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Lunch break meetings

Posted on Wed Jan 6th, 2021 @ 3:59pm by Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Chief Petty Officer Sapphire

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: Lounge


Deciding to take a well earned break, more based on doctors orders not to overdo it than anything else, Aurora headed to the lounge. Picking herself a fruit juice and a snack she headed across to a table.

Said table was occupied by a tall Andorian, who was enjoying her lunch break with an uncharacteristically meat-heavy dish, replicated of course but with no veggies at all, and a mug of blood wine by the side.

Aurora smiled politely as she approached the Andorian female sitting at the table. “Excuse me, would you mind if I joined you?”

She looked up and smiled. "Not at all, please do", she said. "I'm Sapphire. Recently arrived, enjoying the amenities."

“It’s nice to meet you Sapphire” Aurora smiled as placed her tray down then took a seat. “I’m Aurora Vali, ship's Counsellor.” She paused to sip her drink before putting her glass down. “So have you managed to take a tour yet?”

"A tour?" Sapphire wondered. "No, I've been to sickbay, and at work. My current project is decorating my cabin." She smiled. "But I like it here. It's comfortable. A lot more so than what I've been used to."

Aurora nodded. “I always make a point of taking a tour when I come onboard a new ship. I’m more or less used to the ship now.”

"Well, we had to catch this telepathic invader, and then deal with the aftermath... not how I thought my first day would go, but I'm not complaining", Sapphire said.

“He’s been caught?” Aurora hadn’t heard. “I was one of his first victims but fortunately I don’t remember the experience.”

"He had an unfortunate encounter with my boot", Sapphire grinned. "So yes, he's no longer a threat."

“I’m glad to hear that” Aurora smiled. “He was a serious danger to others, he could have killed someone and almost did.”

"I don't understand why someone would do such a thing", Sapphire said. "Not that I care, as long as they're removed from the wild."

“I think he was looking for something” Aurora frowned, wondering why she just said that. “I don’t recall what happened but I get that feeling. Objects like that should be destroyed, it could be used for great evil.”

"All tools can be used for great evil, weapons especially", Sapphire said. "But they can also be used to protect against great evil. That's why I chose the phaser as the tool of my trade, along with various others."

Aurora nodded. “I’ll use a phaser when it’s necessary, otherwise I prefer to fall back on my skills as a Counsellor and the art of negotiation.”

"I'm not saying that's wrong", Sapphire smiled. "But you'll have to admit, you can abuse powers of persuasion for evil just as well. My point is, no object is evil. What people do can be good or evil."

Aurora nodded. “That’s very true. As a telepath I keep my abilities in check, I don’t invade people’s privacy. To do so would be morally wrong.”

"And you needn't worry about me shooting you in the face for no reason either", Sapphire smirked. "All good. But it's always good to know the option exists, to keep everyone on their best behaviour."

Aurora smiled. “So what’s he like? The man that did this? What was it he wanted?”

"I have no idea", Sapphire shrugged. And she didn't seem terribly interested. "We do believe that it fell into his hands by accident, fallout from a larger artefact heist. It doesn't look like anyone was after the Stone of Gol specifically, and it looks like the threat is over now." She was much more concerned with results than with motivations.

“Thank heavens for that!” Aurora smiled warmly. “Have you made many friends since you came aboard?”

Sapphire shook her head. "No, haven't had the chance." She felt like the counsellor was drilling her with questions. Was she assuming Sapphire wouldn't voluntarily come in for a psych eval? "I've only been here for the better part of two days. So far, one. Which is a good ratio for two days, right?" She smiled. Yes, she and Sarah were getting along well, and the sparring had been fun despite Sarah's inexperience.

“Sounds good to me!” Aurora grinned. “I’m sorry if I’ve asked a load of questions, I may be a Counsellor but I’m not always great at meeting new people on a social level. I tend to lean back on my counselling experience and ask questions!”

"Most people I meet I spar with", Sapphire smirked. "And they're either turned on, intrigued about learning something, or scared for their lives."

Aurora grinned. “Actually I could do with some sparring lessons. As Counsellor I’m rarely needed for situations that involve combat but it doesn’t help to be prepared. Recent events have shown me that I need to brush up on my skills.”

"Not to mention it's a great way to stay in shape", Sapphire agreed. "I like re-creating ancient battles. Heavy armour, melee weapons and lots of dirt." She smirked. "You fight, you have to move lots of weight around and you get to play in the mud. What's not to like?"

“Erm ... well that depends on whether you like getting covered in mud I guess” Aurora smiled. “I prefer sparring in the gym but I do like the holodeck.

"I sparred with Sarah Wilson earlier. She gave a good account of herself - for a medical officer." Sapphire smiled. "I mean, certainly better than my trying to mend wounds or some such."

“Sounds like she enjoyed it, perhaps I should try it sometime just to see rather than dismissing it!” Aurora smiled.

"Besides, I was joking about the mud", Sapphire said. "Though, it does tend to get into the armour at some point. The fun part is that you don't have to spend hours cleaning afterwards. I would not have wanted the life of a warrior of old, but re-enacting the high points is certainly fun."

Aurora grinned. “Well you had me going there! Perhaps we could schedule some time in the holodeck and you can drag me through the proverbial mud.”

"Please do, I'll gladly join you", Sapphire said. It was always easier for an officer to get holodeck time, after all.

“Tomorrow, after shift?” Aurora smiled. “I’m sure Savar won’t mind.”

"You have nothing to worry about", Sapphire said. "I won't break your bones, at least not on purpose."

Aurora grinned. “Don’t worry, I’m not fragile!”

"That's what they all say", Sapphire said as she finished her meal. "And then they complain about bruises and cuts."

Aurora laughed. “I won’t complain I promise, besides holodeck safeties will take care of a lot of the risk.” She looked at the time. “Anyway I have to get going, I’ll look forward to our holodeck adventure.”

Sapphire stood, picked up both sets and returned them to the replicator. "See you tomorrow, then."



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