled, this time, bowing deeply in respect. "It would be my honour, T'Nath. I will contact you at my earliest convenience."

"Then Live Long and Prosper," T'Nath offered the Vulcan traditional salute. "And may the situation your crew faces be resolved in a satisfactory manner."

"Live Long and Prosper," Tyroh stated finally, then called the ship for a transport back. His time with T'Nath and everything he'd learned would never be forgotten. He dearly hoped he could return someday. For now, there was an issue with members of the crew that needed attention. He hoped, whatever it was, that he could be of some assistance.


Lieutenant Commander Tyroh Vantic
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Liberty


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